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    intel 6500
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    HyperX 32GB dddr4 2100MHz
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  1. time to buy a third one one of the best controller i've ever used sad to see them go though
  2. twitch will start getting worried when titty streamers will start to leave
  3. no, just means that kids using chromebooks at schools will mostly learn how to use Chrome and the web than ChromeOS because Chrome, the browser, is the main interface to everything in ChromeOS no. G-Suite is the only set of apps that stands toe toe with MS Office. Which means demand for it exists in the business world. Sure ChromeOS might not be the main platform towards it's growth, but then again, kids are not learning to use ChromeOS, they're learning Chrome and the Web mainly. Where is the implication? As far as italy and France are concerned, only when entering the equivalent to the US high school do kids get to choose what kind of school they want to proceed toward, industrial, classical, artistic, scientific, catering etc.. . And if they never repeated a class, that normally happens when they are 15 years old and entering the third year of HS. Which means that before reaching that age, what would be classified in the US as middle school and primary school, getting Apple's premium offering is pointless and draws no benefits compared to Chromebooks Tin foil hat intensifies
  4. fify cough* g suite numbers disagrees cough* so less reasons to pick them over chromebooks unless the kid specifically decides to go toward an art focused school. Something that, as far as Italy and France are concerned, doesn't happen before being 15 if he never had to repeat a class irrelevant to what determines success
  5. meanwhile i was caring this at school back in 2004 the Sony Ericsson P910. Boy did i loved that thing
  6. to me the only good thing that came here is the, allegedly, better cooling (i'll let the reviewers be the judge of that), which is the only thing i've been wanting them to improve since i've started buying macbooks (went from a 2006 poly macbook, to a 2007 17" MBP when i got hooked, to the mid 2012 MBP). And it took them 7 years and a half to finally try to change something in that front. Too long and too late in my book which is why i stopped using the damn thing
  7. on one hand i want to be happy and excited for it but on the other hand: - it's been 4 years since i last opened my macbook pro - in those 4 years of not having a decent option to replace my mid 2012 macbook pro i've moved away from OSX - with the move i ditched the iPhone and went Note 2 and stayed on android ever since - i can't see myself go back to MacOS now that i know the ins and outs of Ubuntu So for me, whilst ignoring other issue i may have with this one, Apple came way to late to this party
  8. and another nothing burger. I'm really disappointed with the forum today :( expected two threads that could brighten up my day by trashing apple and ms and all i got where two trash articles that have nothing to do with Windows getting hacked or Apple Card doing something wrong Can we leave the sensationalist, clickbait titles to Linus and his videos?
  9. yeah this is a nothing burger and nothing to actually do with Windows