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    Star Citizen Name: Raymond Constans Star Citizen Handle: Raycers LinusTechTips Name: Raycers Preferred Squadron: Reaper Ships, Listed in Order of Crewsize (havent really flown a lot): XXX Aurora MR (Anniversary) 7,550 Kg Aurora MR (3MI) Package (- 13 SCU) RSI 1-man --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XX1 Dragonfly Black 1,000 Kg Dragonfly LTI (- 1 SCU) Drake 2-man XX2 85X 8,000 Kg 85X LTI (- 0 SCU) Origin 2-man XX3 Avenger Stalker 18,500 Kg Avenger LTI (- 4 SCU) Aegis 1-man XX4 The Prospector 30,000 Kg Prospector LTI (- 128 SCU) MISC 1-man ? XX5 Freelancer Max 32,000 Kg Freelancer LTI (- 123 SCU) MISC 2-man JE XX6 F7C-M Super Hornet 23,219 Kg Superhornet LTI (- 0 SCU) Anvil 2-man JE XX7 Vanguard Warden 45,000 Kg Vanguard LTI (- 0 SCU) Aegis 2-man JE XX8 Hull C 298,419 Kg Hull C LTI (- 4608 SCU) MISC 3-man JE XX9 Cutlass Red 36,000 Kg Cutlass Red LTI (- 33 SCU) Drake 4-man XX0 Constellation Phoenix 81,000 Kg Phoenix LTI (- 66 SCU) RSI 4-man JE Intended Role in the Navy, Check all that Apply [ ] Scout [x] Escort [ ] Bomber [x] Dogfighter [x] Electronic Warfare [x] Gunner [x] Co-Pilot [x] Crew Member [x] Marine [ ] Special Operations [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________

    I'd like the new Razer Blade 14, a 12" laptop is too small for me to work AND game on, yet the Blade still remains its portable form factor. The 1060 has a lower power consumption when portable yet for my gaming preference it's light, so I'd have to use a Core with a 1080. Currently working on an Alienware 14, which I like for the decent specs with impeccable cooling, so I could defo use the upgrade. Would also give me the ability to actually see you guys in the Verse, since Star Citizen just wont run properly on my laptop. P.S.: I do hope they bring out an extended cable for the Core, because 18" / 45 cm is really (too) short imho.