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  1. everyone missed the /S At the end where i listed hardware stores you can get them from, jesus christ.
  2. Where does one buy zipties. i have never seen a store selling them yet all my life i have always had them SOMEWHERE. in my walls(Literally. did renovations recently and found 4) Drawers, etc. /S Home depot lowes etc
  3. Literally out of them. however the hell that actually happens.
  4. Whichever method you prefer.
  5. Go to AMD's website and get the older drivers from their download center. then go into Devices and drivers in windows, rightclick the device and uninstall drivers. then install the old drivers.
  6. lol its not falling or anything. its just the most autistic thing i've ever done.
  7. I had 3 120Mm fans but my case only has one 120Mm slot up front and a 90Mm in the back. So i put a 120mm in the back held in by one screw. the rear IO Seems to be tall enough to hold it snug so one screw keeps it from falling. god help me.
  8. Yeah your Harddisk is a few thousand levels of done for. crashes seem to be related to drive if anything. replace it then rerun everything. i highly doubt its the new card. oh id also check drivers.
  9. A day or two later the fans magically work again. now i have a 120MM on a 90Mm exhaust fan area. Idles a whopping 2 - 4 Degrees colder.
  10. it was from a Fiber to copper FIOS install. its an old(REALLY Damn old) MI424WR
  11. KK. just dont run anything too intensive on the hardware until its all checked.
  12. you missed half the conversation.
  13. check INSIDE the connectors for corrosion check your CPU Is not the issue run memtest check your harddisks with Speedfan S.M.A.R.T tests run the fuzzy donut of death on your GPU etc etc.