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  1. So I recently repasted my EVGA FTW3+ GTX 1080ti Hybrid and I saw that some of the thermal pads for the memory were sorta ripped, I want to buy some new thermal pads but how thick should the thermal pad be? Could you guys also recommend some good pads, i'm fine with paying a premium as thermal pads aren't generally that expensive. Here are 2 that I picked but let me know if there are other options and which one I should go with: Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad (Quick question, is only 1 small thermal pad included? If it is, I can get this: Bigger Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad) Arctic - Thermal Pad (I can cut it up to the right size) -Thanks!
  2. GamingRadar101

    New GTX 1070 laptop not getting 100% GPU load?

    So apparently my laptop was defective and I had it replaced by Asus, it works completely fine now after receiving the new unit. I dont know what was defective but I called Asus and told them about the issue, they gave me a couple of options and I chose to get a replacement.
  3. Hello... So currently I have the Logitech G703 Lightspeed but I want to get a new mouse as it is somewhat too small for my hands. I will still use the Logitech mouse, but it will only be for my laptop as I have a separate gaming laptop and desktop setup. For my desktop, I feel like the best wireless mouse out right now is the Asus ROG Spatha? Its big, should fit my hands just fine, I use a palm grip... And the best feature I like about it is the wireless charging dock that comes included, its so much more convenient to just place your mouse on that when you are not using it instead of pulling out a wire to charge your mouse. However... My question is, are the sensors on the ROG Spatha good compared to the G703? I use a standard cloth mousepad. Also, will Asus make a successor anytime soon? Wondering if I should wait for that or just go ahead and buy the Spatha? -Thanks ahead of time!!
  4. GamingRadar101

    Help with small home server setup.

    Ok thanks! It fixed the problem
  5. GamingRadar101

    Help with small home server setup.

    So I tested it out and at first it worked, then I threw in the HDD and tried it again... Now I keep getting the "The specified network password is not correct." error... I am putting in the same password though???
  6. GamingRadar101

    Help with small home server setup.

    Ohhhh, nevermind i got it working. Thanks!!!!!
  7. GamingRadar101

    Help with small home server setup.

    I tried that but I dont actually see the drive on my network? Does it take time to show up?
  8. GamingRadar101

    Help with small home server setup.

    Hi, I have a basic old PC lying around with a 4Tb HDD and I want to use it as my backup machine but I need some help. So basically after the new Windows update, they removed Homegroup and I was using that to drag and drop the files from my PC onto the older PC that was on the network with File Explorer. Is there some software or something out there that will do the same thing? Ive tried programs that have their own UI but they are annoying as heck, id rather use File Explorer and just drag drop the files to the selected folder. -Thanks in advance!
  9. GamingRadar101

    Monitor mount for 6.2inch thick desk and large ultrawide monitor

    The desk is 6.2 inch, I measured it. It probably doesnt look that thick in the picture because of the angle
  10. So I want to buy a vesa mount for my setup but my desk is pretty thick and my monitor is large. I couldnt find any that would fit my specs, if any of you know one that fits, send a link please! My desk is about 6.2inch thick and I have a 35inch ultrawide monitor. More specifically this one: Acer Predator Z35P -Thanks!
  11. GamingRadar101

    New GTX 1070 laptop not getting 100% GPU load?

    So I have this other laptop with a GTX 1080 and an i7 7820Hk, that laptop doesnt have these issues and the temps are similar to what my current laptop is. The i7 7820hk is like 5%-10% slower than an i7 8750h. That computer is running a faster GPU so it should technically throttle more.
  12. So I got my new Asus GM501GS laptop yesterday and I am having issues with some games. So when I play Ghost Recon Wild Lands, PUBG, and a few other games, my GPU usage is around 30%-70%. I get frame drops and my frame rate is really low for some of the games. My fans are running on Overboost mode, and neither the CPU or GPU is thermal throttling. I am also not overclocking my GPU but I am undervolting my CPU(It doesnt make a difference if I dont undervolt) My CPU also slows down sometimes for no reason. Is there a way to fix this issue? I couldn't find anything online. Specs: GTX 1070 i7 8750h 1 x 16Gb 2666mhz Ram 512Gb Samsung 970 Pro 1Tb WD Blue SSD Steps I took to attempt to fix this: Disabled Full Screen Optimizations Update to the newest version of windows Disable all of the windows game mode functions Overclock the GPU +50 Core +350 Mem(I can probably go higher, but I haven't stress tested it yet) Disable V-Sync (This somehow gave me higher GPU usage, but only in PUBG) I dont have any Anti-Virus running in the background besides Windows Defender and Malwarebytes (Malwarebytes doesnt run in the background, just using it for scanning) This is a screenshot of whats happening in Ghost Recon Wild Lands GPU: 72c 67% Usage 1823Mhz Core Clock VRAM: 5498Mb 4007Mhz Mem Clock CPU Core 1: 74c 77% Usage 3011Mhz (3.01Ghz) CPU: 78c 72% Usage 3011Mhz(3.01Ghz) 24.3w CPU TDP RAM: 7749Mb (7.75Gb) FPS: 40
  13. GamingRadar101

    i7 8700k OC'ing issues

    Ok thanks!
  14. GamingRadar101

    i7 8700k OC'ing issues

    So...? It's fine as is? It doesn't change speeds while I game anymore but it does in Windows when the usage is low which is fine since it doesn't really make a difference