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  1. My favourite thing would have to be the form factor, with the buttons on the rear and the slim bezels. Also, dat screen.
  2. Here's my humble setup, It's now about 1 year old and still going strong.. It's quite hard to get nice pictures of it because of the light coming in from the window... so I botched up some quick HDR's: Components: Processor: AMD Phenom X4 965BE @4.1GHz Motherboard: Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 RAM: 2x4GB Mushkin Blackline @1600MHz Graphics Card: Sapphire HD7870 2GB @1125/1300 HDD Hitachi 320GB (new 1TB HDD + SSD soon) PSU: Antec HCG-520 Cooler: Noctua NH-U12P Case: Bitfenix Shinobi Window OS: W7 Ultimate Peripherals: Monitor: Asus VE278 (27 inches, 1080p) Mouse: Logitech G5 Keyboard: Some random cheap Membrane one Mouse Mat: SteelSeries Qck+ Headphones: Pioneer SE-M390 And I also have a Logitech G27 wheel.
  3. What monitor is that? 27 inch, right?
  4. Once again, nice build. I really like the photos... Canon S100?
  5. 1.) LOCATION(State or Province) Porto, Portugal 2.) Internet Speed (according to Speedtest.net) : About 20Mb down and 2/3 up on wifi through Cisco routers. 3.) Amount of RAM in computers: 4 GB on most, 1GB on older PC's wich are scattered throughout the school in less important places like the ones connected to printers. 4.) Ability to Bring your own laptops (Y/N) : Yes. Full coverage Wifi too. 5.) Operating System: Windows 7 on most, the computer lab PC's dual-boot into Ubuntu. Windows XP on older ThinkPad laptops. My old school was torn down in 2011 and re-built, so everything is pretty much as up to date as possible. 95% of the rooms have smartboards, the rest have simple projectors and they're driven by Core i5 HP desktops. The school has a filtered student network, a teacher network with server access. We also have acess to laptops with reduced prices, ranging from free to about 150 bucks depending on parent's incomes with data network plans at reduced cost.
  6. Guys, this is a setup thread , not a build thread. This is suposed to show your room. That said, there are pretty nice setups here.
  7. Definitely my Asus VE278. The size of that was just awesome.
  8. Needs cable management.
  9. True, but not what I was refering to. It's the case feet. Thank you very much :)
  10. Remanaged cables yesterday, here's the pics. Tell me what you think... I've done a little mod to the case too, tell me if you can find it!
  11. I never went to a Lan party but I really would like the experience. I am across the world though so definitely not going.
  12. Singularity Computers, Razethew0rld, Marques Brownlee, some TTL, Faster Benchmark (he's from Brasil) and I actually like seeing some LPT videos. And there's also a channel wich was taking flack on the forum the other day, itsmynaturalcolour, wich I actually like.