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    15-20 years PC tech experience and general fat ass
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    R7 1700
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    Asus B350m-a
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    16gb ddr4 ballistix 2400@2666
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    Gtx 770 2gb Gddr5
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    Nzxt s340
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    860 m.2 Evo 500gb / 240gb intel ssd / 180gb Corsair ssd
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    750w Evga 80+
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    27" AoC 1080p
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    Fractal S24 AiO
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    Generic NON mechanical
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    1 speaker ;)
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    Windows 10 pro 64bit
  1. R7 2700x@4.2ghz Hwinfo64 is reporting an 38-40c idle temp Amd ryzen master (oc util) is showing 28-30c... Thats a HUGE 10c difference which one is correct
  2. Neverwinter online

    Just did took 10min now installing drivers etc, 1 annoying thing is the taskbar wont vanish when im browsing the web etc .. guess it will once i have a cup of java
  3. Neverwinter online

    When installing the m.2 into the x470 and booting up i did an installation of the nvidia drivers for the 1080 ti .. but i think there is to much crap lying around on the drive tbh
  4. Neverwinter online

    Playing Neverwinter online and getting 30fps setup is as follows: R7 2700x 4.2ghz X470 Msi Gaming plus Gtx 1080 Ti Armor 11g 16gb ddr4 @ 3000mhz 500gb evo 860(850) m.2 ssd 27" AoC monitor Thing is that with my previous setup: R7 1700@3.925ghz Gtx 1060 6gb B350 motherboard 16gb ddr4@2666mhz i was rocksteady at 60 fps , Going to do a full reinstall/wipe on the C drive (m.2) and see if things change any ideas would be appreciated
  5. id rathar have a steady 4.2ghz than a fluctuating 3.7-4.285 , call it an OCD but i like being in control of my PC
  6. kraken g12 1080ti / h440 cooling

    Wont that just make a 2-3c degree difference i think i remember seeing a few videos on the "myth" of Cpu being affected by positioning of radiator... i could be wrong though
  7. Did you also not read the fact that using XFR 2.0 you get that nice hefty 1.4+ vcore which is utter pointless if you can run it at a lower vcore with less heat / less degredation of the chip
  8. As topic says is that good or bad ? , actually reported by HWinfo64 that its 1.288vcore... Setup: R7 2700x Msi X470 Gaming plus Msi Armor 1080ti Oc 11g 2x8gb Crucial ballistix 2666mhz@3000mhz Fractal S24 Celsius AiO @ 39c idle Phanteks P400 TG silent / aio intake and 2 x 120 out back and top (1 back/1top)
  9. MSI Z97 random freezing

    Update; His PSU is a Fractal Integra r2... Tier 6... going to test his system with my rm750x v2 psu this week or next.. its sweltering warm here atm ;(
  10. Old parts old question

    Sorry my bad just noticed that the cpu in question here is a 1600fsb i blame the lack of strong java in the morning
  11. Old parts old question

    So how did you come to this conclusion ? The motherboard in question supports 45nm cpu´s / 1333 fsb and quad extreme cpu´s...
  12. Well what you need to do is check the model / revision of the cpu you are installing.. SLAC9 q6600 works on 99% of G31-41 chipsets
  13. Could be that he doesnt trust his PSU / Mobo to be reliable enough
  14. Exactly Basically i go after what chipset is on the board not what brand it is, the G41 Express chipset itself supports the Q6600 with no problem, the issue you might have though is the OEM cooler you have for the case/cpu.. in my case the cpu is not exceeding 50-55c with a 65w tdp cooler on a 95w tdp cpu..
  15. Hey peeps, couldnt help but read the thread and a simple google search for the g41 chipset shows it supports the q6600 Just recently put a q8200 on a g31 express chipset (dell optiplex 330) and the documentation said it wouldnt support it but alas it works like a charm, Should have checked google prior to asking btw your q 9xxx will be fine ,)