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  1. Maximusfoximus

    What is your favorite monitor size?

    I am currently in the monitor market with about $600 to spend. I am looking between 27” and 32”. Do you prefer 27”? Will 32” be too big? Or is 27” too small?
  2. Maximusfoximus

    I need advice on my first editing build

    If you are planning to stream I would go with a ryzen processer as it has the best value for core count and offers good performance. Here is my recommended specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 2700 Cooler: Cooler master hyper 212 evo black edition Motherboard: Cheapest B450 motherboard from a reputable manufacturer Ram: Cheapest DDR4 16GB kit (2x8GB) from a reputable manufacturer Storage: Samsung 860 evo 1tb GPU: Cheapest RTX 2070 Case: NZXT s340 Elite or Phanteks p400s PSU: Cheapest 750w power supply with a minimun 80+ bronze efficiency That should be more than enough for your purposed and clock you at about $1200 USD Here is the PC part picker link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/
  3. Maximusfoximus

    First time gaming monitor buyer

    I have bought many gaming monitors over the years and recommended plenty for my family as well. When looking for a monitor, one of the most important things to consider is that those bells and whistles, like RGB and other nice features, do not really matter, and you should focus entirely on the quality of the panel of the display. There are plenty of cheaper options to implement some bling into your setup, and when it comes to getting a monitor the thing that you will be interacting with every time you use it is the panel. Realistically, you will also not use the sub-menus for the monitor all that much once you find the settings that you like. I would look for the monitor with the best panel for the best price. By your interest in the aurous monitor, it appears clear that you are looking in the 32" size category, which is one of my personal favorites as it offers great verticle room to browse websites, whilst also allowing for more horizontal space in games. The monitor you have selected is also a VA panel instead of ips, which you said that you were looking for. I personally think that VA is just fine and has excellent color reproduction, and most likely you will not find an ips for that price in that size unless you step down to a 27". To me, that monitor seems a bit overpriced for the panel it offers, as there are many other manufacturers who offer that exact same panel, if not better, for a cheaper price. The monitor that I have is the BenQ EX3203R, which has a curved panel, 400 nits of brightness, 100% SRGB coverage, 1440p, and is 144hz while offering other bells and whistles for relatively the same price, but it offers better brightness and color than the Gigabyte option. I would steer clear of Samsung as I have had bad experiences with their monitors. The best budget option, which offers exactly the same panel 1 for 1 as the Gigabyte is the ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD (which is also curved for only $380!). In the 27 inch category there are a hundred more options, but ultimately it will come to you which size you prefer. The best advice I can offer is look at panel quality for price rather than the bells and whistles. The Benq is brighter, more color accurate, and has a brightness sensor, while the Viewsonic is nearly half the price. Hope that break down helps
  4. Maximusfoximus

    Best benchmark to test gfx card stability?

    I have a 1080ti in my system and when I overclock I use superposition, heaven, or valley, which are all great tests. If you are looking for a raw score, I would use cinabench gpu and compare it to online scores. Here is mine for reference if you want to use it to compare:
  5. Maximusfoximus

    Is this too much backlight bleed?

    Yeah, I agree TNs are pretty horrible but this one says it's a VA which, as I have heard, are renown for low backlight bleed. Here's the Amazon page:https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DPVRZXG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Maximusfoximus

    Is this too much backlight bleed?

  7. Maximusfoximus

    Laptop help

    Try going into power settings and disabling hibernation mode. That may help
  8. Maximusfoximus

    Is this too much backlight bleed?

    I recently bought a new 32” 144hz 1440p monitor from amazon for $600 and I am wondering if this is a defective unit. Is this amount of backlight bleed normal on a VA curved panel? Should I get it replaced?
  9. 32 GB any day as ram speed over 2133 is not really noticeable unless you are gaming and using it as a texture cache, but otherwise, if they are the same price its not even a question. You will not notice the speed difference, but you will most certainly notice the difference in buffer times with that much extra memory.
  10. Maximusfoximus

    1080p build which gpu better value?

    Np happy to help
  11. Maximusfoximus

    1080p build which gpu better value?

    I personally would go with the 1070 for three main reasons: driver maturity, video memory size, and ray tracing quality of 2060. In terms of driver maturity, the 1070 has many years and many game launches since its release and those games run extremely well on the pascal architecture. Many games were specifically built with pascal in mind and Nvidia has has several years to perfect drivers for those chips. Even though the Rtx 2060 may have faster video memory overall, in my experience in video memory it’s quantity over quality. Games, especially AAA ones, devour that memory with high resolution textures and it should give you more breathing room as future games release more complex textures in the future. If if you watched Linus’s review of the 2060, it is not that much faster than the 1070 and your paying for that “ray tracing” that, as Linus had said, really doesn’t make sense on a mid teir gpu like the 2060 as you would have to drop to like 720p low to use it. Overall it it is ultimately the description of raw speed over raw compute power, but based on those three reasons and the fact that modern games are still using rasterization anyway, the 1070 seems like a good bet, plus it’s a while 100 dollars cheaper and that is nothing to scoff at. The dual fans will also give it a boost speed advantage.
  12. Maximusfoximus

    9700k or 9900k?

    If you are going to run at stock I would suggest an i5 9400. It should run at higher stock speeds then what you have, give you a few extra cores, and save you some hard earned cash. You would only buy those top teir chips for high FPS gaming and if you were planning to overclock where your graphics card was so powerful and spitting frames so fast that the cpu would actually become the bottleneck. Given your situation and your gpu an i5 would be perfect, would not bottleneck you in any way, and most importantly save you a lot of money. It would also allow you to get a cheaper mobo since you don’t need a z series board to overclock. Your current i5 is only a bottleneck now due to the slower clock speeds of the sky lake generation, where really any cofeelake or newer cpu should suit your purpose in that department even out of the box. If you are planning on overclocking in the future tho to do some experimentation, the 9600k would be a good bet and would be perfect for your situation as well. Those top teir i7s are mostly overkill for anything below a 2080 or 2080ti. Hope this helps and happy gaming
  13. Maximusfoximus

    Cherry Browns vs Reds for Typing

    Yeah, I have felt reds before but I can't judge how fast I can type at the store because they are just plugged into a USB outlet and not into a computer. I was just wondering if anyone who has used either/or had any experience onto which one was better wpm wise.
  14. Maximusfoximus


    Since you are using icue components with the fans and ram, I would get an h100i pro rgb from corsair. Not only will this light sync with the other components in your system seamlessly, but from experience, I can tell you right now avoid the kraken at all costs. I have bought three in a row, every single one breaking within a month, and NZXT Cam is a nightmare; it eats resources, never works with other RGB software (especially icue) or even on its own, and consistently crashed my system. I also would buy NZXT's older S340 elite as it is cheaper and has a larger glass panel and IMHO it looks much better even though it doesn't come with any fancy built in RGB strips you could just buy some for the extra 10 bucks.
  15. Maximusfoximus

    high cpu usage

    If you have an anti-virus program that would be the culprit, otherwise look at task manager and see what is using so much. Also, make sure that your drivers are up to date and you have intel management engine installed.