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  1. if the L4 isn't a sub 200$ phone, i don't think it will do well the 1II will probably catter to the same niche of people who'd go for Lg's V line of phones as for the 10II i can't really see it have any chance of mild success
  2. they just don't know any better since that's what they've been served since as far back as i can remember (first sports game i played was FIFA world cup 98)
  3. what's the issue? just let them built the plant whilst planting the same amount of trees elsewhere
  4. Reading about data cap horror stories meanwhile in Italy haven't seen them since the move from ISDN to ADSL
  5. Windows 10 and deleting user files are starting to become synonymous
  6. the 8 lite is impressive, only thing lacking is a headphone jack. Even if it comes with a MediaTek SoC, the Dimensity 1000 pretty much competes with the SD855 Though, don't know if things have changed, MediaTek as a bad rep among the Custom ROM, so this might be another point to consider before buying
  7. UK or as i like to call it: softcore china credit system when?
  8. starting to feel like the last person on earth who doesn't consider the camera's performance when deciding what phone to pick. can't even remember last time i opened the camera app on my phone
  9. good thing i'm still holding back on buying a Switch, betweeb the huge bezels, the awful subscription plan, inconsistent feature application between the games and what's being promised by the sub, and franchises i used to love slowly becoming soulless corporate cash grabs... i just look at the thing at the store and just go: "maybe next time, now where are those induction cook-tops again?"
  10. the one thing i can't wait to see, auto pilots on trucks and the end of trucks trying to overtake each other on the highway
  11. What's the point of a physical medium if all studios cant be arsed to release the game in a playable state and requires day one patches as large as the game itself?
  12. too me, as someone who jumped on the phablet side with the release of the Galaxy Note 2, the only devices that has a bigger footprint than that phone was the Galaxy Mega and the huawei mate 20X.
  13. considering current 6 inchers fit in the footprint of the OG Galaxy Note, there is no need to worry about size of the whole device. Still is a third the size of an iPad mini. And i don't thing people dreaded the 7" inch tablet format, it's simply became pointless when phones went beyond the 3.5 and 4", with the iPad mini being the only outlier because of iOS's tablet apps and it's evolution to iPadOS making it a better media consuption device than a 5 or 6 inch phone
  14. sad, really wanted to see a successor to the passport
  15. Blizzard current state is why i completely stop playing all of their games. I dropped diablo and am tightly keeping an eye on Torchlight and Path of Exile. Especially PoE, probably the best aRPG i've played in the last decade. And now that Torchlight Frontier as gone from f2p to b2p, the future looks bright for me there. WoW stopped playing after WotLK, and moved to GW2 and as of last christmas, ESO. Played a FF14 for a month, probably the best classic-ish MMRPG i've ever played, too bad i can't justify the time i'd be able to put in for the subs price. OW, fuck that game and it's matchmaker Starcraft, never managed to get into it, tried it multiple time but would always end up bored and tune out mid game. AoE2 though still amazing, don't even feel the hours flying on that game. And worst thing of all: forcing me to have the CoD icon on the battle.net launcher
  16. pocket change, now to slightly increase the price of iphones and recover it all in the next quarter
  17. and here i am waiting for something that might be branded as 5800 or 5900