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    Adelaide south Australia
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    Computers/ general tech stuff. Cars, bikes and engineering
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    Student, Aspiring Mechanical engineer.


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    intel core i5 6600K
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    gigabyte GA-Z170M gaming 5
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    16gb corsair vengance LPX 3400 (not overclocked so 2100)
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    gigabyte R9-390x
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    thermaltake v31
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    4tb segate barracuda 500gb samsung 850 evo m.2 256 gb samsung 850 evo m.2
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    thermaltake toughpower 850w gold
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    ASUS VC239H 23in Widescreen Eyecare LED Gaming Monitor
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    deepcool malestorm 240
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    cougar 700m
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    Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 Speaker System
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    windows 10

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  1. Unfortunately my university doesn't have publisher included in their agreement. I hadn't yet got around to looking at inkscape, and I'm about to check out that list now
  2. I had no luck with this, however I did stumble across scriber, but that is proving to be rather tedious to even make text look decent
  3. I'm hesitant to use powerpoint because it doesnt use standard page sizes, also the inDesign doesn't have a purchase price, only a subscription which is more than office 365 unfortunately.
  4. Hi there, wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives to publisher, I recently found out I have a need for publisher, as I'm looking at geting into document design and publishing, and that it didn't come with the office bundle that I brought. not overly keen on purchasing just publisher as it is over $150 where I only paid $200 for the whole bundle I brought previously. I dont really want to pay that much for this type of software, nor take out a 365 subscription to get it. so if anyone knows of any similar alternatives that'd be amazing
  5. I did a quick google, and found some form of definition A gaming computer is a personal computer designed for playing computationally demanding video games. Due to the integration of common hardware components onto the motherboard since the 1990s, a modern gaming computer is comparable to a mainstream computer with the addition of a performance-oriented video card. (from wikipedia but a definition none the less) I agree with this definition, except I've found multitude of examples which don't meet this criteria. But then you get lower end Pc's for more affordable budgets that can play AAA games at 1080p 59hz let's say, Is it at that point, not a gaming pc? That's something to think about. quoting for notification
  6. I would like to have Ebay ammend their description policy and include a way to report false advertising ( the following is from Ebay's Item description policy) Information in a listing helps buyers decide whether to buy an item and what to expect when they receive the item. Not allowed Including conflicting product information in a listing. This policy is in place to help buyers know what they will receive, and the terms of sale around an item. As marketing the PC as Gaming is misleading and is as started by the description policy not what the customer "excpects when they recieve the item" as they are expecting and such marketing a computer as Gaming as is basically the equivilent of describing a sports car but the car which they actually purchase is the same or worse than they currently have
  7. I know that but not everyone does research, or is able to understand why a certain component is better And this is what I'm trying to work out so I actually have a point to make
  8. so basically any graphics card more than $150 AUS or like a gtx 1030
  9. Hi everyone, So while prowling around Ebay and came across Gaming PC's for what reason I have no idea. I started looking at some, and something which peaked my interest was that a majority of the PC's which were being marketed as 'Gaming PC's ' would have had very limited gaming potential AT ALL, with the best piece of hardware being an i7 being bottlenecked by absolutely everything else, and having absolutly no GPU whatsoever. I would like to change that so that inexperienced buyers are not mislead and severly disappointed when they open their fancy looking PC to find that it barely runs minesweeper (maybe not true but you know what I'm getting at). So in your opinion, What makes a gaming PC, and the reason for it being called so? Thanks everyone who submits something as I dont think it is fair that people are being mislead.
  10. I have both a pc running Gnome and a vm, neither work. I did check for it and it isnt there... I'm going to try the work around listed on the foxtel site and see how it goes
  11. Hi, So I'm having issues with my Foxtel now when I try and run it on Gnome. I continuously get an error stating that my chrome browser is not up to date and that it needs to be udated. However it runs the same version of chrome as my windows pc which works fine. (red and black theme is my usual browser other is Gnome I run on a VM so I can play with it without using the pc that runs it If anyone has a suggestion as to why it doesn't work and how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - Ramke
  12. where do we even find this out?? This has got me quite concerned honestly
  13. I have only found 1 of these and australian computer prices are ridiculous so $800 = ~$1900