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    Music, cats and eating carrots in the dark. Oh, I like computers too.
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  1. Wow! Finally a phone that beats the iPhone in both performance and style! Wouldn't mind one of those!
  2. Well I like the 770 not the 760 but 3,5gbs is still better than the 7970 with 3gb.
  3. Well, by my calculations with the help of your post I've come to this. The 680 is 256- bit and the memory clock is 6000, if the memory clock should be increased 1000mhz with each GB with 128- bit cards then with 256-bit cards it would only have to be increased with 500mhz per GB. This would mean that since the 770 has a memory clock of 7000mhz it would be able to use all of the 4gbs right?
  4. Hi! I was just wondering which 7970 ghz would be best for me, I like a card to be quiet, cool and be good for future crossfire. On my motherboard 3- slot cards in CF wont have any space in between them so a 2- slot card would be perfect. Do you guys have any experience with CF 7970s?I'd love it if you'd post links for the cards! A bonus would be that the cards wouldn't look half bad.
  5. Hahah, well that's cool I guess, I'll be getting the MSI 770 Gaming instead of a 7970 then.
  6. Okay, hypothetical situation; I get my 770 and install the hypothetical 16k Texture mod, would i be able to use 4GB/4GB?
  7. What number of mods are we talking about? I have been known to use 100+ mods. What graphics card do you use?
  8. I will be using it for some heavily modded Skyrim and maybe GTA V when it comes out. I heard that modded Skyrim eats VRAM.
  9. As the title says I'm wondering if the GTX 770 4GB can use all it's VRAM or will it cap at for example 2,8GBs or something? I've heard people say so many different things so I'm looking for the answer.