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  1. the problem is solved turns out you absolutely have to use validated ram before you start to complain you can read more about it here : https://communities.intel.com/message/568329
  2. ok i just created an account there hopefully they will be able help me with this
  3. led´s that light up are 765 and 321 but i will clear the bios next
  4. this is the bios version im running on it System BIOS - 02.06.0006
  5. this is the cpu i want to use and it says it supports ddr3
  6. im using ddr3 1333 memory 4 sticks total
  7. i dont touch the memory between cpu swaps so i leave excatly as they are when i have 2609 in the mobo
  8. hello fellow techies i am hoping someone here has a magic bullet to solve my problem i have a dual socket motherboard that will not boot with my 2x xeon 2660v2 . but will boot just fine with 2x xeon 2609. if i try to boot with my 2660 i always geta invalid dimm configuration error, but only if i have 2 of them in there but they will work in solo mode doesnt matter wich one hope some can shed some light on this sorry about my bad english its not my native tounge p.s. if need further info just ask away also i have the latest bios update
  9. is this open internationally ? if so i have a steelseries sensei wich im not really happy with
  10. well im not gonna win anyway so the RX 480 one wich ever number that is