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  1. Well, besides the CPU and PSU everything in the system is brand new as well. It was momentary, but it generally coincided with the system lockups, so I had enough time to pull out my phone and take a photo of 152% efficiency etc. We'll have to see if the psu will even get replaced. I guess they'll have to replicate the issues.
  2. Thats sad. Been solid overall thus far. The funny thing is, not too long ago I was having similar lockups before I got the new GPU, and I pretty much narrowed it down to my old wifi/bt card and ever since then it was perfectly fine. The resurgence of the issues got me wondering if it was something else. RMA and hope for the best I suppose. Need a solid PSU for the planned CPU upgrade this year I figured, but it might help explain the loss of lighting completely.
  3. Really? I get that iCUE is hot garbage, but causing system lock ups and BSOD? I honestly assumed it had to be one of the Board/CPU, PSU, or commander pro. Still worth an RMA?
  4. Hi Guys So I have a Corsair HX850i and I noticed I was getting efficiency of over 100% according to iCue which also coincided with system lockups which completely froze the system and all lighting effects stopped, and when the system "resumed" all devices connected to my Corsair Commander Pro seemed to turn off and then restart. I've tuned back my overclock and the issue persisted. Eventually I had 2 BSOD's with an error on "nvlddmkm.sys" with error code: "VIDEO TDR FAILURE" (Everything, including display, turned off right before the BSOD). After the second BSOD the system felt completely stable again which really threw me off. Naturally, I assumed Nvidia driver issues so I DDU'd and reinstalled, and everything was fine, but everything was fine immediately after the second BSOD. So what I'm wondering, is whether the efficiency is a symptom or am I looking in the completely wrong direction? If I need to I'm more than happy to RMA the PSU but should I be looking elsewhere? Any help appreciated System Specs: Asus ROG Strix z270-H Intel 6600k Nvidia RTX 2080
  5. I have, the supplier has credited me for their store only, so kinda locked in, and there are zero traces of them new. Plus the prices are hitting about $800 in South Africa anyway since people don't really seem to get the concept of depreciation. Thank you, it's a shame I'll need to wait till next week to get the card though. Just one more weekend with Intel UHD graphics?
  6. Never realised that the 2060's performance was that close to 2070. Guess it's time to pony up the extra. Does anyone have any issues with the Gigabyte Gaming OC cards? They're looking like the best bang for the buck at the moment.
  7. So long story short, I had multiple issues with my GTX1080 and eventually I was just provided a full credit on the card. So now I guess I'm in the market for a new card. So the advice needed: I could get a Gigabyte RTX2070 for the credit +$100, or pay approximately $400 more and get a 2080. Which would be the best value for gaming on my QHD screen? Thanks in advance
  8. Bhavzzz


    Thanks for the replies guys. Been looking for Cryorig and BeQuiet but unfortunately, they fall in the same boat as the noctua. And I'll need to use a drop shipping service just to get them here because Amazon won't ship it here themselves. Kinda hoping that Amazon somehow has a Black Friday behemoth sale on the Noctua, but I'm not holding my breath. Anyone know of a decently priced online store that will ship to South Africa?
  9. Bhavzzz


    So long story short: Since Noctua isn't available in my country, which cooler would be adequate for a 6600k with a planned upgrade to a 8700k or r7 1700 in the next year. NH-D15 @ $130 including customs and shipping... OR Phanteks PH-TC14PE @ the equivalent of $75 I'd prefer not to have water cooling in my system. My hyper 212x gets over 80 degrees C even with only a modest overclock of 4.5GHz. Thoughts?
  10. After, but I know my windows drive is fine. Just a simple switch back to AHCI and I'm back in windows.
  11. Hello good people of LTT So, a quick question, I want to introduce a RAID 1 array to my machine for redundancy but I seem to be running into a snag. I have Windows 10 installed on my 960 EVO and created the RAID 1 volume in my UEFI, but Windows keeps giving me a "boot drive not accessable" BSOD. I've already tried forcing the next boot to be in safe mode in windows before enabling RAID but the error still comes. Any idea?
  12. Thanks for the responses. I was thinking about doing what @ben dover kid said because really I'm in no rush. @Ordinarily_Greater Why would you say Vega over team green already? Better price to performance? I read about the bottlenecking, but I'm under the impression that that would occur more when trying to stream or perform multiple tasks on the cpu at the same time? And in any case, with my CPU overclocked to 4.6Ghz I don't ever actually remember my cpu hitting more than 80% when I was playing GTA V, and that's with everything running in the background as well. Granted it was at lower than max settings with the GPU obviously, and I haven't played GTA in a while but that's beside the point in, I should still get a significant performance gain?
  13. Hi Guys So I've been running my old GTX960 2GB on my 6600k for around the past year and a bit. After getting a slight windfall and noticing the little stutters when playing the bigger titles, I figured I may upgrade the GPU for some better FPS and quality. So basically, long story short, do I get myself a RX580 8GB or save a little more for the GTX1070/1080? Other than that, would it be a better idea to just hold off completely and wait and see how AMD Vega and Nvidia Volta look? I mean, for now, if I had to, I really could use the 960 for a little longer even though I know I'll need to turn everything down. Thanks for the help
  14. Maybe review some gaming peripherals... Steering wheels, gamepads joysticks. Maybe even a dedicated sim racing build?
  15. I'd love one. Currently using a GTX960 which while okay, struggles with even 1080p gaming. This would be a huge upgrade.