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  1. Wildfires: Reality Check Me Please.

    Good point. People are crazy.
  2. Wildfires: Reality Check Me Please.

    Well, actually, by me, fires are just common enough here in southern california, due to the dry plants, that if a big deal was made in the news every time, there would be no other news.
  3. Wildfires: Reality Check Me Please.

    yeah, we have been doing better recently with the firefighting. Thanks for the clarification, have a great day! Culture shock is real! Wow.
  4. Wildfires: Reality Check Me Please.

    So, I was watching the WAN show archive this morning, and I heard them talking about the 300 and some acre fire that this drone started, and they were freaking out that it was that big. However, I live in Southern California, and if a wilderness fire is only 300 acres, it barely makes the local news. Is this a jaded thing because of how big our fires are here? Let me know how big of a deal that would be in your area. Note: If any structures were threatened or destroyed, it would be more of a deal, but often, firefighters out here build firebreaks and just let the wilderness burn. Thanks!
  5. let me follow youuuuu

    1. Aelar_Nailo


      Why though? I am really quite boring, and don't post very much. You would be better off following many other people that would enlighten you on many different facts of life.

    2. JDE


      @Aelar_Nailo For your profile pic :/

    3. Aelar_Nailo
  6. Apple Watch can detect diabetes with 85% accuracy

    FTFY, because some of them just suck!
  7. Matx Case Suggestions

    Will do, thanks! Have a greet day! I appreciate all the help!
  8. Matx Case Suggestions

    Ok. That plastic cover over the fans does not give me the warm and fuzzies tho. I think I will look into this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16811352068 some more, as having top exhaust would be better for my space anyways. Thank you for the tips!
  9. Matx Case Suggestions

    Its an matx oem board, q170m-c that asus made a while back. I just can't seem to find good airflow for cheap.
  10. Matx Case Suggestions

    So you think I have to go full atx? Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. You might be able to transfer program files with itunes? Maybe? I think I saw my apple-using relatives do that once. Other than that, sorry, I have no clue.
  12. Matx Case Suggestions

    Greetings all! I recently figured out that my salvage build, with an i5 6600 and a gtx 1060, was overheating the gpu in its one fan office case. As a result, I would appreciate any budget matx case suggestions that are narrower than 11 inches, the space between my desk and my bed. I really like the core v21, for instance, but just can't fit it. My maximum budget is around $70. Any imput you could give would be helpful, thanks! PS: Using stock cooler and this gpu. (which did not cost $350 when I bought it.) Thanks!
  13. My Gaming Rig: Ice Flame

    Good luck, and may the force be with you..... For the cake shall not be a lie.
  14. My Gaming Rig: Ice Flame

    Maybe do an rgb addressable light at the end of a clear rod? Might look pretty cool.... IDK. I am somewhat useless when it comes to modding.
  15. My Gaming Rig: Ice Flame

    for all the monies tho.... Us budget builders gotta diy!