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About Kenjo

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  • Birthday 1975-01-25

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    15-20 years PC tech experience and general fat ass
  • Occupation
    None, Early retirement due to illness


  • CPU
    r7 2700x 4.3ghz 1.35vcore
  • Motherboard
    MSI X470 Plus
  • RAM
    16gb DDr 4 3066mhz(2666 stock)
  • GPU
    Msi Gtx 1080 Ti
  • Case
    Phanteks p400 tg /s
  • Storage
    860 m.2 Evo 500gb / 240gb intel ssd
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750X
  • Display(s)
    27" AoC 1080p
  • Cooling
    Fractal S36 AiO
  • Keyboard
    Cooler Master Fake mechanical
  • Mouse
    Cooler Master
  • Sound
    1 speaker ;)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro 64bit

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  1. Kenjo


    Ah well.. its all under warranty
  2. Kenjo


    I know about the degredation but 6months is way to short of a time for that to happen unless i was given a homeless chip
  3. Kenjo


    Odd thing is though i did a massive whole day stability test on the system about 1 week ago .. Aida64Extreme cinebenchr15 3dmark looping etc and it was perfectly fine no high temps no crashing absolutly nothing.... I did however install the latest Nvidia fail drivers today... im guessing they wherent as stable as they claimed
  4. Kenjo


    It runs 4.35ghz on 2 cores .. 1 core on Corepackage 1 and 1 core on package 2 with the infinity fabric highway But yes you are right im downclocking 2 cores while overclocking 6 cores.... We are talking 6 months from store to now with a mild OC on 6 core´s with reasonable Vcore.. i have never seen a system do that kind of "hickup" randomly where the actual pc is still on but keyboard/mouse/monitor "dies" and you cant reset or hold down power button to turn off ... not even in the day of the k6 or the core2 duo
  5. Kenjo


    So what your saying is that running the Ryzen 7 2700x Under stock value would prevent the keyboard/monitor/mouse to die and reset button not working ? R7 2700x stock turbo is 4.35ghz @ 1.47vcore ... hence why i locked it to 4.2ghz at 1.35vcore to prevent the insane vcore
  6. Kenjo


    Hey guys ! Something very very odd just happened earlier today.. i was reading some stuff online and all off a sudden my monitor / keyboard /mouse went black normally the mouse and keyboard are lit up red (static) and the monitor said "no signal" the pc itself was on and the Phanteks LeD strip i could use the button on the case to toggle the different colour modes no problem but the Reset button didnt work ... i had to power it off and back on by unplugging the powercord at the back ! Its been running fine for the last 2-3 hours Any help would be appreciated System spec: AoC 1080p 60hz monitor 27" Phanteks P400 TG Silent (case) Msi X470 Gaming Plus 1x 256gb samsung nvme M.2 ssd (boot 1x 500gb Samsung M.2 SSD MSI Gtx 1080 Ti Armor 2x 8gb ballistix 2666mhz Ryzen 7 2700x Fractal S36 AiO Coolermaster keyboard and mouse Cpu clock 4.2ghz 1.35vcore Memory 3000mhz non XMP Only time this has happened was today other days its been fine and its 6months old Kind Regards
  7. Kenjo

    Need to find GS7133 chip

    This thread can now be closed i have found the Chip and ordered them Thank you all for your input it was all valuable information and suggestions
  8. Kenjo

    Need to find GS7133 chip

    Oh and i forgot to link the dude´s video Found this guy really helpfull for "learning" what to look for in a "dead" gpu
  9. Kenjo

    Need to find GS7133 chip

    Thank you so so much , i have emailed their offices to see if its possible to get the exact replacement or if they can assist me in finding a "similare" replacement for the broken part I have done extensive testing on all the other parts of the board and they all give off the right values according to the tests conducted so fingers crossed that i can get this sorted and my 2nd cousin can get a cheap upgrade to their gtx 580 they are currently using yet again Thank you so so so much
  10. Kenjo

    Need to find GS7133 chip

    Oh so the Numbers underneath GS7133 means nothing ?
  11. Kenjo

    Need to find GS7133 chip

    ok here goes Msi Gtx 970 Gaming 4g Location: about 1 inch from Sli connection (the right one of the two) Better picture as good as it gets with an S8+ and desklamp
  12. Kenjo

    Need to find GS7133 chip

    Did that like 5 times its an old Gtx 970 and i went thru a "tutorial" video and this chip isnt giving out the 1.8v its supposed to and changing it out worked in the tutorial so now i have to find an exact same or similare chip that does the same thing... Bare in mind im a novice of a novice of a noob when it comes to electrical components... you could compare it to Britney spears trying to become a rocket scientist in 10min
  13. Hey guys, Ive been trying to search for this chip GS7133 and some other numbers but i cant find it anywhere Anyone on here competent and have the knowledge needed i will include a crappy S8+ picture of it
  14. Kenjo

    21:9 or 16:9 being powered by a 1080 ti

    I use my tv 50h a week paid 1100 for a 65" 4k hdr10 Pc i use roughly the same... and prior to stating YOU HAVE NO LIFE.. that is TRUE im on early retirement due to Multiple Slcerosis hence why im sat at home all day and my budget is what it is
  15. Hey guys, A 1440p 21:9 or a 1440p 16:9 ? Im atm on a 16:9 27" 1080pee Please dont do the usual PCMR and suggest monitors in the 1 000 Euro and up range Budget is between 300-350 Euro (USD) Have a nice day