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    Kolkata, India
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    Gaming - CSGO noob, Will try anything and everything if my PC runs it.
    Musician - Learned Keyboards, guitar, and sound engineering basics......then found CSS, life got f***ed.
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    Too lazy to write one.
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    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition/Intel i7 4710HQ(Laptop)
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    Asus M4A88T-M
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    8GB Transcend JetRam 1333 Mhz/ 8GB Lenovo 1600Mhz(Laptop)
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    ATI Radeon 6850(Burnt/Cremated-Dead)/Nvidia GTX 960M
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    Some kind of Tin/Aluminium case a.k.a Bendy Case
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    WD Black (1TB)+ WD Blue(1TB)/1TB(Laptop)
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    Useless Dell LED
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    3 Fans, including the Ceiling Fan
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K100
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    Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
  • Sound
    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Operating System
    Windows 7/Windows8.1(Laptop)

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  1. You unplug your monitor, you die....Ez 4 Apple
  2. Time to buy me another 5850..... I'll name my gamer biography, from 5850HD to 5850XD
  3. I don't have a 2nd DP cable...... but their official spec says DVI can do 1080p@144hz.....should I try that 4 a few days?? RF_EN.pdf
  4. @Faisal A @Constantin Yep thats back agen..... Not fixed.... At this point I'm thinking maybe its just Windows or DP interface fucking with me
  5. I'm still sour about the naming scheme. THEY ALREADY HAVE THE 'TI' SCHEME, WHY START A NEW ONE? Dafuq Nvidia?
  6. I went thru my usual routine just b4 I started the thread.... reinstalling drivers works(can change resolution and ref rate both after reinstall)... but works just until the next time the issue strikes..... Monitor driver installed now its a waiting game.... if the issue doesn't resurface for the next week or so, then I'd consider this as solved.
  7. Did a Update Driver from Device manager after I bought the monitor 2 months back. Monitor name/model number comes up but yes, does also show as Generic PnP Monitor.... Oh np, found drivers on Benq's website..... Installed/updated with the ones they have on their website.. Is this what you were saying?
  8. Did, is unresponsive. Doesn't even change the resolution. Blacks out, comes back as 1024-768 no matter what I select. Windows Display Settings work. But dont last and die exactly when I click on other window/taskbar/start then it changes back to 1024-768.
  9. Monitor: BenQ 1080p-144hz monitor (XL2411p) connected via Display Port GPU: GTX 1050Ti When I started my pc everything worked fine, but then after starting and closing a game or even alt-tabbing a game would change my resolution to 1024-768@60hz and launching the game again wouldn't solve my problem........resolution in-game would use the one set by game with ref rate also being the one set by game or set in game launch options.. When I went to change resolution in Windows(right click desktop>Display Settings) 1stly it wont change to 1920-1080, even when I select it - screen goes black comes back as 1024-768 with black bars even tho 1080 is selected. 2ndly even if it somehow accepted my 1500 consecutive requests to take 1080p as desktop resolution, it would default back to black bars 768p@60hz as soon as I touch the ref rate to change back to 144hz under "Display Adapter Properties for Display 1". Desktop resolution changes back to 1024-768 even when I try to minimize the display settings window. Like every self-taught IT tech/Comp Sc Graduate, my 1st instinct was to turn my PC off and then on/restart. While coming to desktop after a restart, Settings were still at 1024x768 and everything I Didn't Want it to stay at. But, my request to change to 1920x1080 and then 144hz was granted on my 1st try. And I would continue on launching CSGO but as soon as I close the game/alt-tab resolution would change to 1024-768@60hz, and I'd be at square one. Tried the restart and change again but this time started PUBG instead to see if this was a CSGO problem. Nope, alt-tab on PUBG starts the same problem Now, I decided to go step by step and try to find the cause. Firstly, I turn off the monitor and wait 1minute, then turn on monitor, nothing happens. This is when I notice my Advanced Display Settings tab to report Desktop Resolution to be 1024x768 but Active Signal Resolution to be 1920x1080. Then I think it must be Nvidia and their world-class driver support. So I decide to boot to safe mode>DDU-remove drivers>restart and then fresh install new/most recent drivers. Fresh install helped. 1 restart later I could change settings to whatever I wanted. So, now I decided to google more to understand what actually happened and why was my Desktop resolution different from Active Signal Resolution. The posts/results online don't help, no one had a comparable conundrum. But online search does confirm that its Windows Scaling Settings that results in Desktop Resolution and Active Signal Resolution to be different. This whole nuisance was previously a once-a-month scenario, recently however it's upgraded itself to once-a-week kinda nuisance. Pls Help
  10. Someone In the official CSGO subreddit(r/GlobalOffensive) wanted LTT to get pro players like Shroud or NAF for testing like these. People there know what these players are capable of. So I just wrote a small Copypasta/Fanfiction dreaming of Shroud coming to LTT studios for testing. I'm here to share with you all, my "art". OK lemmy set the scene for you..... Shroud sits on the chair, insists to use his own Logitech, Linus agrees just to eliminate all possible variables so they get best case results. Edzel wants a shroud autograph on his shirt, but can't get one right now. So he's thinking of a future where he has a Shroud autographed cap and proceeds to giggle softly. Linus gives him the nod to start moving his CT model. Edzel presses W but instantly starts giggling louder while hiding his face under his cap. Linus looks at the screen....eyes wide, eye brows raised, jaws half dropped he looks at Gav who looks confused as to what just happened. We focus on screen to see Shroud's aim, but there's no slow-mo. As soon as the CT moved, Shroud flicked, hit a headshot before whole CT model could come out of cover. Kill-feed registers a Headshot, but with an new Icon which Linus has never seen before. The icon was for a Wall spam shot. Camera turns back to Linus, as he asks Gav, still confused, "Did you get that?" Gav replies, "Get what? Character wasn't even on screen!" It all happened so quickly that Gav forgot to press the save button on his Phantom. Linus realises what happened. In a split second he could see the mythical aimbot ShroudyRowdy.exe. He's amazed but still just smiles. In the meantime, Mike looks back, he heard what Gav said, but doesn't know what happened. In his mind he just "played like he normally would". He sees Linus.... smiling....He hears Edzel....Giggling.....He sees the confusion Gav is in. But the only words he says "Did I do something wrong?" Feel free to point me out or even delete if it doesn't follow any thread rules. If Linus or Co sees this...... Pls make this happen
  11. Edit Title to> Old man disses tech company after he stopped wearing the red shirt.
  12. I'm using a Focusrite Scarlet for "normal/daily" use like you would...... I don't hear any difference, except for some random programs(dolby/realhek etc) which sometimes EQ the output when using onboard dac(or maybe its just other people using the pc idk)...external has no such issue output only controlled by running programs(media ones or a DAW)