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    The Great State of Arizona
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    Professional Geek at Arizona State University


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    i5 6600 (all of the below no longer boots)
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    8Gb Crucial DDR4 @ 2133Mhz
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    Gtx 1060 6gb
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    Intel 240Gb ssd
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  1. Fun fact: Average rent is an incredibly useless statistic! Why? Because if you are temporarily, or permanently, a low income earner, you aren't going to be living in an nice, midsized house. You are going to be living in a cheaper apartment (/flat in the UK IIRC) so you can make expenses. Average rent should not enter into a discussion of income, as many high income earners pay a great deal in rent. What should be discussed is can one successfully live on that if they live frugally, not "out of a dumpster", and, in most places, they can. And if you can't: Move to someplace less expensive. If you are in a lower income bracket, you can probably find work almost anywhere in your nation, as you probably work in a low skill, high demand job like in the service industry. Just my two cents on this particular point. Most of this argument stems from realities in the US, please let me know if these do not apply in the UK.
  2. The march towards 50k continues!


    1. Lurick


      Ah, I see @FakeNSA

      You try to steal the rep for yourself!

  3. I have a 4 year old i5, doesn't really hold me back from normal gaming. I definitely feel it editing/rendering though. The video card is only 2 years old though. (1060 6Gb)
  4. Feel free to cite me as a completely unreliable source.
  5. Granted, your new comfortable temperature is 5000 degrees, and everything in on fire. I wish I wasn't quite so addicted to Phineas and Ferb.
  6. Ironically I made the same mistake, and was politely corrected. Lol! I think she just didn't want to bother with the 12 year olds desperate for female attention.
  7. She decided to step back and focus on things that were a bit more important. Even though I may be blaspheming our lord birb.
  8. Granted: but only because you are working remotely from Zimbabwe. I wish my pc was working.
  9. Banned for an accurate callout.
  10. You find a great ringtone, and they never call you again. I wish I wasn’t so sore.
  11. Banned for quoting rules the rest of us have long forgotten.
  12. And hello to you too, lol 👀

    1. FakeNSA




      Sorry if that was a bit weird. I was a bit bored last night, and @Eschew did put me up to it!

  13. Granted. That matchbox car is pretty sweet, yo! I wish I could be as fabulous as my pfp, or as yours.