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  1. FinalplayerRyu

    GoXLR Temperature?

    It's definetely an Issue with Behringer, with the fourth Mixer from them its ok-ish (the before mentioned Q502USB). Still gets a bit hot, but i don't feel it radiating heat at me. I can exclude hot temperature because that was in the middle of winter when i started doing that and room temperature was around 15-20°C. Also non of those mixers had a fan which i imagine is by design cause you don't want any noise and my current system setup can pick up the washing machine from across the flat through closed doors, so a fan would definetely be audible since the mixer is in arms reach. I am still looking at the GoXLR as an option, but probably waiting on a pricedrop.
  2. FinalplayerRyu

    GoXLR Temperature?

    Can't even get an answer on a day old video.^^' Got some from other places if anyone cares to know: Thanks to the peeps on youtube and twitter.
  3. FinalplayerRyu

    GoXLR Temperature?

    In the recent livestream Linus was showing us the GoXLR. Showed us a lot of features, but my main issue with XLR mixers recently has been temperature, so i am wondering how hot it gets, especially after prolonged use like 3h+. For context: i have had two Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB, both of which got so hot that the FX stopped working and radiated so much heat that i could feel it all the time after around half an hour of using and it just got hotter and hotter, that touching it by the vent on the bottom burned my fingers and the top was also unpleasent to the touch. So even now with a smaller Behringer Mixer (Q502USB) which doesn't have FX capability and has lower peak temperature its still not what i am looking for.
  4. FinalplayerRyu

    Linus's Disturbing Trend to Clickbait

    Well this is just childish, moving the Thread into Off Topic when its critism about the direction of the channel. I will check the channel here and there to see if they returned from their trip. Until then i am out until they get their act together.
  5. FinalplayerRyu

    Linus's Disturbing Trend to Clickbait

    If catching attention was all that there is to it... if my attention turns into a negative feeling towards a product/brand/company, then it is working against them. Especially the first one invokes always a slight anger with a combined facepalm in me... good job oculus... Free Korean/Chinese Browser MMO Banners also catch my attention with their animation, doesn't mean they get any money/time from me.
  6. FinalplayerRyu

    Linus's Disturbing Trend to Clickbait

    These thumbnails are really annoying... on the same level as these:
  7. FinalplayerRyu

    PSVR Review

    I am not sure how realistic all that discussion from nothing to the VR experience really is. How likely is it that someone who has neither a PS4 or a PC will enter the VR market. I think it will be much more common that people already have some hardware and the headset itself will be the majority of the cost.
  8. FinalplayerRyu

    PSVR Review

    I want to add to the review that the PSVR is already well on it's way to be used on the PC aswell. Following project (one of a few i know of) is the most promising in my opinion: https://github.com/gusmanb/PSVRFramework After only about a month, they got a working Program that let's you connect your PSVR to the PC, switch between visual modes (VR and Cinematic) and some general settings. They already are getting all the information that the Headset delivers via USB, but the Gyro sensor data not used for anything so far, so no headtracking. Though if combine what this project has with ReShade you can play Games with it already on the PSVR. Additionally the author of the Project said that he has contacted the guys who made the move work on PC and is planning on some corporation, so there's that added bonus. This image shows me playing Skyrim on the Headset and like Luke mentioned the Motion Sickness is very dependant on who plays and while i had initially some motion sickness after 15min, after a break i was going at it for 2 hours with hardly any issues. So overall, PSVR has a fantastic chance to be viable for the PC within in this year with the use of all sensors that is in the Headset and maybe some additional room headtracking with camera in the future. Thus i see it as a fantastic value if you own both PC and PS4.
  9. FinalplayerRyu


    My old gaming Laptop needs a succesor, with its intel Pentium M750 1,82 GHz, ATI Mobility Radeon X700 128 MB and wooping 1 GB Ram it was my star, it was my dear friend that showed me awesome games. Even after lots of repairs like backlight, WLAN Module, keyboard and some more, i still love it to pieces and want to give it finally a rest and a special place on my shelves. So what's better than a up to date piece of hardware that lets my desktop look like a child's toy, Razer Blade is my choice.
  10. FinalplayerRyu

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    Got a GTX670 and winning an AMD card might be my only chance to abandon my long lasting fanboyism of Nvidia (2 cards^^'). I guess the best reason i want this card is FreeSync as there lots more Monitors with FreeSync that interest me and are in my budget than G-Sync.