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  1. Sajom5271

    1050ti + 4GB Ram or RX560(4 GB)+8GB Ram??

    No, RX 570 goes for more like 24k whereas the 1050ti goes around for 15k. And the RAM goes for 2.7k BDT. So even if I get 4gb RAM, it's not possible.
  2. Sajom5271

    1050ti + 4GB Ram or RX560(4 GB)+8GB Ram??

    I am getting the Pentium Gold G5400, & No, there is no good second-hand option currently available.
  3. Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I am building a computer around 40k BDT(Bangladeshi Currency). I can't cross this spending limit. Now, when I configured my setup, I could fit a 1050ti + 4GB DDR4 RAM or RX560(4GB) + 8GB RAM. Everything else is identical. Now I am confused as to what to pick. It would be appreciated to get some help. I am building this as a Gaming setup.
  4. Sajom5271

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I don't have any graphics card right now. I am short on money to buy a worthy Graphics card. I liked all the extra technological supports of polaris. It'd be great to have a RX480!!!