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    Electronic designer


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    intel 6500
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    Asus H170-Pro
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    HyperX 32GB dddr4 2100MHz
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 390
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide Spec-01
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    Samsung 250GB SSD, WD 1TB Caviar Blue drive
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    Corsair CX650W
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    Benq GL2450
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    Noctua NH-D9L, Noctua NF-F12 Linus Edition, Noctua NF-F14 Linus Edition
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    Cooler Master CMSTORM
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    Cooler Master CMSTORM
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    Ubuntu 16.04

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  1. don't remove "screen protector" and don't put clay on the hinge
  2. If this is how it's going to be then bring back cigarette commercials, stop blatantly hating on smokers and remove those ugly pics from cigarette packs they are disturbing, triggering and don't let people enjoy they're smoke break. Also they should be allowed to smoke in closed spaces, it's discriminating to force to go outside on the cold just to get their dose of nicotine. Even if doctor say it's bad for your health, they should keep it for themselves and let them live how they see fit.
  3. suicidalfranco

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    do it on a thin and light laptop or a slightly thicker laptop like the new Legion from Lenovo is sr-iov possible on a laptop could you try to run it using sr-iov in order to just use one gpu
  4. suicidalfranco

    UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July

    a bad joke wonder if they have a license for that?
  5. suicidalfranco

    Xbox One S All Digital is Coming out Soon

    Frankly I would love to be on the side of "physical media > digital media" for many reasons, but let's get real, we've been terrible consumer, even awful, allowing studios and publishers to release half baked games that are unplayable on the disc without downloading massive "day one patches". Physical is dead, and we have only us to blame for it. Now watch as we ruin it further by cheering at the word "roadmap" while they expand the trash "live service" concept.
  6. and pewdiepie endorsed a new streaming platform, how long will it take for the mainstream to start calling that site alt-right and every ism in the book
  7. suicidalfranco

    Galaxy A80 revealed - up, down, round and around

    witchcraft! everybody knows that a round hole on a phone will disrupt the quality of the bluetooth signal. There can be only one!
  8. still want an Italexit And the EU is anything but democratic
  9. Valve should add a review section on publisher/developer page, that way games won't have to suffer. Or introduce something akin to the worst company award, with a user review system, a timeline that aggregates news and user review activity and the release of the award at the end of the year, and paradoxically add a best company award
  10. suicidalfranco

    Stackoverflow survey reveals growing interest in Linux

    don't know what that means but i use VLC and it never gave me problems, so don't really have any issues there BricsCAD is cross platform and has a single fee, my workplace have completely shifted to it over AutoCAD with an easy transition from every member of the office. It's functional, lacks the fluff that autoCAD has and gives us the option to pay separately for tech support which includes upgrades for the longevity of the support. In the past 4 years i've been using a desktop that i set with Ubuntu has the main OS, I've gotten so used to Unity that i completely stopped using my Macbook Pro and only turn it on when on a mission just to watch youtube videos. Unluckely for me Canonical pulled the plug on Unity and i've got two years left on my 16.04 distro. The good folks here at LTT kinda make it sound like nvidia optimus drivers are a solved issue as of now. Would love to see a full AMD laptop though as long as temps are as low as the intel+nvidia combo, decent performance for the price and something comparable to the i7+2060 offering, and an iGPU + dGPU actively switching based on the required load.
  11. All i want for Christmas is an Italexit
  12. suicidalfranco

    Stackoverflow survey reveals growing interest in Linux

    Nice! Planning to trade my MacBook Pro for a legion and run either pop os or Manjaro as sole os