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  1. there is no good place to put a network switch between the two buildings i'm trying to connect. I guess the best way to go is fiber. you guys have any shopping list options i can use? By the way, my network already uses Cat6 Weatherproof cables been thinking about upgrading part of the network to a 10G when i have the money to put in a NAS or some other server [not anytime soon].
  2. About 500' (feet) 152.4 Meters , that includes having to avoid obstacles like trees and buildings.
  3. hey guys! I have a huge problem. I'm trying to install a wired connection to another building Via Ethernet but the building is too far [past the 100 meters mark], so I need help with finding a solution to this. I don't want to compromise my network speed [it being a gigabit network] to the other building. I don't wan't to go wireless because it will reduce the network speed from device to device as well as there being multiple metal buildings in the way. the wire will have to be above ground hanging in the air from pole to pole we might be able to run a PVC underground most of the way though some of the wiring might be exposed . if you guys have any ideas let me know!
  4. Do you have any accessories or preferred lenses or lens filters for the t7i? Seeing that camera will run me about $900 I still got $600 left in my budget.
  5. Hey guys you probably got the idea thanks to the ridiculously long title of this forum post. I am looking into going into photography and still would like a decent camera that can put out 1080p60 when I need to record, not to mention the ability to use my Elgato camlink whenever I stream. And have some decent accessories like additional lenses and or a decent tripod. I shop on three sites Best Buy, Newegg, and Amazon. I'd prefer shopping through those retailers as much as possible. My budget runs around $1,500 U.S. but just going a couple dollars over the amount isn't going to bother me. I'm currently using skillshare to learn about photography as I'd like to have something to do as a hobby. And PS; times I plan to shoot are early mornings when the Sun is beginning to rise which is a low-light situation and midday. Thankyou!
  6. Shoot I have all 2 nights out of the week to work on this stuff. ;) I work Night-shift at a Grocery outlet so it leaves me with Sunday and Monday nights Doing nothing but sitting in front of my PC until 12:00PM PST. By then I'm asleep until 8:00pm.
  7. Guess what guys! they Listened! You will be prompted to review your System Privacy when your computer is ready to update to the Creators update.
  8. Alrighty. Also Thanks for Pointing That Out. I did not know they do not work. Well... I'm now Forever Screwed... But its still worth a shot!
  9. How Am I being Delusional? And What Makes me delusional? That is a strong word and I do find it offensive. Could it Probably be Because I'm autistic and Can't Communicate as well as others? Besides Trying To Switch to Some Other OS is very Challenging for me and Certain OSes Don't do things it'd like them to do. I Am still waiting For Luke Lafariner's Video to come out.
  10. I would think so. also I Hate using Linux due to that i can't use it worth a Duck. and I Don't like Apple Devices Nor am I wanting to Hackintosh my computer. Also Please Try to be Optimistic for once in awhile. I am, and Most Of the Time It Works.
  11. Why do you think that? all we need is 370 or so more Signatures to make it work.
  12. Jerry Berg: Microsoft needs to add an 'off' option to telemetry for Windows 10 - Sign the Petition! https://www.change.org/p/jerry-berg-microsoft-needs-to-add-an-off-option-to-telemetry-for-windows-10?recruiter=708588710&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive via @Change Want to fight for your Privacy? Now is your chance! Help Us win the Privacy War against Microsoft!
  13. Hi there! this is an awkward post but i thought this would be the best place to go. I'd like to build an intro(s) for my YouTube channel but i wanted to start with an Animated HDD and have an effect form the logo or Words i want it to display. The only problem is... I'm new to adobe software and can't get far with it... I've tried looking for online templates but i couldn't find any. then i realized LMG uses HHDs and or "so i thought" animations of HHDs. If i could find out how they animate one or where they got the picture files from it will help me out a lot. This message is aimed towards the Editors of LMG but everyone's help is appreciated. You can PM on twitter at @BlitzbriegDim if you don't feel comfortable posting your response here. Also note i'm not a Tech channel so i'm not in competition with any tech channels i will soon be Vlogging in the future and will be posting Updates that will include tech though but not much as i'm remodeling the bus i live in and i'm more gaming oriented.