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  1. Windows 10 "Lean" Edition in the works

    but can it fit in a 700MB cd-rom?
  2. how is that better? There is no dish that doesn't taste and smell amazing after adding that garlic. The turnip is only there to be eaten while you wait for that dish to cook.
  3. Just want that video to shut the fanboys with their "magic optimization" apple does on their products that can bend space and time continuum and bring results far beyond what the hardware they use can deliver.
  4. Or accept that there is no ,magic dust inside Mac's that make things run faster. Would be nice if @LinusTech could make a fcpx comparison between a MacBook and an hackintoshed laptop cause I couldn't find any test on that front. But I expect pretty similar results given what you get for a similarly priced laptop or similar results as the MacBook (maybe better cause no thermal throttling) on a similarly, but cheaper, specced one. Cause tech is tech, there is no fairy dust.
  5. Chat is Google's next attempt at messaging on Android

    messages hardly consume any data. looking at whatsapp have a gig worth of stuff accumulated through at least half a year of use. Wouldn't really worry about this eating through your data cap
  6. completely agree! And given the features MS is focused putting on W10, i'd say SL still stands above by not coming with useless fluff and what essentially constitute bloatware
  7. and as someone who downgraded back to it: It still is the best version of OSX and has nothing to envy from MacOS since majority of the feature are there kust to turn my MBP into an accessory for iDevices.
  8. hence why i'm buying some raspberry pi and attaching them to the already present speakers in my home and installing Mycroft on them. Open source voice assistant No data hording Active, growing community of developers expanding it's abilities checked all the box for me
  9. Jobs' one was better. glad to see to see cook's bastardisation of it fail.
  10. Chat is Google's next attempt at messaging on Android

    mmhh no. This will work through your data if both ends support RCS, if one doesn't it will be sent as SMS that's the one you'll pay. RCS will only use your existing data plan, no additional fees.
  11. Chat is Google's next attempt at messaging on Android

    Should have just focused on working on hangouts and expand it instead of releasing a new app with the same frequency as your average Chinese game studio trying to stay relevant in the mobile app market after it has discovered RPG maker
  12. and yet every new iteration of MacOS makes my MacBook feel more and more like a glorified accessory for the iPhone
  13. Spotify overhaul for free users.