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  1. You can find used Meraki-APs with license for abaout 200-300$ on ebay. go for it
  2. The SNRs are not perfect but ok and a 16X4 config should handle your 5mbs easily. So somewhere Comcast/Amazon
  3. Has your Server multiple interfaces? If so, which one has an IP-Address?
  4. i think unifi has you covered here too
  5. first, you probably need two of each of these cables, these only have one fibre, youll need two for duplex secondly, which connector do you need on each end? there are a lot like LC, SC, ST, MTRJ.... plus do you need single mode (yellow) or multimode (other colours) and reading the specs, this thing is config to order so its probably price per meter + connectors + work if you want to lay it outside, make shure its protected against rodents and stuff
  6. i dont think so, the wifi cards need mini pcie ports
  7. And please add the bpdu guard
  8. DHCP 1) costly but probably the most secure option, shitty administration 2) Can be done, but 3) is better 3) Add a dedicated services VLAN for stuff like this (and DNS/file), most common solution, simple administration DNS DNS does not need a Server on your Vlan/subnet or even on site, you can directly communicate with public DNS servers if you want put it in the services net and configure ACLs for it, number of interfaces is up to you Files let there be user accounts and permissions, seperate security stuff for security reasons DNS works tree based, so your local domain is abc.local, then subdomain can be sec.abc.local....... can be done but not nessecary in smaller networks, ACLs do the trick, just use files.abc.local and then User-Account and Perms
  9. Keep your current router, turn of its wifi and add an access point
  10. Infiniband and Ethernet are different standards! If you use Ethetnet you will see 40Gb
  11. You have to disable all the "router" functions in the second router (turn off DHCP,NAT)
  12. what do you mean by it drops a lot, once a minute? whats your isp
  13. as long as the cpu instruction set works for you its ok
  14. two ways: RIAD 5 on the Controller or Software RAID (ZFS or Storage Pools(Windows))