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  1. Necro time: Bought a new PSU and pc works perfectly lul
  2. Nah, 3 year warranty, 5 years old. Besides, i was gonna upgrade anyway, I have bigger ambitions than what 550w can supply </3
  3. So it's probably either just old age + me pushing it over the edge by being a little too rigorous with my cleaning like i first thought.
  4. Hm, well it could be possible that i zapped the psu without realising it. Which sucks because I'm always so careful about it.
  5. It was plugged in ;p plus i never experienced any static shocks during both disassembly or reassembly
  6. Nah, never touched it. I did a bit of digging around in my bios to see if something changed and even reset the CMOS but to no evail.
  7. I always work with bare feet, and regularly ground myself on either a metal bench or the psu so static electricity was not the issue at all.
  8. Unfortunately, i don't have a spare PSU. None of my friends are the kinds of people to have power supplies lying around either. So I'm kinda screwed.
  9. Ok, second time writing this. First time my pc shut off in the middle of writing (more on that later). So i decided to dust out my PC today. I like a nice clean pc and more airflow is better imo. I'm a pretty experienced system builder (used to work as a repair technician in a pc shop) so i'm pretty confident when it comes to disassembly and reassembly. I took apart my pc and blew out all the dust using a balloon pump which has always been my go-to dusting tool due to its lack of static and reusability. After dusting everything out I put all my components back into my pc, i plugged it back into the wall and attached all my peripherals just as it was before i took it apart. I booted it up and after about 30 seconds on windows, the cursor froze and i got a back screen. I started trouble shooting my problems by removing components (graphics card and non-essential drives) the best result i got was when my pc booted but my cpu was running at around 0.2 - 0.8 Ghz. After i had about 10 minutes of stability, i thought it would be a swell idea to come to the LTT forums to talk about my issue. Well like i said, half way through my writing, my pc flickered a black screen at me, and shut off. By this point i'd already come to the conclusion that my OCZ 550w psu from a few years ago had finally died. I think that my dusting may have caused this (oops). Either that or a motherboard fault, as unlikely as that would be, considering that the motherboard is the only part of my pc that i didn't remove. Is there anything i should be considering before going out and buying a new PSU? I didn't post this in the power supply section of the forum because I'm honestly not 100% sure it's my PSU as likely as it might be. Specs: Core i5-6500 at 3.2Ghz 8gb DDR4-2133 ram Gainward Phoenix GTX 1070 Graphics card. MSI Mortar b150m Motherboard. OCZ Fatal1ty 550w 50+ White power supply (RIP) TLDR; Computer machine broke, might be psu. What do?
  10. I'm using a Blackwidow 2013 and Deathadder 2013. I also use Hyper X Cloud II for my headset.
  11. gibe nao plz? I have an R7 370 that i bought because i needed to upgrade from my GTX 560 ti that i had for years. P.S i'm broke