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  1. That intel B360 noscoped! Nobody? Aww.... I hate myself.
  2. Wait. Coffee lake launches the day college starts back up? REALLY! I wanted to live on the forum for the launch....
  3. That is a picture on the side of a building? Wow.... I thought it was a photo of a screen or something..... Anyway, that is such a disturbing picture..... Pity that is the face of NCIX Tech Tips...
  4. As @themctipers said, you do not need a beefy gpu to run video at 4k, but rather just to game on it. Any device with hdmi 2.0 or displayport 1.3 will probably do fine.
  5. Remove custody, pay reparation to the children, and have a restraining order against both. Also, probably lock off adoption in the future. This from a conservative, who would rather not waste food on these particular idiots.
  6. Thanks! Also, crudbaskets. Well, that's being an enthusiast I suppose!
  7. Seaweed crisps. My sister loves them, some of my friends like them, the whole "California sustainable food" community loves them, and I hate them. They taste like salted tree bark.
  8. Sorry for old quote, but I think this is how Nazi's should be dealt with, as amphibious assault incurs massive casualties.
  9. I would only wait for volta if it was<1month away. I hate that mentality as well. I'll look for a deal, thanks. Yeah.... Thanks.
  10. Thanks, will do.... I guess that's as good as it will get?
  11. So my stopgap card, an hd 6870 died last month. I at this point will probably purchase a gtx 1060 very soon, as I miss playing games, and intel 530 does not cut it for anything<5 years old. But, do we have a date for volta? I don't want to buy a card that will be a waste of money in a month, but do we know when it will launch? Thanks.. Sorry that this rambled, I am fried right now. Aelar Nailo
  12. mezzanine updates

    Mezzanine updates are forever, stuff like moving vlog sometimes comes to YT. Reviews, of course, always come to YT.
  13. Video idea! (For SMG) Linus drops expensive hardware in slow motion! (Maybe with fireballs.)