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    London, England
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    Software Engineer, Halfpetal LLC


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    Intel Core i7-7700K
  • Motherboard
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4
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    MSI GTX 1060 6GB
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    NZXT S340
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    500GB Samsung 850 EVO SATA SSD + 1TB WD Blue HDD
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Is it just me or would 95% of these problems with mining on websites be fixed if Coinhive got their act together and started taking action against people who are clearly just using their service maliciously to make a quick buck? Anyway, good to see at least one company involved is being proactive and investigating...
  2. That link seems to be broken - copy the "permalink" at the top of the parts list instead of the one from your browser's URL bar.
  3. inventor02

    Serverboard wont boot

    According to the manual for the Intel S5000VSA series (which I assume is what you have), one two or three beeps suggests a memory problem. Try re-seating the DIMMs or replace them with known good ones.
  4. inventor02

    So youtube bugged out and this happened

    I would love to see the codebase behind YouTube (part of me thinks it's very messy - couldn't possibly think why ). On a sidenote, get ShareX - it's much better than Snipping Tool
  5. I think these [File2org] files are the same as the [DropFile] ones you used to get from Adfly a couple months ago - harmless unless you run them - and even then they probably only install adware or kindly inform you that you have a virus and you need to call Microsoft support on this totally legitimate phone number. Still, it's wise to run a scan - and make sure the file isn't still lurking in the recycle bin.
  6. inventor02

    Is this PSU any good at all?

    If by "space power" it means "explode-and-blast-your-computer-parts-into-space power" then sure. I wouldn't trust it.