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    Amd Ryzen 1700x 4.0Ghz
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    16gb Kingston HyperX Fury
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    AMD Rx Vega 64 (Dead)/ Zotac GTX 1060
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    Corsair Spec 02
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    4TB Seagate barracuda sata 3 HDD + Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III 3.0 SSD
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    Asus xonar/ Sennheiser HD 558/ Audio Technica ATH M50x/ Sennheiser IE80
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. So my motherboard only has two slots for fan connections and I am in need of a connector that I can connect multiple fans to. There are two options one uses the molex pins to 4pin fan connectors and the other uses the CPU fan header to 4pin fan connectors. Idk what should I choose. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Hi, I am looking for a camera app that has the option to rename photos before it's saved on the device. Thank you
  3. My gtx1060 maxes at 83c the max temperature for pascal cards is 95c. So, anything up to 88c should be fine although most cards will hit 84c max.
  4. Does it have the 80+ efficiency rating? Even if it does 600w seems bare minimum and I'd recommend around 750w or 850w but that depends on how much you wanna overclock. I am not an expert in Overclocking, so It'd be better if you made a different post to ask about it. You'll get better answers there
  5. Depends on what you are using it for... Now, the "Can it handle it" question, obviously it can. As far as CPU/GPU overclocking goes they don't depend on each other and won't suddenly become incompatible cause you decided to overclock one of em. Performance depends on the said application, say for example you are playing a game that is GPU bound, in such case overclocking your GPU will definitely give you a better performance. If the CPU is a limiting factor (some games use a lot of CPU horsepower) and your GPU is not being fully utilized, In such case Overclocking your GPU will not increase your performance since your CPU is limiting the performance (Also called as CPU bottleneck) Also keep in mind that Overclocking will drastically increase the power requirement from your PSU. So make sure you have a decent power supply that can supply enough power.
  6. Mogwai - Kids will be skeletons Really calm and beautiful song. Apple music - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kids-will-be-skeletons/273173399?i=273173619 Spotify -
  7. Yea the mobo has integrated graphics and also yes the primary graphics device is set to PCIe. thanks for your reply
  8. So recently I tried to resurrect an old system that didn't post with a GPU. Thinking it was an unstable PSU issue I ended up buying a new PSU. Still the machine doesn't post when a GPU is installed. It boots up normally with Onboard Graphics. I tested the graphics card and it works fine in my other system... Idk what's wrong here maybe the PCI slot is damaged? I only have one PCIe slot so can't verify if it's damaged... I also researched a bit and found out that if a processor is damaged (bent pins) this can be a processor issue. But since the system boots up normally with Onboard graphics and fits in well in the CPU Socket I don't think it's a damaged processor. SEND HELP! Full system specs AMD Fx8320 stock @3.5Ghz Nvidia Gtx1060 6Gb 8gb ddr3 Ram 550w Cooler Master MWE 80+ 4x 120mm cooling fans
  9. Thanks for all your replies! I got the 550w Cooler Master MWE 80+
  10. Got an old system with a plausible unstable PSU (600w) I am thinking of reviving the old machine. Will a 550w 80+ PSU be enough? To be more specific, Cooler Master MWE 550 80+ NOTE - I am not gonna overclock the CPU Full system specs AMD Fx8320 stock @3.5Ghz Nvidia Gtx1060 6Gb 8gb ddr3 Ram 4x 120mm cooling fans
  11. The UPS is just another inverter and it won't solve the issue, The UPS will have a small delay too. What you need is a voltage stabilizer/Regulator. The voltage stabilizer regulates the power supply and removes the delay with a constant supply. it will also protect your pc from damage due to voltage fluctuations. Hope this helps
  12. Yea maybe the Rx 470 is comparable with the PS4 GPU. But Rx470 is still outperformed by the Gtx1060 in almost all games with the difference in performance being at least 10-12 fps on similar settings.
  13. I Don't think PS4 pro's GPU is anywhere near Gtx 1060. I think it's comparable to a Gtx 1050ti or an Rx 570. The Xone yea comparable to GTX 1060 although in a comparison video by Digital Foundry (I think it was by Digital Foundry) The Gtx 1060 is more stable at Native 4K than Xbox One. Edit - (Correction1) The Gtx 1060 is not stable compared to Xone but has some advantages over Xbox One like better textures and shadows. (Correction2) The video mentioned was by JERMgaming you can find it here -
  14. Your GPU is dying, Worry not as this can be fixed. If it's covered under warranty RMA it. If not there are a few ways to fix it. 1. Underclock it and reboot. see if it removes the artifacts. If it does remove the artifacts (or even if it doesn't) get it out and remove the heatsink, Clean the GPU with Isopropyl alcohol and reapply the thermal paste. Check if the heatsink is clean and doesn't have any dust accumulation. Assemble everything and always check if you have connected the Heatsink fans while putting it back together, Put it back in the system and see if it works. 2. The second method involves cooking your card inside an oven (Not joking) Linus made a video on it a while back, you can check that out.