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    Here there be dragons.
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    Gaming, Reading, pc building, and more!
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    Chic-fil-a shill


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  1. Awwww, now i am sad.
  2. Aelar_Nailo

    Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL - Future Bestsellers

    Unless you are watching an ltt video (wink wink, nudge nudge) But seriously, I agree, 18 or 18.5/9 video is uncommon, so it is mostly wasted space.
  3. Aelar_Nailo


    Hello! Welcome to the ltt forum! I hope you enjoy your time here, and fyi, most of us don't even bite! Seriously, this is one of the best communities I have ever participated in. Welcome to the party.
  4. Aelar_Nailo

    Allergy to soft mousepads

    Sorry to hear that man. All i know about mousepads came from this ltt video. Its a bit old, but it might help? Good luck man.
  5. Aelar_Nailo

    Allergy to soft mousepads

    You sure its all soft mousepads, not just your current one? Kinda sounds like you spilled a chemical or such on it.
  6. Aelar_Nailo

    Where's the Roast ?

    Unedited, uncensored version only on floatplane.
  7. Exactly. I have to many different pieces of software, from office for school to professional cloud storage solutions, I just can't shift it all over. I might try dual booting my laptop though.
  8. Aelar_Nailo

    [Fellow student]Your secret to memorize object

    Np. Good luck!
  9. Aelar_Nailo

    [Fellow student]Your secret to memorize object

    I just meant i assumed you were a dude because you were on a techie forum, and i had no idea if that was true.
  10. Aelar_Nailo

    [Fellow student]Your secret to memorize object

    Quizlet has been a helpful app for me in learning languages, though I don’t know how much it could help you, because English to Korean is so much harder than my English to spanish. Good luck man! (As I rudely assume.)
  11. Aelar_Nailo

    do gamers need pc cases

    Because we have not yet transcended into the modding plane. Patience, dear forum user. With time, it will come.
  12. Aelar_Nailo

    LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack Questions Megathread

    I believe he meant celebrities. IE, youtubers. Jay, Steve, etc.
  13. Let me clarify my view after getting some much needed sleep. I think apple is acting on both the motivation I gave and the one you gave. Most people never notice the fact that the jack is gone, so in that sense apple succeeded. Also, they get to make lots of money selling adaptors (see only thunderbolt on macbooks.) This way, they create a market for their new product, create the user change they seek, and profit either direction people go. Also, I know I am a bit of a "stubborn old man" yelling at kids with wireless headphones to get off of my lawn. But, I will buy products that have the jack as long as possible (looks at iphone se) because of the undeniable cost benefit of wired headphones. So yeah, if you don't care, thats fine! But this is my techie hill to die on.
  14. Not trying to hate, but I think you are totally wrong. The removal of the headphone jack was a strictly business decision. First, they wanted to stop people from using wired headphones, you are correct. However, they removed the jack and did not bundle an adaptor in order to make money selling "apple certified" adaptors, and to drive people toward their heavily marketed, "cool" product, airpods. They did also remove the jack for ease of design: partially space, but also waterproofing. While other manufacturers, such as samsung, offer ip68 dust and water resistance with their s8-10 lineup, this was certainly an expensive thing to develop, and as such apple was money ahead not "wasting the time" engineering a solution to a problem they had deleted. Personally, I can't see myself buying a phone without the jack, purely because of the price-performance ratio of wired headphones/earbuds, and the sticker shock of wireless sets. (am a broke college student, sue me.) Overall, good question, and I do understand your perspective, but imo, apple should have released another se that still has the jack for "old" people like me. I do see the revolution of wireless audio that this move has caused, but I also see the cost. Have a great night!
  15. Aelar_Nailo

    Visualize 1920x1080 vs 2560x1440?

    Unfortunately, because the difference between two monitors of the same size but different resolution comes down to the number of pixels per inch, which will be impossible to accurately represent because any image created would be scaled to the resolution of your monitor. However, I will try to explain the difference through a small wall of text below. The difference between the two monitors you describe simple: number of pixels. But what does this mean? It means that for every square inch of monitor, there are more individual points of color, which leads to a sharper image. Essentially, the 1440p monitor will allow you to sit closer to it before you start to notice the "blocky" pixel artifacts that make up the images on the screen. So, if you sit 3 feet away from the 27 inch monitor, you might not see a major improvement from the 1440p monitor if your vision isn't great, ie, less than 20/20. However, as someone with really good eyes, I personally experience this "blocky" effect a little when I sit 3 feet away from my monitor, so your milage may vary. Essentially, go to a store and look at a 1080p and 1440p monitor one after the other at the approximate distance you will sit at. If you see a significant difference in sharpness of text or in sharpness of game visuals, I would spring for the 1440p panel if you can afford it. If not, get the 1080p one. TLDR: 1440p means that the image is sharper, not more colorful or responsive. If you can see a difference at the appropriate viewing distance in a store, then think about getting the 1440p monitor. Sorry for the text wall, but I hope this helped!