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  1. I would like to overclock my Core 2 Quad Q8300 CPU to 3.0 GHz. My motherboard is AsRock P45DE3. Please tell me how do I do the overclock,I mean which values should I set and to how much, and also which value for the voltage?From which value to start with the voltage? Here are photos from the BIOS for overclocking of the CPU as an attachments, please tell me for each setting:
  2. I'll get the Magician Software,but as far as I know I have the latest firmware.
  3. My Samsung 840 SSD became very slow and unresponsible all of a sudden,it doesn't boot and I can't format it or install an OS to it. So I am booting Ubuntu from an USB stick,and here are some screenshots from the tests I have run with the Ubuntu Disks utility: It passed all of the tests,including the self-test,but in the Benchmark test it didn't show the writing speed,but only the reading speed. Please tell me how can I repair this drive.
  4. All of this happened,after I added a case cooling fan to my fanless GPU last week(I connected the fan to the chasis fan header of my mobo),and I firstly booted without the GPU. I forgot to say this.
  5. I've just scanned the SSD for errors,and it passed all of the tests... Any idea what is the problem?
  6. How can i test it for errors from Ubuntu,and repair it if possible?
  7. I've installed Win 10 from that USB a few times,and it was working fine. I am able to boot Ubuntu from an USB drive,and it works perfectly! The problem is when I try to boot from the SSD drive.
  8. That USB stick is working fine.
  9. Could you reccommend me some free diagnostics software,which I can use on Ubuntu to test the hardware please?
  10. Hello, I am facing some weird problems with my PC,and I need some help. One week ago, my PC became slow all of a sudden,it was freezing and the booting time was for ages. Then I tried to reinstall Win 10,but it didn't want to start the process of installing. Then I booted Ubuntu from an USB drive and it worked perfectly! After that I installed Ubuntu on the hard-drive (SSD) , then I removed Ubuntu and reinstalled Win 10 and it was working like a charm till yesterday,when the PC became very slow and couldn't boot. But I am still able to boot Ubuntu from an USB drive. Please tell me how can I resolve that issue?
  11. I don't have an access to an another PC , so please tell me how do I test it with some software?
  12. Is there a way I can test it, but not harm it with the test?
  13. I think that it is 10 years old. Edit: But I can't afford an another one at the moment.