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  1. ThorArise


    No. You talking about one of the top consumer CPU's they should not bottleneck anything within reason or something would be seriously wrong.
  2. I do own a Notebook with the flip functionality (the HP Specter x360) and I love my loptop but honestly I think the flip function is quite stupid. You allways have the keys on the back which for me is just annoying and it is to heavy to use as a tablet comfortably anyways so whats the point? Other then that I think the zenbook series is quite nice the last I checked out was the ux305 altough I haven't seen the ux306 which should be the one with the flip functionality.
  3. If you writing a lot I think the surface pro 4 is a bad choice, the keyboard is quite bad I think. If you really like a convertible and you have the money maybe take a look at the surfacebook still not a great keyboard but definitely better. If you just want a touchscreen I would recommend the xps 13 in my opinion a lovely laptop.
  4. ThorArise

    Anyone still a fan of 1440p?

    Sure if you don't like low fps in 4K resolution but like more then 1080p.
  5. Are you a satanist?

  6. I'm looking for a laptop that will perform well with video editing. Around the 1000€ mark there are some that I think will do just fine like the Dell Inspiron with a i7-6700HQ and GTX 960M. But are there cheaper alternatives that still perform well maybe around ~800€?
  7. ThorArise

    Make Image Pixel by Pixel

    Maybe you want to look into the Opencv library for C/C++ which offers some easy way to manipulate pictures pixel by pixel.
  8. ThorArise

    New to building, best upgrade path?

    Agree maybe you want to spend a little more on your mobo with a better chipset if in the future you decide to overclock. if you don't want to overclock now, I think just stick with you air cooling unless you really want to spend the time and effort.
  9. ThorArise

    Best LGA1150 CPU For $350 AUD

    Don't know if it necessarily the best but the Xeon E3-1231 V3 is a good processor and definitely an improvement over your Pentium G3258
  10. ThorArise

    [RUMOUR] Vive 2.0 coming early 2017

    I like the Vive but I think everyone who used it can see that there needs to be a lot of work done before VR-experience will be something for daily use. I think it isn't the worst sign that Vive is interested in improving their product and releasing new revisions. I for one am very excited for improvements.
  11. ThorArise

    Dumb Question Ahead.

    One of them was from Cosair the other I honestly can't remember any more.
  12. Don't care much for apple products usually and yes one could make and easy joke but I do like the concept of AR so if more companies like to invest in this technology I am fine with it looking forward what they come up with.
  13. ThorArise

    Dumb Question Ahead.

    as long as they have the same specs you should be fine, just make sure your mobo supports the ram you choose. I myself have two different kinds of RAM sticks in my system and no issues
  14. ThorArise

    Re-Using HDD For same PC

    just re-partition both your ssd and hdd during the windows installation and you will be fine just keep in mind that all your data is going to be lost.
  15. ThorArise

    Why does this not exists anymore??

    I would love to see a comeback of this too!!! But this time please with hinges that don't break. I like convertibles but I always find it annoying touching the keyboard on the backside!