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    intel pendium 4 3.0 ghz
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    gigabyte ga8v800m
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    1.50 gb of kingstone and corsair ram
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    ati radeon x1650
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    western digital 40 gb
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    nec display lcd170v
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    microsoft ps2 leyboard
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    omega wireless mouse
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    trust headphones
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    windows 7 home premium

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  1. It have pushed it all the way in and it is not detected.Yes the ssd is not picked up by the bios.
  2. Sadly the is only 1 port and yes i have removed the old one
  3. The drive is installed on The samsung nc10.
  4. Hello,I have recently bought a Kingston a400 120gb For my Samsung nc10 and once i installed it it wouldnt show up!I also connected the drive to my desktop and it worked fine! Is there anyway i can Fix this issue?
  5. @Crunchy Dragonthat wont bother me just need the proper mobo
  6. Welp then its useless I cant find the motherboard anywhere
  7. Problem is how am i going to find a mobo which fits here
  8. So i got this laptop with a 1080p display but doesnt have a motherboard any suggestions with what to do with it?
  9. I am having problems resetting my password I enter all the questions and it keeps saying that google can not verify its me How can i Fix this problem??
  10. I have installed a 8gb Stick and i am only able to use 6.95 gb. How am i able to use all of my ram?
  11. I just built my new pc and i have this issue with the ram
  12. The battery is cr2032 and the most expensive is 5 dollars