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  1. Hey, Linus this is Sukant all the way from India, its been long time i'm writting to your forum, although i'm facing some issues with linux os, i ev been trying to install ubuntu/monjaro on my Acer Predator Helio 300 the latest 2019 9th gen model, and its all good it its booting up from the usb drive, but im unable to see my 256 Gig Nvme drive, and its just showing up my terabyte hard drive, im totally confused wht to do with it, so i'm writting here if anyone can Help. thanx
  2. So does this means i won't be getting any further graphics driver updates till i change my GPU instead
  3. i ev buyed this card from one of my friends cousin and its about 3to 4 years now!
  4. its connected to the gpu and all settngs are on the gpu
  5. i dont know bt its written that this driver is supported for gt 600 series 630 is also mentioned in there, but what i have noticed that my hardware id isnt available in all the newer versions after that 391.35 version is this thing can be fixed??
  6. monitor is connected to the GT-630 and its a Zotac card
  7. im toally unable to install any of the new Graphics Drivers after 391.35 i have a Zotac nvidia GT-630 4GB card and i am unable to install any of the new drivers i have tried editing the inf files and all that stuffs still it gets failed while installing even the latest 397.93 driver Please help! thank you
  8. How much temp it can go in compare to the single fan edition if u guys know
  9. Yes its factory overclocked bt still i want to overclock it abit more
  10. MSI NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI DUAL FAN EDITION OR MSI NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti SINGLE FAN EDITION which one is more efficient? Please do reply. Thank you
  11. What is NAT in network 
    and how should i turn on my NAT to OPEN NAT ?? 
    i have an NETGEAR JWNR2010v5 

  12. please suggest the best recovery software which can fix a corrupted/crashed hard drive


    1. MANIDY inc
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      easeus partition recovery, do try deep scan, plus don't expect an easy recovery if it's a large partition, deep scan could take upto 2-3 days depending on the damage

    3. Sukant


      :o okay

      thanx brother


  13. how to burn multiple OS(operating systems) in one DVD

    suggest any software to burn them all in one with ease..



  14. is core 2 quad Q6600 is good for heavy gaming?