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    i5 4690k
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    MSI Gaming 5
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    Kingston DDR3 1333MHz
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    Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x OC
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    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
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    Kingston 120GB V300 SSD, Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, 1.5TB Samsung 1.5TB, Western Digital 3TB Blue
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    Corsair rm550x
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    QNix QX2710 Multi, LG 24MB37PY
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    6x Be Quiet Silent Wings 2 120mm, 1x Phanteks 140mm, Be Quiet Dark Rock 3
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    Ducky Legend Aluminium
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    Logitech G600 White

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    Student in Software Engineering
  1. Yea, but they can keep those Tauren models. Besides, there were some ports for TBC, WoTLK and Cata that implement these newer models without much hassle on the client side, only mainly applies to playermodels though.
  2. Even with the massive playerbase that WoW has /had, it won't be a smart move to introduce even a more segmented playerbase between vanilla and the up-to-date expansion. But then again if the playerbase proves sufficient and people are paying the regular subscription fee then they will likely do just that
  3. More junk in space is just what we needed..
  4. PS5 has been predicted to come out in mid to late 2018.

    Easier said than done in most cases.
  5. Is it possible?

    You can just use ruby with the pdf-reader gem for pdf that contain text. The gem has some good functions you can use, but is a bit the same as opening the file and iterating through all the lines. For pdf with text as images you will need ocr, which for most people is not worth the effort and time when developing solo. Ruby, python, php... It does not really matter which language. But it takes effort from your side to get the correct data from a pdf.
  6. Build mainly being used for programming

    Depends what he plans on doing. Also some programs work better for Intel only, granted I haven't gotten an AMD CPU so I wouldn't be able to say with much guarentee. As for the PC.. Anything that has hyperthreading, decent SSD, 16GB DDR3/+ RAM and a GPU will make do for almost any task for programming.. This is if you do programming only of course. Personally I have an i5u 4GB ram laptop that I use for school and work and it works fine. Never had an issue running multiple IDE's, a VM, many chrome tabs and a server running on those shabby specs. So if you just need a PC for programming then almost anything will be fine, really.
  7. Take the, very sound, advice of other people and buy an older macbook. Buying the new macbook pro just for "Writing document and watch Youtube videos" is a waste of money. Macbook Pro's between 2009 and 2015 are still worth their money if you compare them to the new one and take into account what you plan to do with it. Personally I would opt for the Macbook Air if you really want OSX and only plan to "Write documents and watch Youtube videos". Or just buy a decent Windows laptop..
  8. Do you use Jade?

    There isn't much reason to use Pug (Jade). Would not really recommend 'learning' it when you can just opt for plain HTML. Other people that work on your project also won't have to learn Pug that way. Unless you absolutely need things like extend layout from pug, just go HTML.. Little to no reason to take pug from my perspective.
  9. 128gb is barely enough for most programming jobs that i encountered. But i highly advise atleast 256 for the extra file storage. i personally have 128gb, and have only 5gb left with atleast a dozen of programs installed with corresponding project files and documentation.
  10. Wich processor will be better for programming

    -- ignoring all previous posts -- Just get the 6600k and atleast 8gb ram with expandability for 16gb. 6600k is mostly overkill for programming (/what you are doing), but if you have the choice then I'd take it for when you need it in the future.
  11. how fast can you type?

    No worries, I did.

    Razer Blade Stealth. So I can finally run a VM properly for my study.
  13. Well I wish her luck with her endeavours in sueing facebook..
  14. how fast can you type?

    so gud. Totally legit.