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  1. How often do apps reload? Like, usually every 3? 5? Etc.
  2. Do you have one?
  3. Try to reboot your router? Also, perhaps update your lan drivers. Strange issue. Is it repeatable? Have you tried to reboot? Good luck!
  4. Just realized I hit 200 posts. Cute, right? Just wanted to thank all for such a great community. Love!

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      Also, gotta go, good talking to you!

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      Ye ill maybe talk to you later?

  5. I dig the review, really detailed and covered all that I (a broke techie) was interested in. However, how does the 6-8gB of ram compare to the 4 on the s8? Do you really notice the difference? Or was it just a waste of money that should have been dropped in favor of a lower price? Any 1+5 owners, feel free to reply as well.
  6. But 0c really isn't truly 0, chemically speaking.
  7. Good point! Would also be nice to see a comparison between high end pc and the x and finally your stereotypical starter gaming rig, such as a haswell or ivy bridge i5 optiplex with a 1050ti. This would be an example of the p/perf of a person who has a pc for the web and MS-office, who now wants to start gaming. Is it really future proof? Or should they go console, or do a full pc upgrade.
  8. #LinusMathTips
  9. TaranTechTips-masterrace!
  10. Yep! If you only have space for one monitor, like me, kb/m is a good call.
  11. When you really think about it, aren't we all radioactive?
  12. More power to you man.
  13. However, this is why the 4790k gave superior fps. Because it was designed as a single thread processing beast.
  14. But a starbucks a day makes your pc budget go away! For me, at least.