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  1. I understand, but I already would have if I could have haha.
  2. I know that neither of these can match a direct ethernet connection, but unfortunately it isnt feasible for me to lay these cables for several reasons which is why I have to resort to these options. Thanks for the suggestion though
  3. Thanks for the reply Just curious, why do you say im not maxing out the current adapter? Im assuming im only gettings 5MBps because its of poor quality and because its only rated for 500Mbps while i have a gigabit connection from my ISP. So i assumed it would improved if i got an adapted with a higher rating
  4. Hi Tldr, need help deciding between better powerline adapters or TP link Re650 for gaming Im currently living in a 2 story house with the router on the first floor as thats where the fiber termination point is. I have an office on the second floor where I do most of my gaming and computer work. Unfortunately wifi isnt great im the office so Ive been using old powerline adapters that were laying around the house. These adapterd are rated for 500Mbps and ive been using the 10/100 ethernet port on the ome in my office to connect to my computer. With this solution ive been able to get about 5MBps download speeds on steam with the ethernet cable plugged in and about decent ping depending on the game servers and ive been thinking of upgrading. I was considering if I should upgrade to the TP link Re650 which has good reviews however id have to leave it outside the office and rely only on wifi signals. Or upgrade to better/modern powerline adapters. Would the wifi signals be reliable/powerful enough to game on in the office which wont be too far from the extender. Sorry for long post
  5. Hey Thanks for the detailed reply and for the links, ill def check them out
  6. Hi Sorry if this question has been asked before but I havent been able to find relevant threads. I currently have a laptop that came preinstalled with W10 home and the activation page says that the product key is linked to my microsoft account. Im planning to build a second pc and would rather not have to buy windows 10 if i can avoid it. Some of my friends have told me from their personal experience that simply logging into my microsoft account on the new pc should activate windows without actually deactivating it on the laptop as I want both PCs to be fully functionally. However I know that it is only anecdotal so I wanted to check. Since I have a windows key connected to my MS account, does that mean that a second key is not required to activate my new PC as long as I use the same MS account, and will doing so deactivate the windows on my laptop in the process. If this doesnt work Ill just have to buy a second key. Thanks for the help, sorry if its a dumb qn
  7. Ah okay, that answers my qn. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reply. Actually I was more curious as to how these 2 methods actually differ, so if ome were to change the settings under windows system would that automatically change the default location under the properties of each folder?
  9. Hi Ive been planning to build a PC and was trying to figure out the software side of things. One of the things I was wondering was how to change the default locations of user folders such as documents/music/pictures to a different drive and most places Ive seen say the best way to do this is by changing the location on the properties tab of each folders. However I was wondering why no one recommends just changing the default location of each folder through the windows settings under systemsettings/storage. How is this different from the recommended option and why isnt it considered viable enough to recommend? Sorry if its already been asked but I couldnt find any solutions.
  10. So in that case the Sniper is clearly the better deal, even though its advertised as for Intel
  11. So I should just go for the cheaper set?
  12. Hi Im planning a build with a ryzen 5 3600 and MSI B450 Mortar max mobo and 2x8gb ram 1. The amd website says that the cpu is rated foe 3200MHz memory so that means running 3600MHz technically counts as OC right, if so would that be an issue? 2. Where I live, for some reason, the G.skill sniper X 3600MHz Cl19 is cheaper than the corsair veng LPX 3200MHz Cl16. So does that suggest that the sniper X is of lower quaility or that the CL19 would make a significance diff to the CL16. The price difference isnt significant so should I go for the "higher quality" corsair 3200MHz ram that is also the same speed rated by the CPU? 3. Also the 2 sets are branded as Intel vs AMD kits respectively by the store, as far as im aware it makes no difference. So that means I dont need to worry about this right. Thanks for the help