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  1. You and me, Alaska. Come on, lets do it.
  2. You could look up your VIN: http://volkswagen-carnet.com/int/en/start/vin-check https://vehicleidentificationnumber.com/vin-decoder/volkswagen-vw-car.html https://vindecoder.eu/volkswagen https://www.fahrzeuggeschichte.de/ Alternatively, go to the Volkswagen Bulgaria website, look for a contact number and ask them directly with your VIN: https://www.volkswagen.bg/
  3. See, back when I was a wee little weeb, I actually thought that shit like 'Love Hina' was the absolute tits. However, probably due to the brain-damage suffered from reading harem trash, I always read the main character's as 'Urishima' instead of 'Urashima'. Seriously, it took me like 9 volumes to notice my mistake, but by then I had chosen the name as my online handle. I am recovered now, btw.
  4. Only two? That's fucking bush league, mate. All 4. One of them basically grew head-first into the tooth in front of it, and got wedged in so badly they had to mill bone away in order to get it out. Hurt like motherfucker. Honestly, if it hadn't been for that one tooth, it wouldn't have been so bad. I had little swelling on the other side. Also, this is Germany. We tough that shit out on some weak-ass acetaminophen or ibuprofen, unlike you pansy yanks. What's that about getting put under for the extraction? Bah. Hit me with that local and then send me home. Ain't nobody got time for that shit!
  5. Your router wont do that, that's not what it is designed for. You will be able to set up a White-/Blacklist based on the MAC Address to block/allow certain clients within your network to get past the router, but that's about all what a router can do regarding access control. To implement what you want, you will need a proxy for internet access control. For example: https://www.linux.com/news/controlling-internet-access-safesquid
  6. Because I hate fumbling around with my phone just to check the time. I just look at my wristwatch and there's the time. No reaching into my pocket or anything like that. I just hate relying on the damn thin in general, the less I have to fumble around with it the better.
  7. Not really. Exercise is good for you, so it makes sense that you would get a reward for that. All 3 can serve to increase your status, potentially leading to more reproductive opportunities, at least in men. Engaging in risky behavior for status isn't a new thing, humans having doing that for a long time. Not just risking something for the sake of the tribe, but also risky behavior in a ritualistic fashion that serves no apparent function other than showing that the person is able to take a risk and survive the ordeal. For example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_diving The issue with consumerism is that it is a rat-race meant to distract, but that is a separate issue.
  8. I have yet to see convincing evidence that it was Assad who did it. Makes no fucking sense. They guy might be an authoritarian asshole, but he is not insane. He would know that using chemical weapons against the populace would result in an armed response. The claim that it was Assad is about as insane as the claim my dear mother made that it was definitely Putin who gave him said chemicals. More likely it was some terror cell within the area trying to stir shit up, and stir shit up they did. And do we even know what kind if chemical agent it was?
  9. Outside of the Syria strikes the guy is doing pretty good. Trump derangement syndrome has the MSM in a vice grip, which is fucking hilarious.
  10. Shouldn't have told him what you were about to do. Just say 'let me see what I can do' and do it.
  11. OR I am making fun of wasab who claimed that the west is more tyranical than the DPRK simply because they allow people to smoke weed while many western countries don't. You talk about a flawed comparison, I provide one example to illustrate how flawed that comparison is. What I actually said was: Legalizing weed in no way offsets sending 3 generations of a family into prison camps where they are often worked to death.
  12. Hey now, the Kims may have sent hundreds of thousands of families to work themselves to death in the rock quarries, but that's a small price to pay for the ability to get high. Right? Jesus...