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  1. Can you imagine? You could leave them up all year round! Christmas? Just do some red, green, & white. St. Patrick's day? Green and white. Halloween? Orange and black. Pi day? ....IDK.... But you see my point. And there would be a smartphone app, and it would make Christmas lights great again! /s
  2. Not really, just sidetracked it temporarily. Think of the Ryzen hype train as a tsunami, and your efforts as a 4 foot sandbag wall. :-(
  3. No he isn't, but it gets a little frustrating after a while... Nothing can stop the hype train!
  4. OK, thanks! (Personally looking for higher audio quality, but still appreciated.)
  5. Mutual sadface...
  6. I don't know, Im poor. :-(
  7. So, I am sort of looking into getting some decent sounding, but not overly expensive peripherals, namely headset/mic (whether connected or not). What should I get, for 50-80usd? Thanks for your time. If there is nothing decent in that range, let me know. BTW, how good are modmics?
  8. Totally. Carpal tunnel for all! fast and weird finger position hunt-peck. As someone touchtyping this message, this hurt.
  9. Really guys? In response to @Whotos, there is not going to be a good prebuilt at that price range, and this forum also focuses more on price to performance, so most of the people here, including me, will not know how to help you. Sorry!
  10. Alienware, while cool, is not even close in price to performance. Also, the other two don't seem like very good deals? Have you considered building your own rig? Between the other two, probably the pcspecialist link? If I could have some more experienced opinions here, that would be great. Good luck!
  11. OK. Good luck with your build!
  12. True, but just warning that it may not be worth the price of the adapter. What is the capacity, anyway?
  13. I would try to get the pc first, because even if you can't afford the gpu, kaby integrated is nothing to shake a stick at. Also, you can use it for your college things.
  14. Couldn't you just get a 1080p machine for approx 800, and get the switch later?
  15. I don't know, but why would you want to? That is going to be a pretty slow and not very big hdd regardless.