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  1. Ok cool, I look into the article. I got these thinking well at least they're super secure, even though they're slow. But I don't want them if I can't even do RAID 0 lol
  2. Yeah I get that part. I wasn't to worried about the Encryption effecting performance by itself, I just saw an article saying SED doesn't work in raid for whatever reason.
  3. As the title says, is it possible to disable SED functionality for a RAID 0 setup? I got my hands on 2 3TB Constellation ES.2 SED drives from a buddy that are brand new. But i don't care about the Encryption honestly I just want speed for my less played games.
  4. As the title says, is it possible to disable SED functionality for a RAID 0 setup? I got my hands on 2 3TB Constellation ES.2 SED's from a buddy that are brand new. But i don't care about the Encryption honestly I just want speed.
  5. Sorry for the late reply but yes that's always the case. Though I've already had to clear the cmos due to RAM overclocking so I'm probably gonna stress this bios one way or another.
  6. Yeah then I'm willing to bet it's fairly stable then. It just probably hasn't been tested correctly on the more unique CPU/APU's and it's a first gen mobo so it's not like they're rushing to further test it anytime soon.
  7. Lmao yeah I noticed the mouse has 0.1% of it's normal sensitivity. But okay sounds good then. I've just heard all the crap about people bricking PCs with an undtable bios. But if it's working okay for you then I'll trust it for now.
  8. Hey everyone, I just updated the Bios on my MSI b350m Pro VDH to upgrade from a 1600 to a 3600x. But at first I could only find the most recent bios on MSI's website (which was the beta bios) or one from 3 months before Zen 2 launched. So I downloaded the beta bios and it works good. (well besides the loud fan whine at startup that lasts for a couple seconds.) But I found a bios made specifically for when Zen 2 came out. And it's in between both bios launch dates. Im wondering if I should swap back? or stay on the current version?
  9. Hey everyone so I recently upgraded the built in cooler in my Deepcool genome 1 as it's 4+ years old and Deepcool isn't considered the most reliable brand. But while swapping things over I noticed something werid. The front LEDs that would pulse periodically were actually connected to the water pump. I don't know if they receive power or if it was a sensor merely to tell the lights when to pulse. I mateched the cables by color and removed the unnecessary 2 cables on the fan connector, and soldered them together. I am wondering if this will work or if im going to just overvolt something by using my ghetto adapter.
  10. Yeah I probably should pull it apart to be safe. If the corsair aio wasn't such a pain I wouldn't have rushed things lol, but lesson learned I guess.
  11. I do have a 2080 so I could imagine it might get hot. But where I cut the tubes are right next to a air intake that should in theory pull it up and out of the system through the new radiator block. Edit: and its about 1/4 of a shotglass worth of liquid and its at the very bottom of the spiraled tubes.
  12. Hey people I made a dumb mistake in haste and forgot to drain out all of the fluid in the old reservoir before putting it back in for aesthetics. It serves no real purpose now (lets be honest it never did lol) But now I have a better corsair h150 pro. Im just wondering if this tiny bit of fluid in the very bottom of the helix thingy could hurt my other components while slowly evaporating over time. I would rip it apart agian just to be safe but its a pain pulling off the front panel and I don't want to break the plastic clips from constant meddling.
  13. Okay yeah I was confused at first by the slider but that makes sense. Thanks a ton for this, yeah I never tried parking cores before because it was kind of a hassle, I figured I'd just try to get Cool 'n Quiet mode to work properly instead. But this should allow to get more out of my OC headroom by turning off that and using this.
  14. Thanks I just got it installed, now I gotta find out what times it would be good to park cores, besides during basic desktop usage. Anything I should know with this program before using it?
  15. Since you're offering I'd actually be very much interested in the core parking software. It would help with the longevity of my PC if can get it work right with my OC
  16. Yes lol, I used ASC for ram cleaning back when I only had 2g about 7 years ago. (It was a dark time) but anyhow for whatever reason I kept it even after it started to go downhill quality wise. The quick access to temps seemed useful, but I never considered it was just fake numbers being thrown at me...
  17. I think you and BMX might be right, his Software tool shows it almost 10c lower at idle. I'm going to have to test it more to be safe though.
  18. Holy crap yeah it's 8 degree's lower on this and has every temp monitoring point listed. Way more f***ing useful, I'm curious where ASC was getting that reading from then? But anyhow I'm going to do another burn test and see what happens with this tool real quick.
  19. Advanced System Care... I know it's glorified bloatware. But it's the only app I have that shows the mainboard temp besides the using the BIOS
  20. That's what I was thinking, plus a CPU should never be outdone by the board... But I don't have a m.2 I'm using 2 HDD's in raid 0 with a SSD for my OS
  21. Hey people I just noticed something odd, my MoBo is reaching over 75C in prime for just 20 minutes and will reach about 65-70C under a typical load of 30%-50 usage on everything. The main reason I'm concerned is because my GPU, CPU, and PSU all sit about 10-20 degrees lower than the main board. The Only recent changes were adding a RTX 2080 super (upgrade from a 1050 ti) and I'm not sure if this started with that or has been going on since I built it. Airflow seems pretty good I'd say, cables are well managed, adequate fans, so I don't know what it could possibly be. Thanks for the read, and I hope someone has answers :( Specs: MSI b350m Pro VDH RTX 2080 super Ryzen 1600x at 4.3ghz at 1.30v (oc doesent seem to affect temps) 16gb Corsair Vengance LPX EVGA 1000w titanium rated.
  22. Damn man that's just shitty, I honestly don't know what to offer for help. I guess you could try to wiggle the pin around more see if it will fix it. I doubt it will, but at this point it's not going to make it any worse. Also check for any other pins that might be slightly off, you might have missed one when fixing the obvious one.
  23. Mans that's disgusting for prices, how much would it cost to buy some from a U.S or U.K store and pay extra for shipping?
  24. What????? Dual channel is always 1-3 and 2-4, that's really odd... Edit: Like on my board I have my 1 and 3 slots in use right now and I have dual channel. But if that's the case then just buy a new board, it can't be more than like 30 bucks now.