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    Gnosis Episode 3
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    24 F US, what are you stalking me?
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    Intel Core i7 5820K@4.2GHZ
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    MSI X99 SLI Plus
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    Kingston Fury 16GB @2133mhz
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    AMD R9 Fury X @1100mhz Overclock
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    NZXT Phantom 530 Modded
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    2x 120GB SavageX SSD, 4tB HDD, RAID0 2x3TB Recording Array
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    Seasonic 750Watt EVO M12II
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    EyefinityDS: 2x Dell P2014H IPS 60hz 3840x1080 Resolution
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    Zalman CNPS 9900 MAX Air Cooler, Fury X Liquid Cooler
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament 2014 Stealth
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    Razer Naga Epic
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    Creative 2.0
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

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  1. i7 5820K, MSI X99 Plus, GTX 1080(latest driver) and Fury X(previous card), 750watt Seasonic MkII PSU. 2560x1080 200hz ACER main display, 2560x1080 60hz 2nd display. I am having a problem where my Display Driver will crash. Specifically right now "Nvidia Display Driver Kernal has crashed and recovered" but it's also losing connection with my display at the same time. Things I have tried so far Clean install of Windows 7(twice). Reset everything to stock and updated to the latest BIOS. Motherboard, and graphics card, all stock. Moved GPU to different PCI Slot Downloaded Latest Drivers. Updated Windows 7 up to date. Tried just one monitor. Disabled my intel RST caching system. Tried using a different power plug for my GPU. This happened with both my FURY X, and my GTX 1080, I'm about to pull out my 290X that was in storage and see if it happens with THAT card. Nothing I have done so far has fixed this. It happens with Temtem, Blackops4, Overwatch, Blade and Soul, doenst matter within 20minutes to an hour the display driver will crash, and the monitor disconnects, and it requires me to restart my PC to get it back. One problem I am having is that my computer will not keep time if I shut it down, and reset the power. IT goes back to the default date. So the CMOS Battery is probably dead, I ordered a new one and it's on the way but it'll take a week.
  2. This has shown up in some of their other videos as well So maybe it's not the camera, but those specs have shown up in a few videos now and I thought I might make them aware.
  3. I'm not sure if you guys noticed, but I've seen in a few videos you guys have put out that there are some tiny artifacts or "dead pixels" that are showing up. At first I thought it was my screen, so I moved the window to see what was up. Nope its in your videos. It looks like one of your camera's might have a bad sensor. Some images: https://i.imgur.com/3EpBnRi.png https://i.imgur.com/ab0l6Sd.png https://i.imgur.com/VIPAjqF.png https://i.imgur.com/niMaQKj.png
  4. Linus, for heavens sake man. Don't perpetuate the myth that Ultrawide is an advantage. There is no proof that there is and perpetuating this myth is giving validation to companies being anti consumer, and hindering tech progress by restricting ultrawides.
  5. I need to copy the source code for a guide I've made to archive it. But can't find any option to edit the source, how do I find the BBCode version of editing?
  6. This guide has been updated. If anyone has a UtechSmart Venus, I need your input for this topic.
  7. Raid 0 hard drive installation and cable management clean up. Question Do I have to censor a wallpaper that has artwork that shows nipples in it?(Artistic, Non pornographic) Messing with screen resolutions Tomb Raider 2013 Gnosis Episode 2 is done for now until I can get the new Noctua 120mm and 140mm Aseries fans that they announced at computex. Q4 Release date.
  8. I'm moving away from LoL because they keep bastardizing their characters and artwork. They keep deleting characters and replacing them with new ones and calling them an upgrade. They keep on replacing artwork and the new artwork style is horrid. They replaced the standard map with a new style that's nothing like the previous one. Riot is full of shit and doesn't know what the community wants or needs, they keep making money making developments instead of fixing shit. Every update is being released with more and more bugs. Plus they shift the meta wildly without thinking before hand and have a clusterfuck of crap to fix and rebalance, and they keep making the game harder and harder to learn. Their ranked system is really bad and gets plagued with trolls because of it. LoL is not the game it once was. Yet Dota2 has maintained it's art, its style, its characters, and they're updating the client. They listen to player feedback. They balance the game a lot better. Dota2 is the same Dota2 it always has been and Valve doesn't need to drastically update or fix things because they do it right from the start. I used to play so much LoL, but now I'm moving to Dota2 because valve actually gives a shit. Riot doesn't
  9. Updated the guide with some video clips and information improvement.
  10. The M95 is one of the mice that I tried out for this guide, and had to exclude it. It does not operate properly for MMORPGs. It doesn't allow multipress keys on its keypad, which is a big downfall to it, and it has very poor keypad ergonomics. I might be ok for FPS games or general games. But it's unacceptable for MMO gameplay. The Scimitar RGB is corsair's placement for the M95.
  11. As I said before, you need to read the guide and learn why it's expressing this particular design aspect.You can't make a judgement without looking into it first. Think about it this way.(with MMORPGs) You only really need one finger to move, but you have 8~20 abilities and maybe more with pots, and consumables. WASDQE is just another grid of 6 buttons, not much different from having them on your 1~6 thumb pad. With WildStar in particular, Naga Movement is superior bar none. WildStar has too many keys that must be pressed in simultaniuous or sequence too quickly. And your left hand having 4 fingers to do it, is far better than having just your thumb on the keypad. And WildStar is entirely skillshots. I switched to naga movement around 2 years ago, and I can't really go back to putting main hotkeys on the mouse. Except maybe TERA and Vindictus but even TERA now I'm using naga movement. For most MMOs movement binds for combat on the mouse is going to prove a superior design. If you've ever played an RTS, or MOBA you'll understand how the natural feel of having all orientation of the game on the right hand, and all skill bases and commands on the left will feel.
  12. Read the guide. It's about effectiveness and accessibility.The guide explains in full about why Movement keys on the mouse create a wide opportunity for optimizing gameplay.