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  1. Host a game server? Like a really well threaded game? IDK.
  2. So essentially the title, I want to upgrade my video card soon, and game at 1440x900 (eventually 1080p). I want to max settings in newer games, although most of playtime would be spent playing indie survival games. Would the 8gb version offer a significant advantage if I know I will never do crossfire? Also, I will not OC for a long time because of poor case ventilation. Also, suggestions on a smaller-than full sized 480 would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day!
  3. I cannot believe this is a thing. Watching all videos tonight! Or not.... Thats a lot of vids!
  4. Cool! However, I do not run and cannot afford Jaybirds.... so most of the point of them is moot.
  5. Wireless earbuds. 4x or more as much for the same sound quality and the need to recharge.... Not worth it to me at all. Wireless headphones? Maybe, because of the huge possible space for batteries. However, my budget has kept me from sampling any capable headphones.
  6. Good point. However, I think it looks pretty clean, besides the unfortunate resemblance...
  7. But that headphone jack!
  8. Refreshes per second, not frequency of light waves.... That is such a terrible joke
  9. He said, as well as the guy above him, 120 Ghz refresh rate. That is indeed very high framerate.
  10. When you can't afford an rx 480, should you really be thinking about cars? Especially sports cars?......
  11. Cool! Miata's have always looked good to me...
  12. Because of my incredible noobness.... What car is that? Nice looking tho!
  13. This is just because I am curious. What is your favorite car? I am followed to the thread, so I will see it. Thanks! I will start. '65 Mustang.
  14.'s_Restaurants The real story of that woman. If you care. She almost died! And mcdonalds had been serving dangerously hot coffee for a long time. This was less a "oh, Im hurt! Must sue!" as an action of trying to pay back her large medical bills. She tried to settle for just the amount that would pay for medical and her daughters loss of work for a long time caring for her (she was partially disabled for 2 years!), but mc instead offered $800 dollars, instead of the $10,500 of just her medical, and even more for the 18,500 she was seeking. That is why she sued. Edit: Did not see the post above mine. Sorry for cluttering the thread!
  15. poll

    Dark all the way. It actually hurts to use other forums now that I have discovered this setting... Reddit will never be the same.