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  1. Although I like the idea of small development teams and releasing great software, it just does not work that way in the gaming industry in my experience. You can have cookie-cutter games that are made within a year by a single person and sell well, but they likely use assets and software from others and the codebase may not be the prettiest. When looking at games from 10 years ago and now the main difference is in my opinion the new techniques and expectations. We did not use to have PBR and now nearly everyone expects every game to have it as it is the now the de facto standard. Increase in techniques, more complicated gameplay and higher expectations forces an increase in manpower and cost. Not everyone uses existing engines and wants to pay licensing fees. In addition some are not fit for the job and you will be forced to create your own, it is not as if Unity or Unreal Engine automatically fit your requirements. These engines may be versatile but can lack in certain areas that are important for specific genre's. Either have 100 people working on a game and have it released within 2 years, or have 10 and wait a lifetime just to see your game change overtime because it has aged. (All depends on the game and goal though) I just think your opinion is far too one-sided, though I agree that 'business-people' force the release of a game too early just to pump out more games for the extra cash.
  2. Linus Torvalds, dislikes Nvidia and now Intel, he is the one that AMD 'fanboys' will worship. That is until he also voices his dislike on them too.
  3. Belgium going to tax Bitcoin speculation.

    As far i know this only applies if you are not a trader by profession and make short term investment trading deals on the regular(due to speculating the market). It is the task of the investor to show that you are doing short or long tern investment.
  4. Dell XPS 15 or Razer Blade 2017?

    A website such as notebookcheck can help you make a decision (their 'top 10' https://www.notebookcheck.net/Notebookcheck-s-Top-10-Gaming-Laptops.98628.0.html). There are multiple Clevo configurations so make sure to check a few of them. When it comes to their looks, yea it will be hard to find a suitable laptop if you do not like the gaming vibe. Companies such as DBrand can offset the ugly aesthetic of a gaming laptop. Just check a few reviews regarding the XPS 15 9560 and see if you think it is worth the investment for gaming.
  5. Dell XPS 15 or Razer Blade 2017?

    I can always recommend a clean install for a laptop, they all come with bloatware. Some companies are worse than others. With the XPS you get Dell SupportAssist and other applications that are nice but completely unnecessary. My experience with the razer laptop I had for a few weeks were mainly temperatures, noise and price. Your experience may be different. Though most people have a bad experience with Razer regarding their quality control. Personally have a XPS 9560 with 16gb of RAM and I am satisfied with its performance. It is not a gaming machine and whilst it does have Thunderbolt it will not be capable of using the full power of your eGPU. If you want to game, choose a laptop with a 1060 that is not from Razer. Rather choose a laptop from Clevo where you build it yourself or check some reviews of recent laptops containing a 1060 / 1070. FYI: It helps when you specify which country and the prices.
  6. Dell XPS 15 or Razer Blade 2017?

    Personally I would choose the XPS with a clean install over any razer laptop because of sheer reputation and personal experience. The XPS only has a 1050 though, so if you want to play games you have to make a choice. Personally would pick, almost, any MSI 'gaming' laptop over the razer blade as they tend to be cheaper.
  7. Yea, but they can keep those Tauren models. Besides, there were some ports for TBC, WoTLK and Cata that implement these newer models without much hassle on the client side, only mainly applies to playermodels though.
  8. Even with the massive playerbase that WoW has /had, it won't be a smart move to introduce even a more segmented playerbase between vanilla and the up-to-date expansion. But then again if the playerbase proves sufficient and people are paying the regular subscription fee then they will likely do just that
  9. More junk in space is just what we needed..
  10. PS5 has been predicted to come out in mid to late 2018.

    Easier said than done in most cases.
  11. Is it possible?

    You can just use ruby with the pdf-reader gem for pdf that contain text. The gem has some good functions you can use, but is a bit the same as opening the file and iterating through all the lines. For pdf with text as images you will need ocr, which for most people is not worth the effort and time when developing solo. Ruby, python, php... It does not really matter which language. But it takes effort from your side to get the correct data from a pdf.
  12. Build mainly being used for programming

    Depends what he plans on doing. Also some programs work better for Intel only, granted I haven't gotten an AMD CPU so I wouldn't be able to say with much guarentee. As for the PC.. Anything that has hyperthreading, decent SSD, 16GB DDR3/+ RAM and a GPU will make do for almost any task for programming.. This is if you do programming only of course. Personally I have an i5u 4GB ram laptop that I use for school and work and it works fine. Never had an issue running multiple IDE's, a VM, many chrome tabs and a server running on those shabby specs. So if you just need a PC for programming then almost anything will be fine, really.
  13. Take the, very sound, advice of other people and buy an older macbook. Buying the new macbook pro just for "Writing document and watch Youtube videos" is a waste of money. Macbook Pro's between 2009 and 2015 are still worth their money if you compare them to the new one and take into account what you plan to do with it. Personally I would opt for the Macbook Air if you really want OSX and only plan to "Write documents and watch Youtube videos". Or just buy a decent Windows laptop..
  14. Do you use Jade?

    There isn't much reason to use Pug (Jade). Would not really recommend 'learning' it when you can just opt for plain HTML. Other people that work on your project also won't have to learn Pug that way. Unless you absolutely need things like extend layout from pug, just go HTML.. Little to no reason to take pug from my perspective.