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  1. *inb4 you buy a linus backup battery..... Just to win this thread.
  2. Dear lord! See you in a few centuries!
  3. Probably just the tracks from space engineers. The music is so inspiring, and it feels like it builds you up to greater creativity.
  4. Nope! Somebody got a .01 earlier. @8uhbbhu8
  5. Think you might have messed up the link? This is a 4Gb card. :-(
  6. He probably said to use the box so you won't scratch the table.
  7. Hmm. Reinstall steam? Can you access the internet?
  8. Reboot the pc? Looks like your network is dead, but it might be a steam issue.
  9. Somewhat, but not necessarily worth the price delta, depending on what you do.
  10. Is he planning on overclocking? If not, you do not need the h100i.
  11. Most people with Ipads dont carry them everywhere from my experience, but rather just use them at home. Like, sitting on a couch browsing FB with it, instead of sitting at a computer. Most of these people also have iphones.
  12. They occupy with a deathgrip the market of: I don't want to figure out android, I just want it to work. My father, sister, and mother, as well as grandmother have them.
  13. If you have a bit more budget, my grandmother was converted to the techie masterrace when she got an ipad. Just be prepared to do occasional/constant tech support.
  14. Pretty much what I thought. Annnnyway, sorry for derailing the thread a bit.