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    i7 4790
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    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 5
  • RAM
    24gb DDR3@1666MHz
  • GPU
    GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC BLACK 11G
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    please dont ask
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    2x128gb SSD + 1tb HDD
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    650W BeQuiet Dark Power Pro

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  1. i have given a few minutes on initial boot up and after clearing cmos and flashing newest bios. In between while testing around i usually just waited for it to be on the VGA light for a few seconds to a minute at most. cleared CMOS, same result and also did a bios flash to the newest bios. With the new bios (or because i was too stupid before) it jumps to BOOT light, still no video output though. I have the SSD and a usb stick with windows on it so there should be bootable devices. gpu no worries
  2. Hi i have some problems with the PC I built. When I start it I first get the Ez Debug CPU light for a few seconds, then all lights turn off and then its the VGA light constantly. I don't get any image output on my monitor. I have the following parts: ZOTAC GAMING GeForce GTX 1660 Super Twin AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8x 3,6 GHz) 36MB Sock MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus ATX Mainboard S 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX Black Samsung SSD 860 EVO Series 500GB 700W PSU (only not newly bought part, but worked fine before) I already verified that the GPU works by plugging it into another PC but when I have it in this PC I always get the VGA light. Power cables are plugged in for everything, except the additional 4 CPU pins (8 pin plugged in, +4 not) since my PSU only has the normal 8pin CPU power. No idea what the Bios version is since I don't have any video output. The monitor I'm using is pretty old and I'm using an HDMI to DVI cable, but it works fine with my laptop. I already tried a cmos bios reset too.
  3. Hello people my gf recently bought the Samsung LC49HG90D MUXEN which supports PBP which has been working great until today. Unfortunately when turning it on today the right display wasnt working correctly anymore. First it flickered uncontrollably and then it was all blue/green lines. We tried different cables (DP+HDMI, HDMI+HDMI) and switched around the ports on the monitor and on the gpu, but the right display always had problems in PBP mode. With PBP off everything is working just fine. Any ideas why this could be and how to fix it or is this a case of taking it back to the shop and get a replacement?
  4. temps are ok as long as I don't OC beyond the default OC mode, but beyond that, it gets loud and doesn't OC well. Haven't gotten above 1782MHz and then it is pretty noisy while gaming^^ People heard my card over my gfs headset mic once I want to have it quieter and have more room for OC, but don't have the budget to get it water-cooled.
  5. I want to change the cooler on my gtx 1080ti, the problem is it got a custom pcb from what i can tell. So i was wondering if anyone knows an air cooler that would fit? Currently, I'm thinking about getting the arctic accelero extreme IV if that's possible cause its just 50€. If someone has a water-cooling solution in the same price range that would also be nice, but my case is very limiting currently, with at most a single fan radiator up to 140mm. Hope someone can help me here
  6. specs are not the problem. i7 8700k and gtx 1060 6gb Edit: x264, but same problem with nvenc
  7. game capture that is capturing a specific window for ingame and windows capture for the client. x264, but the problem persists with nvenc she just has her standard streaming stuff open which worked fine until about 2-3 weeks ago and is still working fine for all other games
  8. Hope this is the right place for this. Anyways my gf has the following problem with her PC: when streaming league of legends with OBS her fps start to drop down after a while and constantly creep further down until it turns into a 1fps slideshow. closing OBS later doesnt help, only a PC restart. This does not happen when OBS wasnt used to stream and she has no fps problems whatsoever in other games. Her PC doesnt have trouble handling streaming, as her cpu usage is 50% at most while streaming league and gpu and ram are also not much used. Specs: i7 8700k, gtx 1060 6gb, both obs and lol are on the same ssd, 16gb ram, windows 10 pro Please help Edit: OBS log link: https://gist.github.com/88ba693aa042859a17c4dfca7e565b63 Edit2: using x264, but same problem with nvenc
  9. I am getting a new router soon, but i dont know which one. Most websites tell you stats and all, but it doesnt tell me much about usability. My main requests for my new router are the following: <=200€ (maybe up to 300€ if there is significant advantages) "good" interface (provider routers tend to have horrible interfaces where you cant do anything really so i guess everything is a step up) A way to manage the maximum a single user can use the network. For example right now if my girlfriend starts a big download i have basically no internet and if one of us plays something and the other watches youtube ping spikes to >500ms. We have the connection speed to back it up in theory (150mbit down/50up in contract, ~65down/45up in reality). This bullet point is getting pretty full now but its probably the most important. Basicly one user should not be able to take all the connection for himself and light usage shouldnt create incredible lag for the other users. at least dual band. 2.4Ghz is overused as in every city so we connect mobile devices mostly with 5Ghz Lan Ports (that are fast enough). Current router with the 150mbitdownload contract. Lan ports with 100mbit throughput. Cant ever get the full speed. Sadness. I want to connect a harddrive to use it as a media server. Goes hand in hand with good lan ports i guess and proper software. Also do these things only have usb connections or are their sata connectors on some routers too or do you need one of those NAS things? I think thats it^^ thank you in advance for any help i am lost here^^
  10. Hi, Is it possible to use an android tablet as a second monitor? the tablet has a mini hdmi port so i thought maybe i could use it via that port. I know there are some apps out there to do it wirelessly but so far i havent had much luck using them well and i would prefer to have that real second monitor feeling with no real delay
  11. MrXonte

    Dual Wan LTE

    that does seem to do something but it just tells me disconnected and thats probably cause i need to change the values with the red dots. And i have no idea what these should be. only the first 2 fields which are the info from my service provider. also the lte connection is running fine via LAN1 the wired connection is the one that had the problem and is now on PPPoE on WAN
  12. MrXonte

    Dual Wan LTE

    one of my routers seems to have some problems. its a fritz!box 7270 and not sure what to do here. it should be in bridge mode now.
  13. MrXonte

    Dual Wan LTE

    it tells me it supports dual wan where you pluggin the second wan on LAN1
  14. MrXonte

    Dual Wan LTE

    The diagramm is how it should be^^ hopefully it helps you the router r3 is the dual wan router asus rt-ac66u
  15. MrXonte

    Dual Wan LTE

    I have 2 main questions concerning the topic of Dual Wan Routers and LTE. I have 2 Internet connections from different providers (moved in with my girlfriend and we both had one) and i now have 3 routers. 1 Fritz!Box for her wired connection, 1 LTE Router that is pretty bad (150down/50up in my contract, 30-60down/30-50up in reality with daily crashes of the router that often need multiple restarts to fix. Also the routers LAN ports are only capable of 100mbit. yey.) and 1 Router from ASUS with dual wan capabilities where both join together (in theorie) 1) I had quite the trouble setting up dual WAN with my current setup. The problem (i think) being killer network management on my pc which if i uninstall disables my ethernet port and i dont have a network card. If i have dual WAN enabled it tries to balance the load of the 20mbit wired connection and the up to 150mbit LTE connection (both wired to the asus router with ethernet cables) and assigns each PC the amount of data needed (at least i think thats how it works). Killer networking on the other hand does the same with what it gets so basicly my pc gets a low amount of bandwith and instead of demanding more killer network management tries to work with that and i have like a few KB download at most with this. Another problem is also the general issue with the bad router 2) Im thinking of just fixing the entire situation by buying 1 router that does it all. So does anyone know a Dual Band Router that supports Dual WAN and has LTE capabilities? Because i would love to have just 1 box standing around instead of wiring 3 into eachother.