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  1. 4pin fan to standard outlet adapter, need help

    I found this things: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071RNT1CD/ref=pd_luc_rh_sspa_dk_huc_pt_sub_0?psc=1 But now I need the wire to connect it to the 2 pins on the fan, where can I get that? lol Or can I use the prongs or whatever its called for the cable thats included?
  2. 4pin fan to standard outlet adapter, need help

    Linus made a video with an 11000Rpm fan and he used this like box converter thing, there should be a smaller and cheaper one of that right?
  3. So I bought this fan a while back to use for an Antminer L3+ in case if the one current one in it broke, but now I have this storage room and the room gets pretty hot because of no air circulation so I am trying to find an adapter that will convert this 4Pin 2.70 Amp fan to a standard 110v outlet connector thing and use it as small exhaust. Could you link me to one? Just an FYI, the vent is super tiny and this fan happens to fit in it thats why im not buying a proper fan for it. -Thanks!
  4. I need a high RPM 120mm fan for my asic miner.

    I have a large ass fan exhausting the air out, but I cant keep the windows open at night or when I'm home because the room is on the first floor and someone can easily break in For now I'm just temporarily turning off the miners when the windows aren't open. I got around 80C when there is good ventilation and 80C is "cool enough" for a miner
  5. I need a high RPM 120mm fan for my asic miner.

    Ermm... Thats only 5500RPM... The miners wont work unless if the fan spins at 6000RPM+ because there is some sort of safety thing built in The best I can find is this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/273020376247 But I want to know on if there is like a 9000RPM fan or even an 8000RPM one
  6. So I just got my Antminer T9+ and the temps are REALLY high because of the bad ventilation in the room. I need like an insanely high RPM fan but I cant find any, the current fans top out at 6,120 RPM but the temps are 90C+ Let me know if you can find any, noise doesnt matter but just make sure that it wont blow up From one tech guy to another, please dont say comment "Mining is horrible, go die" or anything negative like that.... Lol -Thanks!
  7. Linus (Float) Coin suggestions

    Blake2B is GPU mine able though, it's also not a popular algorithm so a lot of people wouldn't buy GPU's to specifically mine that coin
  8. Linus (Float) Coin suggestions

    Another thing.... You need to get into contact with some exchanges as I would gladly convert my BTC and LTC to the LMG coin
  9. Linus (Float) Coin suggestions

    Ill buy a few coins, but what about the algorithm? I think that you guys should go with Blake2B because right now there is only 1 coin for that algorithm but there are PLENTY of miners. Miners for that coin: Antminer A3, Baikal Giant B, Obelisk SC1(Pre-Order), and DragonMint B52(Pre-Order) So ya... The LMG coin could benefit from an algorithm that only has 1 coin in it so far but 4 different high end miners are joining the race. The algorithm is GPU and Asic mine able but it also depends on the difficulty for profitability... lol
  10. Phanteks Ethoo P400 power button not working?

    I did do that, I even rotated the pins and everything. Still doesnt work...
  11. Phanteks Ethoo P400 power button not working?

    Ok, so I went through the manual and I can confirm that I have everything in the correct place. However.... On the motherboard, there is a "PWRBTN"(Which stands for Power Button) but on one of the connectors from the case, it says "Power SW"(Which stands for Power Switch) so am I supposed to place the "Power SW" somewhere else orrrr???? I only got 3 connectors HDD LED, Reset SW, and Power SW. They all work except for the Power SW Someone please heeeelp lol
  12. Phanteks Ethoo P400 power button not working?

    I tried flipping the pins and that didn't work, I'll just go through the motherboard manual and see if I can find anything Thanks!
  13. The power button does not work on my Phanteks Ethoo P400. Im pretty sure that I plugged in all of the pins correctly, but I cant use the power button on my case. The lights on the power button all come on and everything else works, except for the power button My ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero has an integrated power button on the motherboard, thats the only way I can turn it on. Do I have to disable that power button in order to get the one from my case to work or something? Someone please help lol
  14. I take my money out every 5 days, I was gonna take my money out today but I lost $200 Not a big deal, I can get that money back in like another 5 days anywho
  15. I cant even uninstall the game to re-install it..... GG Windows....