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  1. Right, I was unfortunately lucky enough to have a Microcenter near where I lived when I bought mine in 2016... If only I bought it online...
  2. SOURCES: PCGamer Article Second PCGamer Article AMD Class Action Lawsuit Site A Class Action Lawsuit from 2015 against AMD over the misleading labeling of their FX CPUs as 8-Core Chips is finally accepting claims for a proposed settlement In August, AMD Agreed to come to a settlement over the lawsuit regarding misleadingly advertising the FX Chips as 8-Core CPUs when architecturally they could be classified as 4-Core CPUs However one of the caveats to the settlement is that only customers who purchased an FX CPU while residing in California, or purchased it on AMD's website, are eligible for a claim. If you live in California and purchased an AMD FX CPU, or you purchased an AMD FX CPU on AMD's website, you have until January 3, 2020 to file a claim
  3. SOURCES: ArsTechnica's Original Article Deep Dive into DataSpii by ArsTechnica Extensive Documentation of the Data Leak by Sam Jadali WashingtonPost Warning: The original article is quite a long read, but I highly recommend reading it if you have the time, it explains the matter better than I could. I will attempt to summarize the key points here. For the last 7+ months several Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox have been collecting and exposing millions of people's browsing data, and sometimes even including embedded URLs that contain files with private information. The leak, coined "DataSpii" by researcher and founder of hosting service Host Duplex, Sam Jadali, was discovered through extensive research into Nacho Analytics, a paid service selling this data in "near real-time", and advertises itself as "God Mode for the Internet". The leak resulted in the publishing of sensitive, private, and personally identifiable data from the effected users: And has also affected over 50 businesses leaking internal information: Sam Jadali found numerous extensions that resulted in eventual publications of tested URLs on Nacho Analytics: If you've previously used any of these extensions and want to know more about the leak, how it happened, and how it effects you, I highly recommend reading the full ArsTechnica article. And if you want to go deeper into the data leak, please check out Sam Jadali's work, he's done an amazing job documenting his research into the matter. I noticed while I was digging around the forums in google that several users have recommended extensions like Hover Zoom in the past, so if you know anyone who might be effected by this please spread the word!
  4. honestly the best way to find out would probably just be to try it and see if it works. worst thing that could happen is it will just beep the pc speaker or just not boot until you put them back in the first two slots. it'll likely work just like normal however
  5. considering this is 2017, although i don't know how new your board is but anything released post 2010 likely won't have any problem with it, but there might be a few exceptions again due to it being specific to the motherboard itself
  6. Sorry you couldn't make it, it really was a great time. Linus said the turn out ended up being so great that they're probably going to host another one next year, though not at the same venue since it was already pretty packed this year. Hopefully next year it'll extend to a multiple day event!
  7. you receive them via email as a pdf, and you can either print it out or you can have them scan it on your phone
  8. oooouch canadian gas prices hopefully my half-tank lasts until i cross back over into Washington in a few days and here i thought Washington's gas prices were absurd LOL
  9. it's my first time to canada too, fortunately i was lucky enough that i just so happened to book a place on Airbnb that turned out to only be a 6 minute drive away lol
  10. getting him over would be fine, but getting him back to the U.S. after would require the passport (makes no sense ay)
  11. have you ran all of these cards on the same Windows installation? Have you tried to test the cards on a new installation of Windows? What we're dealing with might be a software issue, not a hardware one. If you don't have an extra hard drive, you can partition your drive and install it on a second given you have enough space. If it still lags/crashes on the new installation, then it's definitely hardware related. Although the power supply setup worries me a bit. No idea what you mean by 3 pin to 4 pin adapter, but unless you meant Molex to 6-Pin PCIE, you're lacking a whole other 6-Pin connector which means power draw problems if it even lets you run the card at all.
  12. syloui

    Window XP BSOD

    yes the BSOD error code would greatly help in troubleshooting this. but aside from that, did you install that copy of windows xp onto that hard drive with the same computer? if you're just plug n' playing the XP hard drive from a different machine all together, you may have driver conflict issues, and in my experience i've had a lot of problems with installations particularly from OEM pcs, and trying to save data from them for transferring.
  13. even if you do purchase one of these, considering ebay's priority buyer protection system, and lack of seller protection, you should be fine in getting your money back
  14. RIP Windows Phone, you were great, lag and crash free, and had the best keyboard. Only thing that made people not want you was the lack of app support. By the way, whatever happened to that class action lawsuit against google regarding them purposefully choking out third party app ecosystems by not giving them google play services support (which a large percentage of apps use on both android and ios)? I used my WP until the few apps we did have left stopped getting updated and APIs changed so the old versions didn't work much anymore. I still use it as my alarm clock, and it still has the best touchscreen keyboard.
  15. lmfao i didn't think you guys would actually take my ball pit question seriously LOL I was serious about me driving from Ohio though, I'm in the middle of the trip just sitting in a McDonald's in Washington on my laptop taking a bit of a break cause I made such great time driving here that i'm a little too early for my Airbnb reservation. Got some amazing pics on the drive up though. This is going to be such a great time! Also can i just pull up the ticket on my phone? or will i have to find a Staples near here and have it printed out? eh i'll probably just do the latter anyway
  16. I wonder if they'll have a ballpit
  17. thinking about driving cross country to go to this and see the sights in the same trip. probably cost less than a round trip plane ticket would be for me, but i'm doing the calculations now. hooray 36 hour drive! (i'm totally willing)
  18. If you don't want to purchase new, the performance boost you get by getting the gtx 770 over the r7 360 for just about $20-30 more is a pretty large jump, however i would recommend putting more focus on a better processor to alleviate some potential drawbacks you might get with the g4400. Considering the games you said you want to play, you might be better off with a quad core, especially if you end up wanting to play new games in the future as DX12 popularizes. A lot of new games refuse to even open without detecting 4+ physical cores), and if you're open to older platforms then the price might not even change all that much from what you listed above. However, again it's all situational, you have to consider the broader spectrum of what you want to do with the system as well as your budget. Personally I doubt that Battlefield 1 will be able to open without 4 cores considering the direction PC games are going, but i guess we'll have to wait and see.
  19. Inside the case: Intel (2x) Gigabyte (1x) EVGA (1x) Western Digital (1x) Hitachi (1x) Lite-On (1x) Creative Labs (1x) Asus/Nvidia (1x) Crucial (2x) Compaq (I needed a case lol. also it came with a media card reader)(1x) And if we're including peripherals Dell (1x) Cyber Acoustics (1x) Logitech (3x) Roccat (1x) Compaq (1x) Sony (2x) Toshiba (1x)
  20. I upgraded from my Radeon 7770 to a GTX 660 a good 5 months ago because i got a really good deal and the guy listed it as a GTX 660ti (good ole ebay amiright). W/e i still ended up profiting off of it, and its intention was to get me over until i could afford to buy an even better card brand new. also i went green this time for Shadowplay cause my good ole quad core xeon e5430 can't stream x.264 all on its own without help, and it will be getting upgraded shortly too. Since the RX480 was announced, I've been heavily leaning towards it for my next graphics card upgrade. You just can't beat that price to performance (yet anyways)! Might as well go for a giveaway. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take ay? gibe nao plz Kappa
  21. the only projector anybody would ever need! The possibilities are endless! Definitely a really cool product