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    Ryzen 2700x
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    ASUS ROG X370 Crosshair VI Hero
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    GTX 1070
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    Corsair Air 540
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    Samsung 960 NVMe M.2 SSD, 2 TB WD Black HDD, 3TB WD Green HDD
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    Logitech 5.1
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    Windows 10
  1. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    I see. Well thank you all for the information, unfortunately the decision was taken out of my hands. My daughter saw the two boards I was looking at (ASROCK and ASUS) and she saw the RGB on the ASUS board. So she is very adamant about that board.
  2. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    It is a mini ITX case with an aio for the CPU. Idk about air flow ...
  3. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    I was already shown that we aren't talking about the VRMs on the DIMs.
  4. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    Wouldn't that hurt performance or at least OC performance? It is my main hessitation with this board. All the other brands have heatsinks there.
  5. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    Why does it not need a heatsink on the VRMs above the CPU slot? Are those for the iGPU or something that doesn't need alot of power or over clocking?
  6. What CPU do I have?

    I was under the impression that this chip is unlocked in its current state, although I never tried before taking down the system.
  7. What CPU do I have?

    The only thing I read is that the Black Edition is unlocked. However the normal one is unlocked as well. So it makes no sense to me.
  8. What CPU do I have?

    So then I guess the question is what is the difference between the OEM and Black Edition? Wouldn't all the CPUs be OEM?
  9. I am mainly trying to figure out if my FX-8370 is the black edition or not. The part number on the CPU is FD8370FRW8KHK. I am trying to sell this to cover the cost of a new build and was asked if this was the Black Edition. I bought it second hand awhile ago and it never came with the box. Would love some help on this. Thank you.
  10. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    I've seen evidence that AsRock was lying about the type and the marker of the VRMs they were putting on their AM4 boards. I am worried about the accuracy of Asrock's z370 boards...
  11. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    All the other motherboards have the heatsink on the DRAM VRMs. Unless I am confusing what the VRMs are above the CPU socket are. I thought those are the DRAM VRMs for mini-ITX boards.
  12. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    No m.2 in this build for awhile. The ASRock one worries me because it doesn't have a heatsink on the DRAM VRMs.
  13. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    I am torn between these two. And I need to pick one asap. My CPU has arrived. I have everything but the mobo.
  14. I am debating between these two motherboards right now. I wish this thread had more to it and the voting was less even....
  15. I need a z370 mini-ITX board.

    My only concern with the ASRock board is the lack of a heatsink on the top VRMs. I think they are the DRAM VRMs. Although I don't know how much that influences performance.