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    Tamesh16 reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I drove and waddled to my mail service today to pick up some more goodies. This is a brief/equipment case I got from a Fleabay vendor.

    It's kinda sorta a match for the little case I keep my impact driver bits in (I have four more of the little cases for future use).

    The panels are ABS but I have several cases that have ABS panels and they have been holding up just fine for several years. This case will outlive me.
    A short while back, I showed off a router set I got. One of the things in the set was an edge/circle guide but it didn't have a case for it. I had thought about getting a Pelican case to keep it in but, besides being rather heavy, they were just too darned expensive. Then I found this case on Fleabay for a much more reasonable price and pulled the trigger on it.
    Here I have the guide, the dust collection hood, and a hose adapter laid out inside the case (there is also a pivot point for when using the guide as a circle guide but it's in my router case and I was too pooped form waddling errands to pull it out; old age and 111 degree heat is just a bit much for this old broad).


    I'll probably play around a bit with the layout before I start working on the foam.
    Speaking about the foam, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out it is pick apart foam (that wasn't mentioned in the product description) so that will simplify making the pockets needed for everything. I'll be working on it over the weekend and I'll post the results on the Tool Thread.
    I'm planning on getting a table saw and also make a router table later this year (I need to upgrade my shed first once the trailer court gets rid of a dead palm tree) and I will need featherboards for them. Featherboards are used to keep stock pushed against the fence in a table saw or a router table. Rockler put these on sale recently so I glommed onto five of them while I could.



    As received from the factory, these are designed to slide into the miter track on a saw table or router table tabletop. The silver colored bars go into the miter slot and expand in width when the knobs are tightened, locking the feather board in the slot. However, these can be easily adapted to T-slots by removing the silver bars and their screws and replace them with T-bolts screwed into the knobs. This will give far more options for keeping work flush against a fence and the table, especially on the router table.
    When I build the router table, it will be too heavy for my old carcass to lug around so I plan on intalling it on a gravity rise stand that easily will allow me to go from a horizontal orientation to a vertical one that will let me roll it along like a handtruck (the table saw I'm planning on getting will do the same thing). I'm planning on using a Bosch gravity rise stand but, besides being too low for a router table, the router motor hanging below the table with not fit through the stand when in the vertical position so I will need to make a small frame to raise the table up to a better height for working and to give the clearance needed to allow the stand to fold up.
    I've used 80/20 series aluminum extrusions for various things, such as a frome for a computer case and the bridge over a winow so I could hang my speakers, TV, monitors, and a bulletin board from it. However, the 15 series extrusions are overkill for the frame for the router table, not to mention too expensive and heavy (I'm having to really watch the weight on all this to avoid overloading the gravity rise stand).
    The 30 series extrusions would be perfect for the frame but 80/20 only has a black plastic filler strip to go into the T-slots and I would prefer aluminum filler strips for appearance, durability, and to give the extrusions a bit more strength. According to 80/20's online catalogue, the filler strips for both the 15 and 40 series are close to the size needed for the the 30 series extrusions but the only way to know for sure was to try them out. So, I bought a whopping 1" long piece of 30 series extrusion and a 2" long 40 series filler strip (and paid an outrageous price for shipping); I already had a scrap piece of 15 series filler strip.
    Here is what the extrusion looks like.



    The extrusion is 30mm x 30mm. The center hole is sized for tapping for M8 screws. They are available with 1 slot, two slots (like the one in the photo), two slots on opposite sides of the extrusion, three slots, and four slots (I'll be using all types except the four slot type).
    The 40 series filler strip looks like this.


    While both are a very tight fit (surprise! I was expecting a bit loose), the 15 series fits best by a tiny margin. The strips won't sit flush, though, because slot edges of the 15 (and 40) series extrusions are rounded and they are more square on the 30 series (one reason for the tighter than expected fit). Sometime over the weekend, I'm going to try filing a small chamfer on the top edges of a T-slot to see if it will improve the fit. If it does, when I do get the extrusions, I can dig out the my Daddy's old 1 HP router and crude (but still effective), homebrew router table and use a V bit to quickly chamfer the edges of the T-slots.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Mnky313 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Last thing I bought was a LCD controller, finally pretty much finished my portable eGPU setup

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    Tamesh16 reacted to imbrock in How to play the last of us and the last of us 2 on PC?   
    You may need some magic for that then..
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Origami Cactus in Samsung has released 108 Megapixel Phone Camera module   
    I wonder what the actual effective resolution will be, especially with the phone tier optics. 
    Also most definitely Quad Bayer, so 27 Mpix most of the time.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Furiku in Samsung has released 108 Megapixel Phone Camera module   
    Samsung has unveiled its latest monster: 108 megapixel camera module with which it aims to put an end to the camera competition once and for all.
    Surprisingly to many this module has been jointly developed in collaboration by Samsung and Xiaomi.
    Module is named Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX  and is expected to bring us major improvements to low-light scenarios, something that Samsung cameras have famously underperformed on so far.
    Mass production is starting now in August and first phones speculated to be using it are suspected to be be Xiaomi Redmi phones, but this is yet to be confirmed as neither Samsung or Xiaomi have yet to reveal any models with this monster of a camera in it.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to fasauceome in What is wrong?   
    possible thermal throttle problem, removing the cooler and cleaning with fresh thermal paste might fix the whole thing
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Fakmykak in Best anti virus?   
    You don't really need one. Just don't click on shady advertisements on pron websites. 
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    Tamesh16 reacted to DrMacintosh in Macbook's T2 Claims Another Victim, Apple Refuses To Honour Warranty   
    As far as I'm aware, T2 encryption is just FileVault. This same encryption protocol is applied to encrypted Time Machine backups and can be restored from by entering a password to decrypt the disk. Encrypting your backups is not the default setting however, you have to go into settings to enable it. 
    On a side note: Having the T2 chip is not something I look forward to when I upgrade my MacBook. 
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    Tamesh16 reacted to mr moose in Macbook's T2 Claims Another Victim, Apple Refuses To Honour Warranty   
    Irretrievable data and being at the mercy of apple for all repairs is just another reason never to buy such a computer.    Plenty of more than adequate alternatives out there.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to iamdarkyoshi in Macbook's T2 Claims Another Victim, Apple Refuses To Honour Warranty   
    So this may be a bit of a stray from the normal news formats, but Louis Rossmann just got in a Macbook Pro with a failed T2 chip.
    Now, I know T2 has been covered here on the forums, but I think this instance is a really quite scary example of the issues it can cause, and is therefore potentially newsworthy.
    For those who need a refresher, what is the T2 chip, and what does it do?
    Straight from Apple's own website:
    Added security and features sound great, right? Hold on.
    This chip can ONLY be programmed by Apple, and it is TIED to the important hardware components inside the Macbook. The most important of which, is the SSD, which is ENCRYPTED by T2.
    If something goes wrong in the Macbook, such as a bad wifi chip, you can't just desolder the old wifi chip and install a new one, the T2 chip must be reprogrammed to the new one. (I'd link another Rossmann video on this, but it seems to have been taken down, so I'm not going to quote this as a factually documented example for now)
    The same applies to a T2 failure itself. If T2 fails, you can't replace it and get a working board again. Apple, and only Apple can repair such things, which they could very well simply refuse to fix, like they did with Linus's imac pro.
    And since T2 handles encryption of your SSD, you can say bye-bye to anything on your SSD. Its gone, all of it. Time machine works great, but its not an excuse for such a volatile internal storage. If the point of encrypting the internal storage via a hardware solution was the idea, then time machine would be a bit pointless since it doesn't (to my knowledge) use T2's encryption, and by default isn't even encrypted, which seems like quite a security problem if someone were to nab your time machine backup, since it contains a full copy of the machine's disk.
    Older macs used a System Management Controller or SMC, and it handled a fair amount of tasks, like power management, and although you couldn't program one off the shelf, you could desolder one from a donor board, and put it on the one you're fixing. They weren't specifically tied to the rest of the hardware, and they did not handle disk encryption.
    Apple HAS documented that data recovery on a T2 mac is possible, however is requires that the machine be at least somewhat working. And in the event of a T2 failure, you're not going to get anywhere. T2 handles really basic but important stuff, like powering up the board's voltage rails.
    In Rossmann's video, the customer was told by Apple that the mac had suffered severe liquid damage, which voided their warranty, and Rossmann shows is clearly not the case.
    So because the T2 chip failed, and apple refuses to fix the faulty board, the customer has now lost all their data and needs a logic board replacement. Rossmann cannot fix this board, or any others with a similar failure.
    What does this mean for the consumer of such products?
    This means they have even less repair options for failures like this, and increased points of fatal failure.
    On older macs, you could pull the SSD and put it into a new machine, or replace the logic board, and all would be as you left it.
    On the newer but pre-T2 macs, the SSDs were almost always soldered, but a breakout point existed to connect to the soldered SSD and recover data.
    But on these ones, not only has T2 locked out data recovery, it has also locked out a lot of repairs on the system that would have been possible before. Apple has essentially forced the consumer to go to them, and only them for repairs. And they don't really do component level repairs, usually just board replacement, as each unit is treated as a whole, like the fiasco with Linus's imac. This means you could need a new board at Apple instead of maybe just a new SMC, which would cost a fraction of the price to repair as a third party shop such as Rossmann's than a board replacement would.
    Apple's fighting hard against consumer and third party repair, and personally, I think it needs to stop. I work at an independent repair shop, and I've already gotten fed up with mac repairs. They're always so much more annoying and expensive to repair, but changes like T2 could change "annoying" to "impossible"
    also its late and I typed this entire article on my cell phone so if something's not quite right, sorry, I might be changing some stuff up if someone points something out, or I feel like it >~<
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Caroline in To What used to be my favorite Channel.   
    Hey, Mac is better for only 10 reasons, not 15.
    But could other 5 reasons why Mac is simply BETTER exist?! The answer might shock you... BUT not as much as an ungrounded computer connected to a cheap power strip! That's why our friends at Lowe's have the best deals on surge protectors and stabilizers! Use the code LINUS5OFF to get an extra 5% off on all your online purchases!
    Thank me later @Linus
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    Tamesh16 reacted to AlexTheGreatish in Why OLED on Laptops.. kinda sucks. Razer Blade 2019 Review   
    It is the same chassis as in this review and the video was already pretty long due to the focus on OLED 
    Yeah I really want to give it a try, and Dell might be using a different panel.
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    Tamesh16 got a reaction from TechyBen in Why OLED on Laptops.. kinda sucks. Razer Blade 2019 Review   
    Can i just say, i loved the little part about the dac, cause honestly a bad dac can turn me off a laptop really quick, i know the dacs arent going to be the best on laptops, but knowing what to expect would be great, given that i purchased my current laptop mainly from your review of it
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    Tamesh16 reacted to TheNamelessOne in Epic Games Store has started adding Cloud Save support to games   
    Guys let's hate on Epic for doing something right because it's what we PC gamers do, we hate everyone.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in Epic Games Store has started adding Cloud Save support to games   
    In a shocking turn of events EPIC has added cloud save to 2 of their games that's listed in their library. 
    In the future Epic Games plans to add support for wishlists, user reviews, official mod support and achievements. A shopping cart is also due to be added, but this is a "long term" (6+ months) feature goal. 
    Epic Games' publicly available Epic Games Store roadmap is available to view : https://trello.com/b/GXLc34hk/epic-games-store-roadmap 

    Source : https://www.pcgamer.com/the-epic-store-is-beginning-to-support-cloud-saves/
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    Tamesh16 got a reaction from Churl in Show off your latest purchase!   
    haha yes, i my self like the straight bar, but i have never used a curved, so i will need to try that some time
    also unfortunately i hardly get to ride anymore, i am away from home too much, wish i did though, i miss it 
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    Tamesh16 reacted to Churl in Show off your latest purchase!   
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    Tamesh16 got a reaction from RoseLuck462 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    This made me happy, not sure why but those 3.3 gb/s speeds help 😅

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    Tamesh16 reacted to Slottr in Is a CPU more important or a GPU in gaming?   
    They both work closely together to get performance in the games you play
    Generally graphics cards are more expensive than cpus but it really depends what you're trying to run.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to colonel_mortis in Declined Suggestions (Read Before Posting)   
    The following suggestions have been proposed numerous times, but are not planned, and we are not looking for feedback on these issues at this time:
    A forum app
    Due to limited resources available, and the functional mobile site, there are no plans to develop an app for the site at this time. Allow members to delete or lock their own posts
    If you would like something to be removed, please report it, and it will be removed by a moderator. However, a significant number of the deletion requests that we get are because the topic is solved, which is not a valid reason for deletion - by leaving the topic, it can help other people in the future. Dislike/disagree button
    If you disagree with a post, you should quote it and explain why you feel the post is incorrect, so that people can see both sides of the argument, and make their own decision, rather than simply seeing that someone doesn't think the post is correct without any context. Require all posts from new users to be manually approved by a moderator/block all non-latin characters/don't allow links in new members' posts (to prevent spam)
    There are far too many posts for manual approval to be remotely feasible, and the other suggestions would adversely affect legitimate content too. We have a number of spam filtering systems in place, so the vast majority of the spam is caught before it is posted. Allow unfollowing individual status updates/Group status update notifications
    That would make a lot of sense, but unfortunately it's not something we can change. It has been suggested to the forum software devs several times but they have shown absolutely no interest in changing it. View/edit the BBCode for a post
    Posts don't use BBCode internally any more, so adding support for it would be very complicated, and would cause more problems than it would solve. Add a "use desktop site" button on mobile
    Due to the way the mobile version has been implemented, it isn't technically possible. However, if there is anything that you can't do on the mobile site, please let us know so that we can try to change it, so you don't need to use the desktop version. New topics discussing these issues will be locked without warning.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to dgsddfgdfhgs in Maxing out.... Just because?   
    life is short, no regrets?? lol
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    Tamesh16 reacted to maartendc in Red Camera? That'll be $95 - Prime day glitch turns into a field day for camera enthusiasts   
    Usually these types of orders get cancelled.
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    Tamesh16 reacted to rcmaehl in Red Camera? That'll be $95 - Prime day glitch turns into a field day for camera enthusiasts   
    Business Insider (Quotes source)
    A Prime Day glitch marked hundreds of Cameras and Equipment as ~$94.50


    My Thoughts:
    HECKING HECKITY HECK HECK. I wish I had saw this. My wife is into amateur photography and some new equipment for her would have been a great gift. Regardless, pricing errors on Sold by Amazon products have had a history of being fulfilled in the name of customer satisfaction and I would not be surprised if this was the case for these as well.
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    Tamesh16 got a reaction from Vasuca1 in Riley and James need to go   
    this is not useful feed back