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  1. But yeah if its the controller then buy a new controller
  2. Buy a new cable?
  3. Buy another router and disable DHCP and NAT. You can use the built-in wi-fi from the router and use the router itself as a switch (don't plug anything in the wan port, everything in the lan ports).
  4. That's only for Android NDK.
  5. Just test it out when you can (if you are going to pick it up of course).
  6. HTC Vive if you want full immersion. Oculus Rift for more casual (like racing sims or something).
  7. And why do you think that? You would need at least a gigabit connection. Redundant servers. And it will cost a lot of time to maintain.
  8. You need to pay 100 dollars a year to publish an app in the app store. For beginning language I would suggest C# or Java. If you want to go into web development I would suggest Javascript.
  9. Probably not on a personal web server. I can't find where it is hosted because they are using cloudflare.
  10. Wait what?! I guess I missed this.
  11. It would be cool if LTT could do an office tour. I saw parts of the office with the moving vlog but I am interested what is behind all the doors. I know where Linus' office is but I have no idea what behind the 'workshop' door is. Maybe they can do something fun like MTV Cribs.
  12. Android apps are made for ARM environment while Windows runs on x64/x86.
  13. GTX1080Ti with custom water cooling.
  14. Till it finishes? Windows has a built in one.
  15. That's racist! Why do you want a white one? Why not black?