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  1. Their official statement was that the full speed of the connection could only be achieved by using the network from multiple devices and I do not have any further information about what this exactly means.
  2. You can buy an envelope (and probably paper) in Hungary in the post office and it's not that expensive either to get proof when the recipient gets it.
  3. Nice to have, because I don't need it. I don't host services from home, so I'm not affected by the disadvantages of a dynamic IP. It's not a huge deal to most people. It's nice to have, because I didn't have a situation in years when a static IP would have been better for me. As for privacy, I do not send emails containing that sensitive data. And if I had such important data, I surely won't choose email to deliver it.
  4. Could you tell me if the delivery of an email is so important, why don't you use snail mail instead?
  5. No, I wouldn't, since for me, static IP is a nice-to-have. I'm fine without it, since I don't host a server or any service from home.
  6. I send pictures on Messenger, email, etc. Google Drive has a 5TB/file limit, which is ridiculous. BTW, couldn't you just fake the log then?
  7. Well, if it is your hobby, then a static IP is surely better for you. For me, it's most of the time useless.
  8. I don't personally think that most people would need a personal web or even a mail server. People want easy solutions, not this stuff. And I don't think public MSPs' privacy is that bad right now. I see your point, but these things I think are irrelevant for most people. I never had a situation in my life where a line of a log file would have been a better evidence than showing the email on my phone that it was sent. And if they want to send a file, they put it up on a cloud storage service, like OneDrive or Google Drive. Or if it's something that violates those services' terms, they use P2P.
  9. We spend the EU money on other unreasonable things, but I won't go in politics.
  10. Yes, I know the prices, it's not cheap. Although I don't think you'd be paying less than 60 a year for running your computer 24/7.
  11. I've only used a few for a short time, so I can't give you a proper answer to that. Your points are valid, but as I said, I don't think there is even 1% of the people here care this much about their privacy. They are just fine with Gmail or some local MSPs. Besides, most people can't afford a server or want to save a few on not running their computers 24/7.
  12. Well, I guess you are the 1% here who would do that. Others would just simply rent these services for cheap at a hosting provider. Or if they really care about privacy, place their servers in a datacenter.
  13. They can use DynamicDNS. And as I mentioned, these are residential subscriptions, I don't think much people buy servers to run them off from their home connection.
  14. I can't imagine a scenario except hosting a game/webserver from your home where you would be in a disadvantage against people who have static IPs.
  15. Why would you consider a connection with dynamic IP half a connection?