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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from IAmAndre in Ryzen 2 on x370 - can you update bios without first gen cpu?   
    I have a 2700x and I need to buy a new MOBO.
    Can you buy an x370 motherboard, slap the 2700x in and get to the BIOS for updating it? Or will this only work with a first gen Ryzen cpu in the socket?
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from chckovsky in I need a z370 mini-ITX board.   
    I see.

    Well thank you all for the information, unfortunately the decision was taken out of my hands. My daughter saw the two boards I was looking at (ASROCK and ASUS) and she saw the RGB on the ASUS board. So she is very adamant about that board. 
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from O9B0666 in 4th gen i7 vs 8th gen i3   
    The main issue is that itx 1150 boards seem expensive.
    I3-8100 is $120
    H310 is $55
    8gb stick is $70
    The i7-4770 is $120. 
    I already have the ram but will probably need a gpu as it isn't as good as the igpu of the 8100. 
    And it is difficult for me to find a good priced Mobo for it. 
    And I'd never use a 1030. If i need something lower than a card series mid-tier (like 1050), then I'd go to a >50 past generation. 
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Joescalon in AMD FX-4170 HELP??   
    I always wondered what the point was to have FPS that high? I understand you don’t want to dip below 60 or even 15, but having them that high seems wasteful. Does your friend at least have a g-sync monitor to take avantage of the frames?
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    Sin Stalker reacted to sazrocks in AMD FX-4170 HELP??   
    Use HwInfo and test temps while the CPU is doing a stress test (aida64 should work fine).
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Homeless Pineapple in linus i know youre there   
    The forums are not typically used to communicate with LMG staff. I would use their Twitter for a better chance of getting in contact with one of them.
    As for your request, the chances of LMG giving you items from their inventory without a giveaway taking place is slim to nil. If you are looking to trade with other members, you're going to need to use the Classified category at https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/89-classifieds/, which requires that you create 100 posts on the forums to use.
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from BlitzTechTips in Ryzen 1700x Weird acting and cant undo *solved*   
    So apparently XFR is still on. But what did happen was it reset my BIOS setting for RAM. So instead of running at 3200mhz, it was at 2133mhz (or maybe lower. Didn't memorize it). 
    Ran two of my benchmarks for cpu and its back to normal. Thank you. I should have checked the BIOS before posting. 
    Thank you again.
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from jeanpat in Best/Most Powerful 1366 Chip???   
    My current computer is an old i7 930. I can't buy a whole new computer but I can spend a bit to upgrade this one. I want to get the best CPU for this computer. I plan to overclock as well.
    In my own research I've found the most cores is a six, with 12 threads. I think the top three options are the i7 990x, Xeon X5690 and the W3690. 
    All three seem almost identical. I have this feeling that they are and Intel just disables certain features per model number. But that's just a suspicion.
    Which one of those is better or is there another that's better? 
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Enderman in No Idea What's Gone Wrong *solved*   
    You turned the power supply back on before trying to turn on the PC, right?
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    Sin Stalker reacted to kaiju_wars in 2700X - Wraith Prism LED Cooler V.S. H60 AIO ?   
    Test both out, if you plan to overclock, overclock to what you will, and test both coolers to see what temps get to.  Then use the better performing one.  Either way, both will be good, so you could also use whichever you like the looks of better.
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Rks87 in Best/Most Powerful 1366 Chip???   
    Don't be scared of old tech. I'm still running a 1366 18gb ram a $20 x5660 oc to 4.2ghz. Scores a 960 cinebench and games great. 200 for mobo and ram and 20 for cpu. I don't know of anything cheaper that performs close
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from Spyder1384 in Weird thing, not sure what it means or how serious   
    I just went to device manager and removed the drivers manually. Then rebooted and installed the nvidia drivers again. Worked without that program.  
    Thank you for the help.
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from stateofpsychosis in Weird thing, not sure what it means or how serious   
    I just went to device manager and removed the drivers manually. Then rebooted and installed the nvidia drivers again. Worked without that program.  
    Thank you for the help.
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Droidbot in 980Ti vs 1070 Ti   
    980Ti = 1070
    1070 has a  better DX12 implementation with the latest DX12 patch from Nvidia,  as a 1070 owner it pulled 5-10 fps ahead in Forza Horizon 3
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from TVwazhere in Advise about my 980ti VR Edition, is this normal?   
    Found the cause and solution over on reddit. I'm linking here just incase someone else searches with the same problem.
    The solution has worked for my idle temps. However I've had another issue occur. I've posted it in the troubleshooting section of the forum, as I am not sure if it is connected to the gpu.
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    Sin Stalker reacted to aisle9 in i7 920 upgrade or bust.   
    Xeon X5650. $20 for 6 cores, 12 threads on the X58 platform. I just ordered one for $30 shipped off of eBay for my X58 Sabertooth.
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    Sin Stalker reacted to JacksonGrey in LTT Gaming Server?   
    During the last WAN Show (Oct, 20th 2017) Linus made a comment in regards to the possibility of hosting an LTT Gaming Server. It seems that this is something that people like the idea of. 
    How do you feel about this and what games would you like to be included?
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    Sin Stalker reacted to ChalkChalkson in LTT Gaming Server?   
    Yeah, but why don't we host some for he community? 
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    Sin Stalker got a reaction from AGrider in Escorts   
    Flipping through the forum on my phone; I thought this section was called escorts, at first glance....
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    Sin Stalker reacted to pntless in Linus Tech Tips Affiliates, Referral Programs and Sponsors   
    See both edits at bottom. TLDR: They more than made up for it.
    Over the last couple of years, I have placed 3 orders with dbrand. You guys, and others, push them so much that I'm always hopeful they will get better. Their products are great, but their service is, well, not.
    First order actually arrived in a timely manner and was good. Great.
    Second order never arrived. This was before they started using tracking. After 2+ weeks they finally agreed to reship. Second shipment arrived more than a week later and was wrong. Not only was it completely missing items, but it had skins for devices I've never even owned and certainly did not order. Third shipment was, finally, right and was shipped with tracking and actually arrived...mere days before Christmas for my November order.
    Third order, placed just over 2 weeks ago, arrived last Wednesday and was wrong. I ordered 2 back skins for my Pixel XL. I received only one and it wasn't either of the ones I'd ordered. I, again, contacted dbrand. In doing so, I asked them to change one of the skins in my order to a different pattern. I got a reply 2 days later saying they would reship with changes.
    That shipment has not yet been sent and they haven't replied to a follow-up email I sent asking when it would be.
    Edit: Since posting this I have received both tracking information for the replacement shipment and a full refund for the order, which I never even requested.
    Took them a little while longer than I'd have liked, but props to dbrand for making it right.
    Edit 2: The replacement shipment arrived. Not only was it correct, but it was doubled. I received 2 of each skin rather than the one of each that I had ordered. That is in addition to the full refund and the initial, incorrect skin they sent which has been protecting my device in the meantime. They may have messed up initially, but went above and beyond to correct it. Their CS has improved significantly since my issues with them in late 2015.
    Thanks dbrand for stepping up. I'll be looking to order a Grip bumper probably next week!
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    Sin Stalker reacted to AMDNeko in Is there an AIO that should be avoided?   
    Just do not go with brands like deepcool or any budget brands because if they leak your done. Evga & Corsair for sure have your back in event of failure and I havent dealt with NZXT but I would like to imagine its the same. The Kraken and Evga CLCs are basically internally the same so go with what you like better if you do not want a Corsair unit but at the end of the day they are all the same Asetek CLCs (5th gen) I would avoid 4th gen Asetek units at this point. Besides that just avoid any used CLC that is 3+ years old if you want to use it for any meaningful amount of time~
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Arika S in Is there an AIO that should be avoided?   
    As long as you get a well known brand one, then you don't really have much to worry about as each one will have about the same failure rating. you have to understand that these companies do not want their product to be known as one that will fail and leak in an expensive computer, so they get to what ever lengths reasonable to have the lowest possible failure rating.
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Hiitchy in Is there an AIO that should be avoided?   
    There isn't really one you can avoid... Avoidance is more based on what kind of CPU you're using. I.e. you wouldn't want to use a corsair H60 to cool a 7700k. 
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    Sin Stalker reacted to thicc_boi in Is there an AIO that should be avoided?   
    i would grab anything Corsair, NZXT or Fractal.
    The new EVGA coolers are nice too
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    Sin Stalker reacted to Klovnious in Is there an AIO that should be avoided?   
    Personally I haven't heard about any AIO's that has started to leak. I had my Corsair H100 (the first one) for 5 years running on 4.8GHz for 4 of them, and 4.7GHz the last year before I managed to shortcircuit it by doing a silly mistake from my end, so I think AIO's are pretty solid tbh.
    I bought a NZXT Kraken X62 a month or two ago, no complaints.