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    I really like tacos :3
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    Intel Core i7-7700HQ
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    HP 8394
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    12GB DDR4 2400Mhz
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    AMD RX 580
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    HP Omen 17
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    128GB Samsung SSD, 1TB Seagate 7200RPM HDD
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    Extremely to thick for a laptop
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    Omen Backlit
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    Super Basic
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    Bang & Olufsen
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    Windows 10 Home 64bit

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  1. You will be able to run it well but don't expect to put in graphic mods really, you will probably be able to play at moderate settings, probably a 8-16 chunk render distance at 1080P. I wouldn't worry too much about it, minecraft is fairly CPU dependent and that CPU isn't bad at all.
  2. Renton577


    Ehhhh it depends, some of those keys are from OEM systems and they can be fine but then there are some others that are grey market keys and may have either been stolen or obtained in less than legal ways. I have bought a total of 1 in my life to test it out and it turned out fine but you run the risk of it not working and getting scammed even though the likelihood is low or getting a working key only to have it stop working later on. I guess its just a moral thing you have to decide and weigh the pros and cons.
  3. Personally with a macbook that old I would not fold on it, folding on a laptop is a tricky situation in the first place and should only really be done if it has a good thermal solution. But seeing as macbooks seem to stay around their thermal limit when under load for a good majority of the time anyway I wouldn't stress it that much more with folding.
  4. Now that I have seen these it does look legit though.
  5. That price point is pretty spot on and I mean how to distinguish is hard, I would just ask them to send you a picture or video of GPU-Z, it usually will say Fake if its a Fake.
  6. That is a portable desktop by all accounts. The 9900KF if literally a 9900K with the integrated graphics disabled by cutting the connection or they don't include the integrated graphics at all, so its a portable desktop haha
  7. That's a really good deal, I would see if you can find a way to check it out first to make sure nothing is wrong with it.
  8. I am at medium power but Folding is using 100% GPU usage at max clocks right now which is why the fans are at 100% but yeah thats with the CPU not doing anything but the CPU and GPU share heat pipes. Thank you, I am folding on the LTT team currently. And GPU stays below 80C with max fan speed but CPU stays in the 90s to 100 sadly since its a laptop and keeps the core clock at around 3.9Ghz.
  9. That’s what I’m doing right now and the fans are at full blast.
  10. So I have a laptop thats pretty decently powerful, it has a 2060 and an i7 - 9750H, I want to fold to help out but the only issue is that when I fold the fans run at full tilt. Should I just not on this laptop or is that not really an issue? basically wear on the fans is what I'm worried about at this point.
  11. Its a Dell G7 7790, Thermals and clocks are consistent under load. 3.6Ghz is the lowest it goes while testing with the majority of the times clocks sticking around 3.8 - 4Ghz
  12. I'm personally not seeing any issues, looks like a pretty solid build to me, wish I could afford that haha.
  13. These scores are from all background programs off and no apps running, eh maybe I'm overthinking things though.
  14. So I recently got a laptop with an Intel i7-9750H and it started off at a cinebench score of 1224, then the news of the latest intel vulnerabilities came out. After that there were a few windows updates and my score has gone down to around 1140 or 1090 depending on the day. Is this just my imagination or has there been windows patches that have effected performance?
  15. It is a bit of a limitation I do agree, the CPU is pretty okay, I actually had a R5 1600X 6 core before this and the laptops CPU outperforms it but its still less performance than a 3700X, the GPU maxes out at 76C from what I've seen but the bigger question is the raytracing, I dont want to switch to a non raytracing card and then when the new consoles come out most games switch over to raytracing.