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  1. I have 560Ti and its time for an upgrade. I was thinking between 1060 and 480. But why buy them if you can win them for free.
  2. That looks very cool. I love the size of the projector and even more the size of the image it can project at that short of a distance. I need it, want it, hope to get it Good luck everyone Thanks LG and LTT for the giveaway
  3. I just bought Xonar DGX and connected it with optical cable to AV receiver Yamaha RX-V596 via SPDIF out. When I want to watch bluray movies I get the DTS/DD pass through, but it is clipping/breaking every few seconds. On the receiver display it switches between DTS and prologic. I'm on Windows 10 What could be the issue?
  4. Hi, I have a similar problem. I was cleaning my pc and did some cable management and after that all sounds/audio have crackling, both on speakers and through digital output. So i guess its not the speakers but onboard audio. I reinstalled Realtek drivers, but no fix. could you provide a link to a detailed process of fully uninstalling/reinstalling audiio driver, maybe i need to do it again thanks
  5. You have a great setup. Did you frame those movie posters yourself. I see that they are not behind glass. Which frames are those?
  6. Very cool build. Very special. Keep it comin'
  7. great build. i love clean fractal builds
  8. You have some amazing skills. Beautiful build.