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    Ballistix Sport LT 32GB 3200MHz CL16
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  1. I'm able to purchase a Philips H2XR for $229CAD, or a HD 58X for $170USD ($230 CAD + import fees). I plan on using the headphones primarily for EDM with a bit of gaming (such as in R6S), and I'm not sure which headphones I should get (or if there are any others I can purchase in Canada). I'm currently upgrading from the SHP9500S I'm leaning towards the H2XR as it has a 3.5mm jack, so I'm able to reuse my VMODA boom mic and not spend money on a new microphone. If I go for the HD 58X, I'd have to purchase a new microphone such as the Fifine USB mic ($60, plus a mic arm for it). However, aside from that I'm not sure what other factors I should be considering for deciding which headphones I should purchase and I'd really appreciate your input.
  2. Hey guys, I just installed a Vega 64 Nitro+, however when I'm looking at the GPU's fan RPM and fan speed, they're both listed as 0. I can see the fans spinning in the GPU itself however. Has anyone had this problem before and if it's a software bug on the latest AMD drivers, or if I'd need to return it. Edit: Looking back at the instructions guide, there seems to be a fan controller cable that is needed. Would this solve the issue, and how do I install it? (I am confused at the diagram.) Edit again, going into deeper research, that does not seem to be related to this issue. Edit: Interesting, sensors do work as it reports fan speed & rpm after I ran the sapphire trixx fan health check. Still can't control fan speeds.
  3. I'm looking at the list for a 750W PSU to power a build with the main power usage coming from a nitro+ vega 64, however in Canada I'm unable to find any of the 750W Tier A+ or Tier S psu's directly sold from Amazon, Newegg, or Canada Computers except for the BitFenix Formula 80 Plus Gold 750W, and BitFenix Whisper M 750W. Should I purchase one of these, and If so, which one? Otherwise what are my next best options for buying a reliable 750W psu, hopefully within $150CAD? I can go a bit above if needed.
  4. Wait, so my RX 580 has an ASIC for AMF, meaning I don't need to continue using my R7 370?
  5. Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my pcie bus interface for my two graphics cards. Primary is a RX 580 used for playing games, while my secondary card is an R7 370 used for encoding my streams with AMF. The problem is, my R7 370 is not able to get above x4 2.0 under load and is therefore hindering the maximum resolution & fps I can allow the stream to be encoded on. I'm using an i7 3770, and in intel's page, it says I should be able to get 2 x8's for my pcie configuration, instead of one x16 and one x4. My motherboard is a Asus P8H77-M PRO.
  6. The Dollar isn't backed by gold anymore, allowing bankers to inflate it to high ratios. Now you see the interest in cryptocurrencies?
  7. Supply and demand... Anyways why am I being ignored!
  8. They can buy a used GTX 780ti or a GTX 970-980. These cards are capable of playing modern titles.
  9. In that case, all passive income would be considered lazy.
  10. Basically all the kids that are pissed that they have to spend more to game. Anyhow I still don't understand how they think cards for gaming is more important then cards for earning passive income!
  11. I saw a good deal on a RX 580 4GB, and 580 8GB. Was going to the GTX 1060 if I hadn't seen that sale.
  12. Is it justifiable to pay another $60 CAD for a 8GB variant of an RX 580 if it's going to be used for around 3 years, compared to the 4GB model? I'm aiming for 1080p 60FPS with the latest titles.
  13. Hey guys, so my MSI Afterburner 4.40 Beta 12 not working on Windows 10 Creators Update, on the latest AMD drivers of 17.9.2. My issue is that as soon as I click the desktop shortcut, or the .exe file for it, it hangs on for a millisecond, and disappears out of thin air. Now, while I could downgrade to the 4.30 version, I can't overclock with that, as the moment I apply my overclock, my core clock speed gets locked to 150mhz.
  14. Hi, so I have a Acer Swift 3, (IPS, matte display version if it helps) and I was wondering if it was fine to wipe the screen in circular motions, and then dry it off in straight lines, with 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. I've heard that you should not do that because newer laptop screens have a coating.
  15. I'm looking for some budget earbuds, that are around $15CAD. Can pay more if it's value is much better, mainly using them for listening to EDM on my portable device. I prefer to be able to buy the earbuds from a place in Canada.