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  1. I see. Well thank you all for the information, unfortunately the decision was taken out of my hands. My daughter saw the two boards I was looking at (ASROCK and ASUS) and she saw the RGB on the ASUS board. So she is very adamant about that board.
  2. It is a mini ITX case with an aio for the CPU. Idk about air flow ...
  3. I was already shown that we aren't talking about the VRMs on the DIMs.
  4. Wouldn't that hurt performance or at least OC performance? It is my main hessitation with this board. All the other brands have heatsinks there.
  5. Why does it not need a heatsink on the VRMs above the CPU slot? Are those for the iGPU or something that doesn't need alot of power or over clocking?
  6. I was under the impression that this chip is unlocked in its current state, although I never tried before taking down the system.
  7. The only thing I read is that the Black Edition is unlocked. However the normal one is unlocked as well. So it makes no sense to me.
  8. So then I guess the question is what is the difference between the OEM and Black Edition? Wouldn't all the CPUs be OEM?
  9. I am mainly trying to figure out if my FX-8370 is the black edition or not. The part number on the CPU is FD8370FRW8KHK. I am trying to sell this to cover the cost of a new build and was asked if this was the Black Edition. I bought it second hand awhile ago and it never came with the box. Would love some help on this. Thank you.
  10. I've seen evidence that AsRock was lying about the type and the marker of the VRMs they were putting on their AM4 boards. I am worried about the accuracy of Asrock's z370 boards...
  11. All the other motherboards have the heatsink on the DRAM VRMs. Unless I am confusing what the VRMs are above the CPU socket are. I thought those are the DRAM VRMs for mini-ITX boards.
  12. No m.2 in this build for awhile. The ASRock one worries me because it doesn't have a heatsink on the DRAM VRMs.
  13. I am torn between these two. And I need to pick one asap. My CPU has arrived. I have everything but the mobo.
  14. I am debating between these two motherboards right now. I wish this thread had more to it and the voting was less even....
  15. My only concern with the ASRock board is the lack of a heatsink on the top VRMs. I think they are the DRAM VRMs. Although I don't know how much that influences performance.
  16. I'm building a computer for my daughter to use so she can play a few games with me. I also plan to use it as a streaming machine and backup system.. I was originally going to get an i3-8100 or 2200G but a great deal on an i3-8350K fell into my lap. I snagged it. I have a great EVGA AIO that I had snagged on Amazon's Prime day for $30, that I will be throwing into this system. I realized now, that I can use this system to play around with overclocking. As such, I need a good or best z370 mini-itx motherboard for overclocking. I would love to hit 5Ghz as I've never had a computer hit that before. I watched a few reviews and many people are saying the Asus ROG Strix Z370-I or the Gigabyte Z370N are the best way to go. I have a bad taste in my mouth for Gigabyte given their quality control lately, but I'd be willing to give it a shot if encouraged by the LTT forum community. I could also go with the Asus board, but my main rig is already Asus and it would be nice to have a different UEFI flavor in the house. However it isn't that important as being familiar with the layout is a benefit, so with encouragement from the LTT forum community I could go that route as well. I am also open to other suggestions you may have. (I really love this community.) I know this isn't that wide of a selection so I'm hoping it'll be easy. The mobo has to have built in wifi. So which z370 mini-ITX is best for overclocking, or at least "good enough"?
  17. What do you consider to be "a very long time," in actual numbers?
  18. So I prefer my monitors mounted to the wall. However currently they are not properly aligned and my OC can't handle it. This is due to them all being individual arms without the ability to rotate or move up/down. My goal is to replace them with either a triple monitor mount, a dual monitor arm plus single monitor arms or three single monitor arms. However due to the price of triple monitor arms, I am considering the dual plus one option. I have three monitors. One 24" (center), one 25" (left) and a 19" (right). I use them all as I multiple task as I game and stream, or content create. The only monitors with the range of motion I am looking for that mount to the wall, that I have found, are the following: - https://smile.amazon.com/VIVO-Adjustable-Extended-Articulating-MOUNT-V002G/dp/B0779D44PG/ref=pd_ybh_a_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RE91G00MRVGBA3JH2D6E - https://smile.amazon.com/WALI-Universal-Monitor-Adjustable-Capacity/dp/B01MTCTGVX/ref=pd_ybh_a_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RE91G00MRVGBA3JH2D6E - https://www.amazon.com/Mount-Monitor-Adjustable-Compatible-Computer/dp/B074Q1M4RZ/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1533010619&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=3+monitor+wall+mount&psc=1 I also noticed that these all have "gas springs". I know the struts on my cheap office chairs always go out very quickly and I am wondering if these are similar? If so, I'd like to make sure I can buy one that'll last at least a few years or will have a replaceable "gas spring". Out of the ones I listed here, are any meant to be avoided or regarded in high esteem? Are there any monitor mounts (triple mounts or a combination of mounts) that are recommended?
  19. Do you know if the H370 will let me adjust the BCLK? Or is that just the Z boards?
  20. The main issue is that itx 1150 boards seem expensive. I3-8100 is $120 H310 is $55 8gb stick is $70 The i7-4770 is $120. I already have the ram but will probably need a gpu as it isn't as good as the igpu of the 8100. And it is difficult for me to find a good priced Mobo for it. And I'd never use a 1030. If i need something lower than a card series mid-tier (like 1050), then I'd go to a >50 past generation.
  21. So i am making a mini ITX build for my daughter. I was planning to do the i3-8100 and try to see if the games she will play can be done via the igpu. If not, I'd then get a low level card to go in. However i just came across the opportunity to buy a used i7-4770 CPU. I am unsure which i should go with and there are conflicting bits of information out there. Some say the i3 has the higher clock while others say the i7. I also think the igpu inside of the i7 won't be able to handle as much. I already have some ddr3, so it would be cheaper than going with the 8100, just because the ram price. Otherwise CPU+Mobo is about the same total. This is also meant to be used as a streaming machine when my daughter isn't playing. I also consider this a backup gaming machine; where should my main rig go down, i can move my gtx 1070 into it and go on doing VR. Your thoughts?
  22. That's basically saying from the low end to the high. What about the B360 or H370?
  23. I didn't list the H310 above for the reasons you listed there. I don't want PCIe 2.0. and I need USB. But besides RAID, is there any other difference between the B360 and H370?? I should also say, in the future (1 to 3 years) I plan to buy a used i7-8700 and drop it in there. Also, if it were my backup gaming machine, my games include VR via an Rift. So the more USB ports the better.
  24. Hi, I'm making a second build for the year and I could use advise between the z370, h370 and b370 motherboards. This will be a mini-ITX build. Main uses: 1. To use as a streaming PC from my main rig. 2. A gaming machine for my (almost) 4 year old who wants to try playing some games with me like Champions Online and other slower paced games. 3. A back up gaming machine for myself, should my main rig die. So it may not have a GPU in it most of the time. I want to try out the games she wants to play with me without one. If I need one, I'll be getting something older or lower powered. However, if my main rig dies, it means I'll move parts over, so in this (hopefully) rare situation of using it as a backup gaming system, I would be putting my GTX 1070 in it (assuming the problem isn't with my gpu XD). It will have its own built in wifi. I'll be using an old repurposed Kingsten 128 SSD and a 500TB HDD, both SATA. Right now, the only Z board in my price range is the Asrock one, however I am not sure if the move from H to Z is worth the $30, or if the B to Z is worth the $40. I'd appreciate some insight and advise on this. Thank you.
  25. I am still wanting to get a dash cam and I am not sure what good brands would be. I'd love the bells and whistles like loop-record, motion sense (so it records if an accidents happens even when parked), inferred, second cam, etc. Budget is no greater than $150. My main concern is quality/reliability. I want a unit that has been well vented. Looking to get a deal tonight/tomorrow on a Prime Day deal. I see a good amount are $40+ off. Any suggestions? Some that I found: https://smile.amazon.com/Channel-Dashboard-Recorder-G-Sensor-Recording/dp/B071LPV7G6/ref=sr_1_11?s=prime-day&psr=PDAY&ie=UTF8&qid=1531800575&sr=1-11&keywords=dash+cam&smid=A6UEJTLUY290N https://smile.amazon.com/Vantrue-X1-Pro-Dashboard-Detection/dp/B07434JNRF/ref=sr_1_18?s=prime-day&psr=PDAY&ie=UTF8&qid=1531800575&sr=1-18&keywords=dash+cam&smid=A1TZNKUKE5JK9T https://smile.amazon.com/Vantrue-N2-Cam-1080P-Dashboard-Detection/dp/B073WQ7K6C/ref=gbps_tit_m-8_b1a1_ae276392?smid=A1TZNKUKE5JK9T&pf_rd_p=1e60991e-bcf0-4d90-9cff-cbc52236b1a1&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-8&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=13887280011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=Z25MBW9G5FWQQ0NFZMSK https://smile.amazon.com/Channel-Dashboard-Recorder-G-Sensor-Recording/dp/B01EX8ATKK/ref=sr_1_6?s=prime-day&psr=PDAY&ie=UTF8&qid=1531800575&sr=1-6&keywords=dash+cam&smid=A6UEJTLUY290N&dpID=41mwCll-gBL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch https://smile.amazon.com/HaloCam-C1-Recorder-Dashboard-Recording/dp/B072BLTJP4/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?s=prime-day&psr=PDAY&ie=UTF8&qid=1531800575&sr=1-3-spons&keywords=dash+cam&smid=A3JVUYUGKS46N6&psc=1