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  1. Air cooled vs AIO liquid cooled 1080ti?

    Getting the kingpin one you dont have to worry about AiO ones... good quality high end etc , Ive been thinking of slapping a 120mm AiO on my future card but dont see the point really with the current 0 db fan systems etc...
  2. While-flawored GPU

    They are known as Galax in asia/usa i belive had to rename to KF2 in europe due to naming rights etc Netonnet.se has a 1070ti for 5990 Skr ( saw your finish ... not to far away, just a ferry ride) https://www.netonnet.se/art/datorkomponenter/grafikkort/nvidia/kfa2-geforce-gtx1070ti-ex-white-8gb/249252.8989/
  3. Galax GTX 1080 any good?

    Then HODL get a 2nd hand gtx 970/780/770 etc u will be able to play 1080p easily and it wont cost you that much between 80-100 bucks (usd converted from swedish) ... and you can wait for the next gen to drop in the next 2-16 weeks.... i know its a pain to wait
  4. Galax GTX 1080 any good?

    Yes i have read the same online from different sources but them stating (nvidia) that RTX will NOT work with pascal lineup only future cards makes me hold back, maybe get some cheap 2nd hand pc for work and a gtx 770 and up 2nd hand on craigs etc and wait for the new lineup ... i also see you saying you have the stuff... im assuming your talking case/psu/mobo/cpu etc if that is the case and its intel u wont need a discrete top of the line gpu right now considering you can still work with the IGPU, if Amd ouch... maybe get the 2200g/2400g for 100-150 bucks and wait.... If you cant wait... like i was 2 weeks ago untill my wife slapped the NO GO on buying i would go for a 1070ti (newer pascal chip) with OC you can reach gtx 1080 performance
  5. Galax GTX 1080 any good?

    Also considering the fact that GTC is coming up.. i suggest waiting to see what the rumour mill spits out in the next few weeks... pascal is 2 years + old .. new gpu is coming sooner than later ... hook a Fractal S36 up to your buyers finger and coool it
  6. So in bios, can you turn of Apu/igpu and set to only use Pci-e gpu also you using the DVI or Hdmi ? if hdmi use the 1st hdmi port , if dvi and no picture im at a loss tbh
  7. Constant Microstutter?

    That is true, just because you can run your ram at 99999mhz with no bsod doesnt mean it will increase your performance.. you have to find a sweet spot... with my budget ballistix ram it seems to be 2666mhz and not 2933 or higher... im not bothered though since atm every game is smooth albeit only at 45-50 fps or lower ;/ and game settings at medium/low... sick n tired of crypto mining and Ram fixing
  8. Constant Microstutter?

    Dont know if you answered me or OG but i have no microstutter at all on the AMD system compared to the Intel just saying.. maybe lowering the ddr to what its rated and it will go away.. unlike amd faster ddr doesnt make that much difference for intel.. its always slow
  9. Constant Microstutter?

    This isnt any help i thnk but i had the same issue with my 6700k and an Gtx 1070 (asus Turbo) it vansihed when i changed to Amd... R7 1700 @ 3.9ghz stable 2666mhz mem, not a single microstutter at any framerate, even with the current gtx 770 im using.. since the 1070 died... try lowering ram speed see if it helps
  10. Buy now or wait ?

    I know what has been said and rewritten in the media outlets with their interpetation of what has been said, Mining with GPU´s is dying no matter how you look at it... ethereum is crashing hard its lost 3 times what it was worth 2months ago also other coins are crashing, THe 1080ti´s ur seeing flying of the shelves are because they are still somewhat profitable but not for long, Nvidias statement on prices are discussing the current lineup of cards ergo the 10 series with gddr5 / x ... the new series of cards will not use gddr5 except for the budget versions perhaps while the mid to high end will use gddr6 / hbm2... seeing as there are 3 major players now focusing on gddr6 ahead of gddr5 which the mobile industry keeps munching up for their "new" flagships... I will stick with what i belive is going to happen soon/soonish which is a boom in the wrong direction for miners and great direction for gaming consumers.. Eth 450 today.. next week 250... Bitcoin wont reach its highs again in 1-3 years current bitcoin is 8.3k december it was 19k + .... it happens every 5-8 years in the coin market.. it rises and falls... like a normal stock market, and considering the ammount of effort google/china/asia is putting in to stopping it dont be surprised to see it fail even harder this time around...
  11. Buy now or wait ?

    The profit made from mining with 1 or 100 gpu´s is dwindling, considering Eth is now 450 usd compared to 1300 usd.... and the difficulty is thru the roof... the profit margins for gpu mining is gone and will be for a long while so be prepared to see the used market flooded ... and with Nvidia coming out with a new gen the 10 series will be dropping like flies keep up the patience people you will soon see masses of 1060 to 1080ti´s on craigs/ebay for low low prices since they need to push them BEFORE the new cards launch to not lose even more money on the cards ! ... dont buy em though considering mining isnt that great for a gpu ... 100% load is still 100% load regardless of power usage
  12. Buy now or wait ?

    Well mining is going away .. all the latest news says that gpu mining is nearly "dead" due to the difficulty increases and the fact that bitmain as i said is releasing an Asic miner..
  13. From what i gathered here is that you wont get picture from either the APU or the GPU, do you get a picture without the gpu installed ? if thats the case there is something wrong with your "new" gpu tbh , it sucks i know
  14. Buy now or wait ?

    Your making valid points but remember that GPU mining is "dead" with the difficulty increases and Asic´s you will see the used market crash with loads of 10 series cards and usually the next gen 80´s cards perform just below previous gen´s Ti version, so a 11/2080 will be almost as powerful as a Ti of the previous gen so getting a 2080 for 550-650 usd compared to a 1080ti for 1100... its simple.. so regardless of my Tech devil telling me to Buy now i will hodl hodl (crypto joke)...
  15. GPU Mining: still profitable?

    As everyone has stated, GPU mining is almost dead considering the increased difficulty and the fact that bitmain is releasing an ASIC that can mine altcoins including ethereum.. yes its not that asic resistant as they wanted it to be ... long live gaming prices again