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  1. There isn't much reason to use Pug (Jade). Would not really recommend 'learning' it when you can just opt for plain HTML. Other people that work on your project also won't have to learn Pug that way. Unless you absolutely need things like extend layout from pug, just go HTML.. Little to no reason to take pug from my perspective.
  2. 128gb is barely enough for most programming jobs that i encountered. But i highly advise atleast 256 for the extra file storage. i personally have 128gb, and have only 5gb left with atleast a dozen of programs installed with corresponding project files and documentation.
  3. -- ignoring all previous posts -- Just get the 6600k and atleast 8gb ram with expandability for 16gb. 6600k is mostly overkill for programming (/what you are doing), but if you have the choice then I'd take it for when you need it in the future.
  4. No worries, I did.
  5. Razer Blade Stealth. So I can finally run a VM properly for my study.
  6. Well I wish her luck with her endeavours in sueing facebook..
  7. so gud. Totally legit.
  8. You can easily just make a dummy twitter and facebook account for testing purposes and put the project on github or bitbucket so other developers can check your work. It is also your personal project, not the one of LMG. I personally do not see any issues making the program and releasing the source code, it's not new and not even dangerous. It simply logs in with the username and password provided, navigates to post a message and clicks the button automatically. Unless you are creating a spam bot.. go for it.
  9. Do you mean interested as in making it? It is not difficult at all to create such a system, because there are plenty of libraries for all programming languages that make it easy as hell to automatically login, navigate and click a button. However it's a great way for new software engineers to explore and have fun with as a side-project. Especially if you want to try a new language. (My personal opinion) But I'll be frank and say that I have absolutely 0 interest in making it.
  10. My question is.. Why not old good fashioned youtube or plain tutorials to give you the basics you need to know? I don't understand why you would need to pay for something like this when there are free of charge options.. But that's probably just me I guess.
  11. Essentially "Buy low, sell High". Bought my Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x for 220 euro 2 years ago, can still sell it for 150 euro. So if you indeed save money, you can keep upgrading your GPU to an even better one every few years. Not accounting hardware failure / malfunction though.
  12. Got the money? Yea, why not. Right? I know I would build a beast rig if I could afford it just for shits'n giggle.
  13. There will always be something new that will be better. Anything you own will have some kind of upgrade in the near future. So computer (parts) are not the only thing. And as said earlier, you can resell parts / your whole computer if it is not top of the line hardware anymore. The initial buy is always the most expensive, the second complete upgrade is always cheaper because of the items you carry over / sell from your initial build. So, yes you can have the best PC, but it will be short-lived glory. And to add, there is utterly no reason to do it.
  14. I second this. Unity is not the easiest way to start to learn how to program. Making a game is probably one of the hardest things you can attempt. If you are dead-set on making a game and learning how to code, then Greenfoot should be more up your alley. It uses JAVA as the programming language, plenty of tutorials and the author of the software even made a book to guide you through it. Making a game such as "Space Codex" or "Geometry Wars" in Greenfoot is entirely possible, but it takes time and effort. It is important to know you cannot make some amazing game from the get go, start small and go big. So first learn the basics and then build up. Diving into Unity head-first is possible, however I extremely advice against doing it as you will waste your time. And if you are stubborn, ChilliTomatoNoodle on YouTube has got your back with C++ DirectX game tutorials. But I doubt you will get any form of enjoyment in it as you will need to understand C++ on atleast a basic level to completely understand what you are making alongside his tutorials.
  15. You won't find anything cheap when looking for a wireless HDMI. As stated before, HDMI 2.0 is currently not viably on the market as far I've seen. And HDMI just for 1080p still has 'bulky' units that are way out of your price range. So you'll be stuck with cables. Only thing you can try is hiding the cables, but you cannot replace them with cheap wireless hdmi.