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  1. hello, this is a really weird issue that i have yet to pinpoint what causes. basically whenever i launch Msi Afterburner there is about a 50% chance that my PC will freeze and require to reboot, but if Msi Afterburner launches successfully it wont have any issues unless i shut it down and launch it again. this issue has happened ever since i built my pc about 4 months ago, ever since then i've formatted my PC numerous times and the issue still occurs. i even had my GPU RMA'd , and they sent me a new one (same model). and it still happens. the only thing i can think of is maybe its a Mobo/Cpu/Ram issue, but they work flawlessly with every other application (Gpu-z, HwMonitor, Sapphire Trixx), i've been forced to use Sapphire Trixx, but i really dont like it, and would rather use Afterburner. i have tried to reinstall Afterburner, install an earlier version, uninstall my GPU drivers using DDU. nothing works. Full Specs are Gigabyte Windforce R9 290 Intel i5-6600k Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard Hyper x Fury Black 2133Mhz 8Gb Ram
  2. i have a Seasonic G-650 Psu which is pretty good, you could refer to this list http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-2547993/psu-tier-list.html and check for something good there.
  3. i have a really crappy android phone, and i would really like it if i won! this one looks pretty great!
  4. i have a Asus z170 pro gaming and Hyper 212X and it fits nicely
  5. i can tell you this from running an R9 290 and an I5-6600k oc to 4.2, if i run at 1600*2560(which is the closest to 1440p i can get on a 16:10 monitor) on everything maxed out and hair works off, i did a test on the starting Ciri training scene and the lowest i've dropped to was 30 fps, and i was averaging about 40 fps. when i dropped settings to medium i got 60 and the lowest i got was 50. But then again, i don't know if the Ciri training scene is a proper benchmark, i only used it cause i saw it in Youtube videos, but i would take a good 5-10 fps off the fps i got, and consider that the minimum. if you wanna get 30 fps get a 480, if you wanna get more than that get a 1070 in my opinion.
  6. i had the same bug too, and i couldnt find a fix, even after doing a Windows reset, it still came back. the way i managed to fix it was install windows 7 and upgrade to win 10 again.
  7. I'm currently running with a crappy Microsoft mouse (Optical Mouse 200) and a Microsoft Curved Keyboard 2000, i've had them for so long and the mouse has been slowly dying on me, as for headphones i actually have pretty nice ones i bought half a year ago (Audio Technica M40x). i dont have any mousepads because i really cant use them, its really uncomfortable for me.
  8. im running an r9 290, but i would like an upgrade since it is pretty power hungry and fairly hot where i live