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  1. Which came first? The chicken or the egg

    Oh. Well, that is up to you. What do you believe? Go where you heart takes you!
  2. Which came first? The chicken or the egg

    Nah! Those hydrogen atoms just chilling it floating out in space in nebulas! They aren't part of anything!
  3. Which came first? The chicken or the egg

    The atom Duh!
  4. Impromptu Live Streams.

    Darn. have to think about FPC then, though parents may not love it.
  5. Impromptu Live Streams.

    So I have really been enjoying the midday pre-launch live streams. However, I am often working or at school when you guys go live. Is there any way you could leave a forum post with links to the videos, so we can watch them later? The last 2 vlogs got taken down by the time I tried to watch them. Clicking on the notification showed me that they were taken down by the uploader. Is there anyway you could leave them up, but unlisted? @LinusTech @nicklmg? Thank you for your time, your informative videos are the high point of my time on youtube. Anyway, have a good night!
  6. Witch is better?

    Oh you mean, its better than sli scaling.
  7. Witch is better?

    What is sli scaling if it can't sli? Sorry, a bit of a multi-gpu newb, but I don't get it.
  8. You only need more sata ports if you have more sata devices. IE, more hard drives, an sd card reader or bluray drive that is for inside case use.
  9. Witch is better?

    Buuuttt, you can't SLI 1060s? Minimum 1070 this gen for sli.
  10. @nicklmg @LinusTech @Slick Pizza warmer pc part 2? Please?
  11. Dell updates its Inspiron 7000 gaming laptop

    The fact that there are 5 cards that are all called gtx 1060, means to me that pascal's naming is screwed. Seems excessive.
  12. Dell updates its Inspiron 7000 gaming laptop

    This ASUS laptop is a 3gb 1060, and this evga card is a gtx 1060 3gb. So, pascal naming is screwed.
  13. Dell updates its Inspiron 7000 gaming laptop

    Not to mention the 3gb versions of the first 2. I hate pascal naming.
  14. Good point. It always had a much less negative connotation in my family, where sarcasm and ribbing were the daily dose of life. But, yeah, some people see the word differently... Have a good night!
  15. What fun can I have with this?

    Ok, didn't know that. Thought it was significantly worse than that, actually. Good to know!