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  1. I dont want to hijack this thread but I have been struggling with my home network for a bit and now with all this working from home its become apparent i need to upgrade. I'm prepared to drop some $$ to get my network finally working. I'm really liking the looks of the UniFi Dream Machine and thinking of getting one plus maybe a couple of access points probably the UniFi AC LR since the lite is out of stock as well. One problem i have found is on the Ubiquti store (canada) they seem to be out of the USW flex mini switch and looks like they are hard to find these days. Can i just use any old switch or am i going to have problems? Edit: i'm assuming i need a PoE switch though right? also running a Hitron CODA 4582 from East link should i just try an AP first?
  2. got stuck trying to upload a WU's any work arounds been trying for like 12 hours. tried rebooting a couple of times now. guess ill just wait it out and see if they can fit it this morning.
  3. manged to snag a WU around 7am PST this morning on my laptop but everything else is stalled. we are just hammering them right now so everyone just needs to be patient. I dont know how or if they select certain hardware to process for specific jobs it just more than likely who ever happens to que the server right as they are posted so we just have to keep waiting. people can follow the advise of pausing the folding and starting again to reset the queing. i normal do that if the time starts saying its going to check again in like 30mins or an hour. just dont spam it your going to mess with their systems even more.
  4. finally got my key today after waiting for 3 days. my estimated points per day went from 150000 to 1.7mill with my gtx 2070s so i guess the bonus points are no joke will see how it comes out after a few hours on these. Fold away my friends!
  5. So i wanted to help with covid-19 stuff and trying to reset up my rig again its been a long while. I'm trying to get my passkey but am having no luck. not getting an email and can only request it every 4 hours. there seem to be a lot of bad gateway requests when im trying to use folding site are they just over loaded? i know it says case sensitive but im 100% sure what my user name is and have checked it.
  6. i'm wondering if anyone has found any reviews or knows anything more on this panel. I'm interested in a 27in 144hz and this seems like a pretty decent deal for something like that im only running a GTX 970 so dont mind that its still only 1080P https://www.primecables.ca/p-369377-cab-pc-07873-27-curved-gaming-monitorfhd-144hz-aluminum-frame-freesync-od-mode-fixed-base-primecables
  7. apparently EVERYTHING MUST GO. They should probably get a wacky wavy inflatable tube man. Also the 15 year BBB plaque is kind saddening. Also the Youtube button.
  8. The NCIX store was closed and now we have a liquidation auction for all the remaining good still sitting around the warehouse. I and a lot of us here grew up buying from NCIX. I still remember the first time i made the trek from out in the Valley to their Original Burnaby store. There were piles of parts a junk everywhere and had to climb around things with my list to find the stuff we were looking for. But as we should probably all know by now it looks like NCIX is no more they are now having an auction for their whole warehouse. "NETLINK COMPUTER INC DBA NCIX BANKRUPTCY AUCTION « Prev Next » Thu. Feb. 22, 2018 | 10:00 AM Preview: Wednesday February 21st, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM 13720 Mayfield Pl., Richmond, British Columbia" https://www.ableauctions.ca/auction?aAuctionId=c79c4fb2-4d48-4c5c-bcc3-c02e37f9bccf
  9. i have actually done a clean install but i have noticed my boot time is a bit slower that is was in 8.1. i removed the log in requirement but it still goes to that windows 10 boot screen that i didn't have to deal with before.
  10. looking to help my step brother build a bit of a 4k video editing im not sure really where to start on this one he says he has budget of around 2k but i would say he probably cant really afford that so looking around around the $1000 - $1500 range. Hes not doing much editing and just had a go pro. he also wants to game on it so im not sure what he really need or where to start. Any advice would be greatly appciated.
  11. anyone still playing? looking to join a somewhat quite non pvp server with 2 friends. frustrating that hosting this is so hard Steam name Krep
  12. Vessel username - Krep Links to your two favorite videos on our Vessel page that you watched and liked https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj
  13. Another concern is the providers are exempting their in-house video streaming services from the data caps (Shomi, Crave) while charging full usage against YouTube and Netflix for example. its pretty much opposite of what the CRTC said they were allowed to due in the last ruling. They are not throttling netflix but they are circumventing the ruling by basically say you can use our service as much as you want but sorry if you want to use netflix you better pay more to not go over your cap. Its grabage and the government isn't going to jack about it. Really wish Telus wasn't the only provider were i live.
  14. I think the cap is an issue for people who can only afford the basic package all of a sudden you can actually download a game now because there goes your game. Also if you have netflix your totaly F$*#ed now as I think they say its 3GB and hour of watching everyones going to break their cap on the small plans and for $30 more I might as well upgrade to the serice instead of an unlimited cap.
  15. So it looks like Telus is going to give everyone the finger again in Canada im really glad i signed a 3 year contract.... http://www.telus.com/en/bc/get-help/account-and-billing/understand-your-bill/ffh/usage-based-internet-charges/support.do In a release posted on their website, Telus says, starting on March 30th they will begin to charge customers for additional 50GB packets $5 for the first 50 up to a total of $75 Telus customers can pay and extra $30 for an unlimited data plan now or $15 if you have Telus TV See below for the data caps