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    15-20 years PC tech experience and general fat ass
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    r7 2700x 4.3ghz 1.35vcore
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    MSI X470 Plus
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    16gb DDr 4 3066mhz(2666 stock)
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    Msi Gtx 1080 Ti
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    Phanteks p400 tg /s
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    860 m.2 Evo 500gb / 240gb intel ssd
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    Corsair RM750X
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    27" AoC 1080p
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    Fractal S36 AiO
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    Cooler Master Fake mechanical
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    Cooler Master
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    1 speaker ;)
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    Windows 10 pro 64bit
  1. i5 8400 or i7 7700

    Hm seems alot of people havnt seen the reviews about the fact that intel cpu´s drops frames for the VIEWERS of a stream like rain on a rainy day ... For streaming i would only suggest a ryzen cpu since they are by far superior when it comes to streaming (not dropping frames for viewers) If you have the cash just go r7 2700/2700x I would only suggest an Intel cpu if your NOT streaming and instead recording and then editing and uploading or if you dont stream at all clearly the Intel 8700k is king...
  2. Hey , unless you really really want and need the 20 series i suggest save a buck and go with a 1080ti in 2-3 months since the 2080 is slower than a 1080 ti in most benchmarks just watch Hardware unboxed 35games tested etc If you really want Raytracing (which isnt in ANY game atm) then go for the 20series.. but save up for the 2080 Ti instead... Just my view on the matter... Either 2080 card is literally the "same" the FE version has vaporchamber cooling compared to AiB
  3. Just running Geekbench atm @ 4.33 ghz atm its getting higer scores than i9-7980xe singe core on CPU-z .. 100% stable so far.. going to run aida64 extreme stability test in abit
  4. Hey guys, just fiddled with the settings in bios on the z270a pro (msi) motherboard and a i5-6400 cpu .. managed to pump it to 3.778mhz with 1.288vcore ... thought that non K wouldnt let you OC at all bclk is set to 140
  5. Sorry for the delay been busy IRL painting and fixing the outdoor space installed the new sysinfo and it dropped to 4.545 on boost... im still laughing
  6. Figured as much just ran a new test today and https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/27895083 still saying 4.6ghz boost but ran MSI Afterburner and not once during the run did either of the 16 threads go above the set clock of 4.2ghz ...
  7. its OC´d to 4.2ghz @ 1.35vcore instead of using XFR 2.0 since it pushes vcore to insane lvls for nanoseconds , the run i looked at could have been when i just did a testrun without manual OC instead of VCOREMADNESSXFR , i will do a run in a min to see Just did a run now and it reports 4.534Mhz on cpu on boost... so i guess XFR isnt turned off in bios... meh need to go back in and triple check
  8. So i checked some of my "older" results on 3d mark firestrike and found that it was reported 4790mhz boost on my r7 2700x ? that MUST be a bug right ? https://www.3dmark.com/fs/15721157
  9. R7 2700x OC

    Update: Tried 4.3ghz @ 1.4vcore and still crashing in cinebench.. dialed it down to 4.2ghz@1.325vcore getting strong cinebench scores 1871... Seems i have a dud core somewhere as it wont reach 4.3 with 1.4.. rather not push higher on vcore since using it 24/7 ... 1.325 seems ok´ish to use for everyday usage... and 4.2ghz isnt to be scuffed at
  10. R7 2700x OC

    Update: had to change from 1.35 to 1.3625 this morning , tried cinebench at 1.35 and it insta crashed time to test cinebench
  11. God evning ladies, Just installed my new S36 in my phanteks p400 tg/s case and thought why not.. cranked it to 4.3ghz with 1.35vcore.. 60c while doing cpu-z bench will do cinebench / heaven and real world gaming tomorrow.. watching world cup atm If stable 100% at 1.35vcore at 4.3ghz is quite ok ? with 60-65c ?
  12. Need Help!

    My friend had a similare issue and after about 1-2weeks of troubleshooting basically taking the board out of the case and trying all mem channels etc i found out that the muppet that owned the pc before had put 2 standoffs on the case where there was NO HOLES on the motherboard so it was being shorted the whole time while inside the case. Now im not saying that this is your issue with standoffs.. but i suggest you take the Mobo out of the case and test the whole system (yes i know its a pain in the ****) , if the system runs perfectly fine outside the case then i suggest you check each mounting hole on the board to see if there is any wear and tear that might cause the problems.. it could also be which Sata port your using on the board etc ... To remedy these issues i suggest you Test everything outside the case to be sure that it works outside the case either the same way as before or better or worse Get in touch once this is tested
  13. AIO Coolers

    Ouch that has to hurt, btw have you tried warranty on the board ? alot of time the manufacturer just replaces the board unless there is obvious signs of tampering... if the pins are slighty bent and not something that is blatently obvious they might just replace it !
  14. which 360mm aio

    Bump ? or there is only 1 person that has an suitable answer to the topic
  15. https://www.lifewire.com/43-errors-explained-2619238