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  1. Boom lets comment for the first time in ages. I loved this forum but got drawn away by uni. I still remember the days that alpenwasser was "just" an insane case modder, he even commented and liked my build log <3 and oh his formatting and line breaks haha. Anyway I still watch all the videos from you guys, but didn't have time to participate in the community anymore, which is very sad I hope you'll find a winner who deserves it! PS line breaks <3
  2. Its the combination of speakers and screen that is most important to me. I consume a lot of content, so I want one of the best ways to be able to consume it Too bad the screen isn't of the great quality like the slcd2 on the HTC One X. By the way, this giveaway is awesome cause it brings even more people to the forum, and more people is more fun ^.^
  3. Too bad you can't submit older builds, but oh well otherwise this would get flooded Lookin forwards to seeing build logs on the show again, it was one of my favorite sections. Already lookin forward to it! Oh and I love that you did the description in latin, wish I could actually read it though...
  4. -Sorry for being completely off topic- I've been gone for a while and suddenly you are moderator and staff, dayum. Have you done any recent build logs I might have missed? Oh and I see you're still rocking them fancy line breaks :3
  5. Glad to help, the lenovo yoga 2 is really a great laptop if you don't need any graphics power. I think it's one of the best laptops out there because of its flexibility
  6. As mentioned above, the macbook air has that shitty TN panel bullshit, so washed out colours and shitty viewing angles galore. Take a look at this thread: http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2333663 I don't know if you read my post, but there is more than the sony vaio pro. The vaio pro might be lightweight but it comes at a cost... it throttles because it has some heating issues. I think you are making a big mistake going for the mac, if you really care that much about the display quality (oh and the macs display isn't even 1920 by 1080...) Good luck
  7. Hmm sony Vaio pro 13 comes to mind, or if you're willing to upgrade you can get the asus ux302LA and put an SSD in it yourself (it's cheaper and better than buying the version that already has an SSD), or if you're willing to pay more there is the ux301LA. And the samsung ATIV book series also matches your specs (I haven't looked much into these though), and ofcourse there is the acer aspire S7. Last but not least, the Lenovo Yoga 2 is a laptop you should definitely consider
  8. What comes to mind is the dell precision M3800, It has an i7 quadcore cpu, 8 gigs of RAM and a Nvidia Quadro K1100M with 2 GB of GDDR5. And this all in a 18mm and 1.88 kg package. The Quadro's gaming performance is around that of the GT 740M and it will run most modern games on medium, but its editing performance and precision (and lifespan) is superior to any cunsomer grade GPU
  9. The Asus zenbook ux302LG is pretty amazing. Specs go up to i7-4500U, 256GB SSD and.... an nvidia GT 730M. Oh and this is all in a 13.3 inch laptop with a full HD ips display that weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) and its 17 mm thin. Where the macbook air is 1.35 kg (3 pounds) and also 17 mm thin (although thinner at the front). And it's upgradable. You can change the SSD/HHD for any 7 mm drive, there is also a half-sized Msata slot in there which can hold up to a 128GB SSD, out of the box it is used as a caching drive. And depending on what model you have you can upgrade the RAM to either 10 or 12 GB, this depends on how much is soldered to the motherboard which is 2 or 4 GB. Battery life is pretty good, but it really depends what configuration you have and how you use it. If you have the i5-4200U variant it will go 6-8 hours when you only watch a bit of video and mainly use it for internet browsing. When gaming a full battery will give you about 1.5 hours of time before you need to run for a wall socket. I have this laptop myself and I can say that the build quality of this machine is on par with apple's. And it looks gorgeous, no one has a laptop that even remotely looks like this. And this laptop has no throtling whatsoever, while you almost never hear the fans ramp up. There is only one drawback... you can't buy it in the USA, you'll have to import it from Canada (via NCIX or something). And there is some slight backlight bleeding on the bottom of the screen, but this is only visible in completely black backgrounds.
  10. Hey, I've been wanting to buy a laptop myself for a year now and have looked at nearly every interesting one out there. The main thing you don't specify is what type of laptop you want. Are you looking for thin and light, or heavy and fast. do you want a 13.3, 14, 15.6 or even 17 inch screen. Do you want 1080p or higher? And you stated you wanted to do some light gaming, but how light are we talking about? Anything an intel HD4400 can handle, or do you want dedicated graphics? Just let me know and hopefully I can help
  11. Having only 6 gigs of DDR2-800 memory... And I hate myself for being to lazy to upgrade to a SSD ._.
  12. Well the funny thing is the "HD" logo turns on within the first 10 seconds, but there is no quality change at all. All i see is piss poor bitrate, even though I'm telling silverlight to give me 3000 kbps or higher. And silverlight measures my bandwith as 19000 kbps and up
  13. I live in the Netherlands and I'm not aware of any netflix throttling over here. Ofcourse it looks better on an iPad but it also looks better on our Wii hooked up to a around 25 inch(?) 4:3 crt tv and it actually looks great on there (the bitrate that is). I did some more testing with youtube and that's also almost unwatchable for me at fullscreen, except for some videos (like ones I uploaded myself)
  14. Alright guys, I'd like to start off with that this is only happening on my pc. My HTC One X, our iPad and the wii are doing just fine. So the thing is that lately I've geen getting annoyed at the terrible bitrate I'm getting on netflix. It's so bad that there is almost no difference betweed SD and HD. Before anyone starts yelling at my internet I get 20 mbps down and 1.7 mbps up. At first I thought it might have been a problem with silverlight, so I tried setting a manual bitrate, but it still wouldnt show any increase in quality. Then I decided to go to youtube and see how the 1080p fullscreen quality is on a test video over there, but still I noticed a lack in bitrate, although not nearly as bad as on netflix. So that made me think it might be my gpu doing weird stuff, ,or my monitor being crappy with it's colour depth, so I played a few 1080p videos on my pc. But these looked amazing and I couldn't see a dip in quality anywhere. Then I though it might have been my browser (chrome), so I tried both IE and Firefox but both showed the same problem. Sadly my knowledge stops here, I don't know that much about streaming and streaming software. I only know how to send out a decent stream with good bitrate. And to be honest I would prefer 480p with proper bitrate than 1080p with bad bitrate... it just hurts my eyes. I hope there is someone on this forum that might be able to help me so I can actually enjoy netflix and other streaming services at 1080p (as my pc has the only 1080p screen in the house...) ~Cheezzzus
  15. Very good deal, like Linus said, it might just be an even better deal than the $350 I paid for my pc