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  1. What are your specific specs? Thanks!
  2. I get it was a joke, just hadn't heard the term before. No problem! Have a good day man.
  3. Dox?
  4. Maybe? I honestly don't know where he lives, and don't need to!
  5. The max is far better than, for instance, an lga stock cooler. Your point stands however.
  6. Good to know, thanks!
  7. I thought the 1700 came with the wraith max? Is an H7 any better/quieter?
  8. Good for you! All the linus dropping things!
  9. I am not surprised that this was already in this thread. However, since I have not had time to go through all 218 pages of this thread, I figured many others had not as well. Did I break the rules? If so, I would be glad to take the post down. Have a great day!
  10. Actually, much of SoCal offers gigabit... So, I doubt he cannot get better internet.
  11. So i just found this (on google) while trying to find something for another thread, and just had to share. This is not my work, I just enjoyed it.
  12. Such as....
  13. Goodbye man! Thank you for all the help and joy you brought to me and everyone else on the forum. May your future be blue!

  14. Oh no! Permanently? But who will bring excessive blue into our lives!
  15. @deXxterlab97, I can't believe this is growing... Generic profile pic MASTERRACE!