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  1. Orcblood

    How do you get Python Script working on Notepad++

    editor is not defined when calling editor.getText() Oops. Just noticed the miss-spell. Sorry about that. Corrected.
  2. Orcblood

    Paint is getting an update!

    Yeah, I tried twice, though didn't try very hard both times, to use gimp and left with still not knowing exactly how to use it. Seems clumsy to me as well.
  3. Orcblood

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    Who cares what it looks like when it comes with an Intel credit card on the shroud.
  4. Yeah, I'm honestly thinking of leaving my current card in the system for a month or so before just doing a system wipe and installing it with hopefully newer/better AMD drivers.
  5. I know it exists but yeah I guess I just followed that old adage that if it ain't broke don't fix it. Specially since bios/firmware updates can end up bricking your device. That said I always update my mb bios even if it's been running fine just cause I like the feeling of knowing my pc is running as efficient and secure as possible. Mb is usually much cheaper to replace anyway how be it a bitter hard to swap out. Really hope this is addressable with a vbios update as I ordered a Radeon VII and my pc startup time seems slower than it should be as it is.
  6. Orcblood

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Well AMDers looks like we have to wait even longer than originally planned. Instead of a summer of 2019 Navi launch it's looking, according to techpowerup's source, that it will come out no sooner than October of 2019! I bet this is due to either one or both of the following possible conditions. Either TSMC can't allocate AMD enough fabrication resources as it has other clients other than AMD (example: Apple, Nvidia, etc...) so AMD has to pick between Zen 2 or Navi which would be an easy choice of Zen 2 (Zen 2 more likely to make AMD more money), and or it's the fact Navi drivers are simple not going to be ready in time. Source: https://www.techpowerup.com/252382/no-amd-radeon-navi-before-october-report Edit: Okay for those saying it never was planned for summer 2019 and thus the use of the word "delay" is inaccurate. Google: "Navi June or July". I had a lmgtfy comment about this down in this thread to not only help explain fast (as I had limited time at the time of posting), but with proof to the first individual that questioned this fact and anyone else who ends up questioning later. It however got removed cause lmgtfy links are not allowed according to the rules. So hopefully this google search suggestion helps clear things up. Have a pleasant one Honestly though the main take away from this post isn't so much the word delay but the fact Navi is now planned for Q4 2019. Put's to rest any earlier facts or rumors about a release date beforehand and helps those interested think and plan ahead what this means for them.
  7. Still though. Like most things science we never know for 100% certainty but than again we could argue that we don't know 100% dem gud mc nuggets don't cause cancer either.
  8. I sleep to much with my phone on my bed next to my head... I really should break that habit.
  9. Orcblood

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Yes. Why I said rumor. The source though that techpowerup quotes states it as a "delay". Acting as if it was fact to be released earlier. Also what I pointed out. Apply some reading comprehension me dude.
  10. Orcblood

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Don't take this as truth but I ,as a software developer, think it's cause when optimizing low level code in the case of drivers, the simplicity of abstraction is given up in place for specific and more complex code. The more unique code there is and the less use of abstraction the more chances that the developer(s) are going to break something. GPU driver developers are told to make things run better for a specific games (usually AAA titles) because the mass market for GPUs cares about high framrates alot and look to these games for performance stats.
  11. Orcblood

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Idk. I just remember hearing rumors of June or July. And the source states it as a delay. Very disappointing but I rather AMD not rush like they seem to have done with Radeon VII.
  12. Orcblood

    Chromium powered Edge is also coming to macOS and Windows 7

    Performance could be desired I agree but it isn't bad and if you have a fast machine not very noticeable. UI is great however and lets you customize it a lot! Most customizable browser ever while being very intuitive. The red browser logo is my only grip with the UI. I've only been on it since the 2.0 release and performance I think got improved greatly with that so maybe worth a 2nd chance
  13. Orcblood

    Chromium powered Edge is also coming to macOS and Windows 7

    Curious what you didn't like about it?
  14. Orcblood

    Chromium powered Edge is also coming to macOS and Windows 7

    That's why I want people to still use firefox though, but I like LTT community enough I decided to tell about Vivaldi...
  15. Orcblood

    Chromium powered Edge is also coming to macOS and Windows 7

    You guys need to checkout Vivaldi. I switched my main desktop and work computer to it about two months ago after hearing about it and trying it out, and I freaking love it. Good bye Firefox https://vivaldi.com (I secretly still want people to use firefox though so chromium doesn't dictate the entire internet by themselves. Not sure that would be healthy for us users)
  16. Orcblood

    Ryan Shrout leaves PCPer and joins... Intel

    If I recall right PcPer were the ones who broke that rx480 story. Guess one could argue they broke it to throw crap on AMD but I never got that feeling. I just felt like they happened to notice the issue and then did their good journalistic duties of reporting it and nothing more. Everyone including AMD verified it was a problem and than AMD corrected it with software. That's why I still watch Adored's videos. He is most of the time justified in calling out bs. I just thinking he happened to handle this particular thing with PcPer not so great. I probably sound like a PcPer shill now though I'm probably a bigger fan of Adored than PcPer. Gamers Nexus is the real tech mvp though imo I just want people to be objective and fair about things and not let raw emotions and popular hype get in the way. Anyway probably all the more I'm going to say on this. Best wishes to PcPer and Ryan.
  17. Orcblood

    Ryan Shrout leaves PCPer and joins... Intel

    But his followers can spreed that story to others and those people will just avoid PcPer as its not worth the time and hassle to them of digging into and hearing both sides and seeing the outcome. I'm probably being to pessimistic now though. The amount of people who end up avoiding PcPer vs those who will never have an idea is probably small.
  18. Orcblood

    Ryan Shrout leaves PCPer and joins... Intel

    It may not have hurt Ryan but it most probably hurt PcPer. The amount of Adored fan's (I am one and still subscribe and watch his videos and agree with most things he says) saying praises to adored and screws to PcPer makes this whole thing feel overblown and a decent size hit to PcPer. I really feel Adored did alot of damage without giving them the benefit of the doubt and instead over dramatized it. PcPer is still doing fine just maybe not what they could have been or are doing.
  19. Orcblood

    Ryan Shrout leaves PCPer and joins... Intel

    Honestly I feel Adored came down a little to hard and a bit unreasonable. I've never felt like Ryan was a total Intel shill. Maybe he slightly leaned that way but marginally so. The podcasts he always gave plenty of time to talk about AMD in positive light for example and gave good fair points. I'm a current AMD fanboy who's been one since well before Zen's release saying this(even though there shouldn't exist fanboys and everyone should be objective but with Intel's crap lately I really can't move to the middle). Plus they now have this on all of their reviews since the overblown Adored callout. He/they tried to do right. BTW can we just acknowledge the fact no-one else does this ^
  20. Orcblood

    Ryan Shrout leaves PCPer and joins... Intel

    Wow very surprising to me as I am a patreon supporter and weekly watcher of theirs. I always preferred the weekly podcast when Ryan was present. PcPer I like for its in depthness on things though PcPer lacks a lot of fun character. They're great for facts just not entertainment. Probably why their growth has been very slow compared to most. I feel this will only hinder them. I may just be leaving them as a subscriber even though I like Josh cause time is important and why watch something you don't fully enjoy and when there is better content elsewhere. I'll probably still do the occasional check-ins just out of curiosity.
  21. So this plus hitting 5ghz and boom! AMD is in in parity with Intel. That seems right to me but I could be wrong. Either way cool on them! I will probably hold out for Zen3 or Zen4 at 5nm as I can be happy with my 2700x for a long time.
  22. Orcblood

    Intel to use solder TIM on some of their 9th gen cpus

    Literally what I said in my head when I read the title. They finally listened.
  23. Orcblood

    AMD Zen CPUs get Android Emulator support from Hyper-V

    Holy cow yes!!! I'm actually currently updating an existing Android app howbeit with an Intel CPU but nice to know my main rig at home which is a Ryzen 2700x can now run it. Too bad the FX cpu's never got the support back when I needed it. This was my biggest concern when updating to another AMD cpu again.
  24. Orcblood

    Strix 980ti fan mod - biggest graphics card ever?

    It's like Vador but instead of getting a cool dark outfit it gets a janky a$$ nerdgasm clashy outfit. It's a different kind of scary.
  25. That really depends on who has the most shares so not always the case. If a CEO has a majority stake he will have more power over company directions.