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  1. Dear LTT users, I'm new here and I think you guys/gals know a thing or two about computer hardware, but let's start from the beginning. Exactly 1 year ago I bought the entry Surface Laptop 2 and I fell in love with it. As a student and a person who is always 'on the go', the keyboard, build quality etc. are perfect for me. I don't play videogames and if I do it's nothing more demanding than Gothic or Team Fortress 2. Unfortunatly for me, the issues with this laptop started almost instantly. After a few months of usage I started seeing yellow marks on my panel. After confirming with Microsofts support that it indeed is a screen defect. I have sent it back to them to get a free replacement, which I did. End of story? Of course not! Not so long ago my Surface Laptop 2 decided, it doesn't like beign charged anymore. 1 day before the 1 year warranty expires… Of course according to the polish law, after sending a replacement the warranty should reset but corporations like Microsoft or Apple don't really care about the law but that's besides the point. Now I got another and last free replacement, unfortunatly a brand new laptop isn't good news to me, since if even they would rather just trash it and send in a new one I can imagine how servicable it is. Now I'm getting rid of this laptop because I'm too scared that it might just break in a week leaving me with nothing. What I need is a portable device running: A Operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, PotatoOS as long as it supports office), Has a good keyboard, will not explode instantly after warranty expires and is fixable no matter if it's a factory defect or my error. Also I don't need it right now, if there is something promising coming out in a few months I'm fine with that. Thank you for your time
  2. When theres trouble you know who to call, Linus tech Tips! From their office they can see it all, Linus Tech Tips! When NVIDIAs Gameworks attacks. You can rest now they got your back. Coz when world needs heroes on patrol, Linus Tech Tips GO ! Sing'along with Teen titans music.