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  • Birthday 1975-01-25

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    15-20 years PC tech experience and general fat ass
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    None, Early retirement due to illness


  • CPU
    r7 2700x 4.3ghz 1.35vcore
  • Motherboard
    MSI X470 Plus
  • RAM
    16gb DDr 4 3066mhz(2666 stock)
  • GPU
    Msi Gtx 1080 Ti
  • Case
    Phanteks p400 tg /s
  • Storage
    860 m.2 Evo 500gb / 240gb intel ssd
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750X
  • Display(s)
    27" AoC 1080p
  • Cooling
    Fractal S36 AiO
  • Keyboard
    Cooler Master Fake mechanical
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    Cooler Master
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    1 speaker ;)
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    Windows 10 pro 64bit

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  1. eh, so you buy a car that does 200mph but then there is a hotfix that makes it got 190mhp only.... hm are you going to notice it .. ofcourse you are ... If i was even remotly scared of Zombie whatnot i would keep it but im not so i wont...
  2. Ok so if you dont use VM etc and only game with your machine and are quite safe with your usage then uninstall the damn patch ... Cpu-z Bench prior to removing patch gave me 5800 on Multi core same as a STOCK 9900k while mine is running 5.1ghz @ 1.35vcore ... uninstalled the patch and now doing 5920 multicore and on single core i gained 5.5 points from 580-584,6 to 590.1 So if your just a gamer then get rid of the latest so called "fix" for zombie load which affects VM machines...
  3. Sorted now.. tyvm for your feedback ended up sorting him out with a z97x gaming 3 board instead , he is happily gaming away now
  4. Thank you so much for the quick answer... i will just remove those connectors oh by chance if there is a "special" power going from one of them should i just use that like for the hdd removable bay ?
  5. Hey guys... Im swapping out the "standard" Acer PSU (500w) for a 650w corsair one , the thing im thinking of is the fact that on the motherboard Acer has put 2 x Sata power connectors that branch out into 3 Sata power cables and when reading it states that the power to the sata devices are routed thru the motherboard , if i swap PSU do i need to have those connected as the 650w already has like 6 sata cables and there is no need to route thru the Mobo ... Its an 1150 board with an i5-4460 and the acer psu (fsp500w) isnt strong enough to power the r9 280x (250w) ... wont boot at all but runs fine with the gtx 760 (150w)
  6. Hey peeps I have this Rampage II Extreme (x58) board with peculiar faults, it boots and detects memory only in the BLUE dram slots and 3 of 6 usb ports work and none of the onboard sata ports work (intel) but the Jmicron one works along with IDE ... I made a short video with a shaky hand and some desscription i am asking for help identifying the chip name/model/brand if anyone has the same board Just as good as the Verge video if not better Thank you so much for any help rendered ... slag me off as much as you want in regards to the video
  7. Kenjo

    Arctic Accelero on RTX 2070

    Looks like the card became abit bent otherwise a nice snug fit... could it be that you used the wrong heatsinks in the wrong place ? the other ones to the left looked not as high , my card has been sent on RMA will hear back this week if i get a full refund or the same card back
  8. Kenjo

    Arctic Accelero on RTX 2070

    Aha.. i guess we wait then
  9. Kenjo

    Arctic Accelero on RTX 2070

    How did it go ? have you tried it ? how is the sound and can you take some pic´s ? got a jetplane 2080 ti and looking for solutions to make it quiet while looking nice
  10. well i just want the silence to be honest along with "some" estetics... the Accelero IV is good performer but looks like Alien and predator had a child
  11. FyI.. AiO coolers are around 35-45db depending on brand of fans , the EVGA 2080 ti black is 60-70db at full load (any game) so yes a AiO is by far better in regards of noise levels
  12. Hey guys, im in a pickle. i have the afformentioned card and im looking to lower the noise of it, atm the card hits 78-80c while gaming and the fans sound like a jetplane taking off... i want to lower the noise and temperature to atleast 60-70c full load ... i have been looking at EVGA´s own hybrid kits but they are not available at all , would it be worth spending another 50$ on an 240 Eisbar gpu setup or wait for EVGA to get their act togheter ?
  13. Kenjo

    Fractal S36 AiO

    Well now i have to wait for the shop to actually hear the same thing and notice the same things.. i have 0 confidence though ... if they play music loudly they wont hear it...
  14. Kenjo

    Fractal S36 AiO

    i sent it for RMA since shop said .. NO ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT KIND OF NOISE ... running with an s24 atm that i borrowed of a friend and it keeps the cpu 2-4c coooler and NO clicking
  15. Kenjo

    I9-9900K Cooling

    Hey i know im late to the party My setup: I9 9900k @ 5ghz 1.33vcore 83c cinebench load with an S24 from fractal compared to my s36 (rma) that keept it at 84c in the same load Im surprised the S24 is keeping this puppy cooler than the s36... Mobo : Msi Z390 Carbon gaming etc 16gb ddr4@3000mhz (2666 clocked.. wont do higher ;/ cheapo sticks) 960(250gb nvme boot) 850 (i think) m.2 500gb (games ) Phanteks p400 tg/s