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About wng_kingsley7

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    김연아 <3 黃嘉浩
  • Birthday 1996-05-11

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  • Star Citizen
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    West London
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    Product design, Art, Technology, J-Pop. Getting better @ CS GO
    I'm interested in animation, furniture & built-in environment, web design, Eating food & reading manga.

    Any feedback for my design blog is helpful & kind.
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    Born 11th of May, 1996. CNY YOTR, CEO & Lead designer of TEJI Designs™.
    Artistic Ronin of the West London, Soho. Studying martial artist. Perfectionist designer
    The man who loves to talk to none-other-than himself & envision the future as if he could mould it within minutes.
  • Occupation
    Student - Designer


  • CPU
    Skylake | Haswell-E 2011-3 (Upcoming)
  • Motherboard
    Skylake | Haswell-E 2011-3 Motherboard (Upcoming)
  • RAM
    32GB | 64GB DDR4 (Upcoming)
  • GPU
    Maxwell Graphics (Upcoming)
  • Case
    TEJI Designs. Magnitude13 Iota9(Upcoming)
  • PSU
    800w | 1200w
  • Display(s)
    TEJI Designs. UHD-Kyri-ji (Upcoming)
  • Cooling
    Custom WC
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm QF Stealth Cherry MX Green
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba 2012
  • Sound
    Essence III

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  1. Arctis 7 = Do I want to smell like a shoe box ?


  2. wng_kingsley7

    Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    My keyboard is a MX Green CMStorm and my mouse is an older Razer Mamba 2012 edition, I want the to be in for the headphones.
  3. wng_kingsley7

    1080p on a 1440p monitor?

    It'll be a little bit blurry but that shouldn't halt you from buying a new monitor if that's your choice.
  4. So I'm scratching my head thinking, didn't Linus release Scrapyard wars S4 like a couple days ago or did nobody from LMG remember that it was gonna be a big hit especially how it's become more radically popular. I need my daily feed of content on a day by day basis ;-/

  5. Maybe they could manufacture a wireless charging mouse mat? I'd patent that shit. Seeming that you say the battery life isn't quite "perfect" I'd say that's decent for 30+ hours but definitely not as sound like other mice they make like the performance MX series. The design is great & I'd agree with you.
  6. Hello, what gpu do you have since you haven't listed any specs? also what game to which are you referring to?
  7. wng_kingsley7

    VR On The Eyes?

    The VR headsets presumably uses biconvex lenses so you're capable of looking at a magnified image mirrored to both eyes (the smidgen in the middle is overlapped due to the way the human brain processes visual images/livefeed) http://www.passmyexams.co.uk/GCSE/physics/concave-lenses-convex-lenses.html When wearing something like Cardboard, I would agree that due to the low fps of current smartphones that headaches/or motion sickness with be a consistent disadvantage of using your smartphone display as a competitive comparision to a dedicated VR headset like the Rift or Vive. Typically it's advisable to take a 20-30 min break & allow your eyes to look at objects in to the distance say 20+m to enable your eyes to recuperate from long periods of short distance viewing (blinking in different sequences can helps the eyes adjust in a number of ways). What are you using to look at VR videos from .09 of an inch? that's not possible 0.09 in = 0.2286 cm Are the images blurry or crystal clear?
  8. wng_kingsley7

    Hilariously Cheap PC

    If you take a look on newegg.com under; all products > desktop computers > desktop computers (Newegg site < here). You can pretty much allocate certain tiers of performance/features for what kind of pc you want (similar to what pcpartpicker.com does) Then you can search through the query to find the one best for you budget, need & performance. I did scan over a couple of the products & they're all fairly inexpensive but I wouldn't guarantee that you'll always be using it for F@H since they aren't all that powerful at the budget of 150 dollars in all reality, more oriented around general usage of a desktop office pc. Word processor, surfing the web etc. I'd say at the moment save your dollars for now is my best advice for now.
  9. wng_kingsley7

    Hilariously Cheap PC

    @TheGhzGuy What are you currently using? A desktop pc or a laptop? or maybe even a tablet. If you want to invest into f@h I wouldn't ever say don't buy a cheap pc & boom your settle but if you save a little longer & spend a bit more on a computer more powerful it maybe be more than worth your while.
  10. wng_kingsley7

    Hilariously Cheap PC

    Well lately from what I know there has been more of a drive for hptc barebones pc's mainly in the mini form factor style range over larger more regular sized pc's which have more attributes. With these barebones pc's some tend to come in a much smaller package & some haven't been designed to fit in a full desktop grade gpu. I know this is a UK based website but don't worry http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/Kustom_PCs_Shop_Mini_Barebones_22.html If you look through the product listing you'll see what kind of barebones pc's the market currently offers (it may or may not be up to date imo Sorry) If I can find a barebones for $150 dollars I'll be sure to post but depends where you buy it online.
  11. wng_kingsley7

    Best budget Quad-core CPU for LGA1150

    What's the budget if you don't mind me asking?
  12. wng_kingsley7

    Hilariously Cheap PC

    Well definitely hello back buenos dias senor! With a budget of 100-150 USD; to spread across the majority of the components like a cpu, power supply, motherboard etc I'd probably inform you to take a look at barebones style pc's. They probably have limited expansion which goes both ways depending on how you look at it, reasonable quality psu for a single decent graphics card (your mileage may vary depending on what configuration), included hard drive(s) if you don't own one yourself. Buying a pre-built pc without the gpu could be a likely scenario but not sure if it'll be new, most likely used parts.
  13. wng_kingsley7

    Best budget Quad-core CPU for LGA1150

    Well hello @infinitymdm what type of cpu are you looking into exactly? socket 1150 or 1151? The newer skylake processors still offer compatibility with the older DDR3 so you can save yourself money there. *I wrote a pretty rough idea of potential cpu's you could purchase but take your time & spend it wisely*
  14. wng_kingsley7

    Corsair Case Compatibility

    @Cereal5 I think in-terms of cleanliness & keeping a less prominent look I'd go with the 450D since it has the majority of the case already design with decent airflow & dust filtering. However 230T isn't too bad when you associate how much cheaper & slightly more striking it looks. UK prices differ from US dollars but the Graphite 230T is definitely a bargain. Regarding what "compatible" as a listing for a chassis in pcpartpicker when displaying what is compatible but it's iffy.
  15. wng_kingsley7

    Project Frost Dragon

    Like...wooahh...dude major salutations to you & your rockin' setup @OddsCrazyStuff are they all the 1440p 144hz monitors from ASUS? I forgot the product name but it's definitely drool worthy