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    Tech (obviously), vintage tech collecting and restoration, video game collecting and playing, Black MIDIs (and other less chaotic electronic music), photography, writing, art/design, personal security and privacy, etc.
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    A forum frequenting veteran. I've been using the internet since i was able to comprehend what it was, i.e. my first experience was AOL on a 90s Power Mac in 2004, and used computers at the library for the internet until we got a stable DSL connection in 07.

    Tech Enthusiast (on a tight budget of trading for profit)
    Gaming Enthusiast and Collector
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    Auto Manufacturing


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Ever since my arm muscles grew strong enough to move a mouse, and a trackball mouse at that, I've been obsessed with computers and video games. Literally the first electronic game I ever played was an interactive storybook cd with minigames when I was 2, and lo and behold it branched out from there. I sunk hours and hours in messing around with old computers as I grew up, reading books about computers from the library, playing a whole assortment of games, and learning the ins and outs of the operating system and the hardware when I got my hands on my very own first computer. When I was 10 I learned how to take a computer completely apart and put it all back together and have it still work. I learned what each part did, and what would happen if I tried to use it without certain pieces (although luckily i never did test to see first hand what would happen without a cooler entirely LOL). Growing up I split my free time into computers and video games on my computer and consoles alike, and though some of my many hobbies and interests come and go, I can always go back to computers and video games and feel right is right.


Over the years I've become very resourceful. Almost everything I own currently I've either gotten for free by being in the right place at the right time, worked for myself by buying and reselling what I already own for better stuff, or gotten in gifts. When I go to purchase new things, I tend to do a lot of research before hand so i'm absolutely sure I'm getting the best for my money before making a purchase. I always say, you know when I'm interested in buying something if my youtube viewing history has a good ten+ videos of the product in particular, even more if I'm still interested but still haven't gotten it yet! I've gotten really good at finding deals! People need to stop recycling perfectly good old computers and start donating them to people in need, or else I'm going to run out of room and start looking like a hoarder from TLC!