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    intel 6500
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    Asus H170-Pro
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    HyperX 16GB dddr4 2100MHz
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    Sapphire R9 390
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    Corsair Carbide Spec-01
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    Ubuntu 16.04
  1. no problem, i got all the game i need in Warframe. All games are shit anyway by it's standards anyway and now we wait for Fortuna...
  2. So lower quality panels than what Samsung offers, at the same price if not more (the device, not the Panels), just to go full Nelson on Samsung? Smart.
  3. Taiwan numba 1
  4. invert the roles and you'd have the gaming media rejoicing for: male developers losing his job after insulting female gamer.
  5. Is Apple's behavior ILLEGAL?? - iMac Pro Repair Pt. 2

    If there's something i learned from the fanboys in this forum: Unless Louis secretly has a an apple certification, he won't be able to make it work. It's physically impossible. More excited about the coming vid around Wendell's (and many other contributors of course) Looking Glass. Between that and his KVB switch, the guy is on fire ever since the split from TekSyndicate
  6. Apple's new USB security feature has a major flaw

    in @DrMacintosh own words:
  7. Overwatch raises 12.7 million USD for breast cancer research

    But... weren't all gamers misogynists?
  8. They own it. And thankfully enough, after 3 years they are the only one to use it. Glad none of other manufacturers jumped on this trash for once. Hope it stays this way for ever.
  9. Windows Update KB4284835 - Causing Boot Loops

    > Be MS > Fire the team that is supposed to test your shit > Release an OS in beta state > Have consumer pay to use your beta product > Don't take responsibility for when your beta software craps someone hardware > After 3 years still keep using your customer base as beta testers > In the meantime gather as much data as possible from your customers > Sell said data to the highest bidder > Focus on adding useless adware/bloatware to that beta OS you're still working on > Force every machine to upgrade to the next beta version > Let your rabid fan base do the apologising for you when beta upgrade shits the bed MS in a nutshell
  10. New AMD CPU Cooler from DeepCool

    i only buy noctua tbh
  11. Apple and Intel delay 5G adoption on iPhone

    Meh don't care about 5G, would prefer to see all ISP work to bring me gigabit internet or 10 gigabit internet now that I we have optical fiber. 100 (80 effective) is amazing, but I want more
  12. DRAM prices to rise slightly in 3Q18, NOOOOO!!!

    why though? they don't even have money
  13. yep and went crazy with it anyway DELL MUH RIG could use extra buck for more rgb rgb makes everything faster
  14. AMD Polaris Refresh? AMD "North Star" this year?

  15. DRAM prices to rise slightly in 3Q18, NOOOOO!!!

    inb4 blame the miners