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  1. It's a card that used to be in my Galaxy S8. I'm trying to recover photos and videos that were recorded on that same phone. I don't know how it got corrupted, it worked fine, then I took it out of the phone, because it had to be repaired. For about a day I put that card in an older phone so that I wouldn't lose it. After I got my S8 back I put the card back into it and it became corrupted. I didn't make an image and I don't really know what filesystem is used there
  2. I'm looking for software that could recover data (about 40 gigabytes) from my corrupted MicroSD card. If there's any way to do it without specialized software, that would be nice too. I am mainly looking for free of charge options, but I guess I will have to consider paid services as well if all else fails. Thank you.
  3. Damn, I've just realised I might have confused you all. I kind of forgot about the stock Samsung headphones, that come with the phones. I was actually talking about the wireless Galaxy Buds EDIT: these https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07MWCNR3W/ref=dp_ob_neva_mobile
  4. The Galaxy Buds are 130$, which is cheaper than the Jabras, but certainly more than 100 dollar ear buds. I'm afraid they might be a downgrade. I wouldn't really call myself an audiophile though.
  5. I'm currently using Jabra's Elite 65T and I like them, though they have some technical issues, and I have an opportunity to either exchange them for a new pair of Jabras or the Galaxy Buds. I've never tried the Buds before though, and I'm cautious about their sound quality. For a point of reference, I'm content with how the Jabras sound, if that is of any relevance, and I also use my earbuds with a Galaxy S8. Thank you.
  6. I'm trying to follow a tutorial on tracking on Youtube, but I've run into a problem. The Tracker window on my PC doesn't have the same buttons and functions as the Tracker window in the youtube videos. I can't find the "Analyze" and "Apply Buttons". Any idea what I could do to make those appear in the Tracker window?
  7. My mic was working perfectly until I pressed the "Set Default Device" button in Realtek HD Audio Manager. After that the button became unpressable and I couldn't bring it back. Any ideas what I could do to undo that?
  8. I've fixed the error, but now it says that System Restore is disabled for that drive
  9. I usually have only 2-3GB of free space on my C: drive. About a week ago, I got a notification, claiming that I had no space left on my drive. So I deleted some stuff I didn't need and freed up 2GB. Everything was fine, but after a few hours I got a notification saying that my drive was completely filled up again. I was really surprised by that notification, as I hadn't downloaded any additional files. Once again I found some old programmes I don't use anymore and freed up another gigabyte of space. Few hours later my hard drive was filled up once again. I don't understand, what's going on.